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I remember the wet shaving revolution when the competing Mach 3 razor arrived on the scene. Not long afterwards we all saw the competition between manufacturers as to who could fit the most blades into a razor. I'm surprised no one brought out a 'ten blader' such was the apparent kudos of having the most blades for the closest shave.Anyway, over the last few years I have migrated to the Wilkinson Sword Hydro brands, both the 3 bladed and 5 bladed razors. courtesy of Christmas and birthday presents.It's certainly a more useful present than socks and the shirts that never fit I usually get.So on to these refill blades. They have the full 5 blades and extra 80% lubrication that lasts twice as long ensuring a smoother less irritation shave. This doesn't actually mean that the blades 'last longer' though.Let's be realistic here, Do you stop because the lubrication is a little on the low side or do you persevere until the blade is blunt? I'm a blunt blade kind of guy and rarely worry about the low lube side of things. After all isn't that what foam or gel is supposed to do?Put into perspective, Winkinson sword Hydro razors give a close shave, but that is the same for both their 3 blade and 5 blade refills, skin irritation is down to the individual, though I tend to have no problem with this product.I also tend to use the 3 blades more, firstly because the razor is easier to wield around my face and secondly because I can find no difference in the closeness of the shave between 3 blades and 5 blades. There is a difference in the cost though. Refills are getting more expensive by the day.Now I know that they do say the 5 blades are more efficient in keeping irritation down but only if you do one stroke at a time and never go over the same area twice. Who does this though? We all go over the same area time and time again don't we? It's much more efficient.So in conclusion, they are good blades, they do give a close shave but don't expect them to last any longer. Finally, if you do suffer from irritation and razor burn here is a tip, wash and prepare face as usual with warm water etc, then rinse razor repeatedly in very cold water when shaving. It works and helps prevent razor burn.
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This is an interesting shaving product. You get on one end a 5 blade razor with 2 moisturising strips - one at each end of the 5 razors. At the other end is a trimmer with 4 adjustable lengths which can be used for sideburns or trimming a moustache/goatee/beard.Pros:-I got a real good close shave with no razor burn. The 2 moisturising strips left my skin feeling smooth and with no irritation.-Having the 2 in 1 deal makes it useful for travel,gym etc.-At £15 it's not too bad price wise-A battery is includedCons:-There are no extra blades meaning you have to pay £10 for a set of 4 when the one free blade runs out. I usually buy Gillette and you get a blade fitted and usually one other blade included.-I found it really difficult to get those last few bristles between the bottom of my nose and where a moustache would start - ended up having to get my old Gillette razor out to finish off the job. This is because the razor head is pretty big with 5 blades and 2 moisturising strips.-The button to turn the trimmer on and off needs to be pressed pretty firmly to stay on - to begin with I didn't realise it could stay on permanently.-The trimmer end has 4 length settings but it's pretty difficult to move between the 4 of them. I ended up taking the green front of the trimmer off by accident trying to move between the settings.-The width of the trimmer is about half of that of a standard beard type trimmer. This means it's fine for sideburns, moustaches and maybe a goatee. However for a full beard of even shaving your head it would be a big job. You can see from the attached photo the difference in width between this product and a traditional beard trimmer that I use.Overall an interesting product but I don't think it quite works for me. I would prefer to use instead my trusty Gillette razor and a separate beard trimmer. However, I would see myself using this for my gym bag or when travelling to save a bit of space. Unless you have a small amount of hair requiring trimmed, the trimmer probably isn't much use. However, I did get a great shave from the 5 blade razor and look forward to using that again.
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This is a combination wet razor and electric bread trimmer and shaper, it works from a single AAA battery which is housed in the grip/main body of the razor which opens with a twist and pull apart.The electric razor is small, it has a plastic guard which adjusts to allow for different lengths of beard but this is perhaps the poorest aspect or feature of the razor as it can it does not exactly adjust with ease,can feel like it jams and requires a twist to free it up which could break the molded plastic if its operated without much care.The wet razor head features five separate blades, like a lot of other razors, I mentioned this feature and its draw backs some time ago in other reviews of wet shaving razors and honestly do think that perhaps the high water mark was reached a long time ago in the ninties with early gillette razors which had fewer blades but less bulk. However, Wilkinson Sword seems to have taken this on board because the head on this, while featuring the multiple blades and stripe of soap/moisturizer the later can be snapped back to allow for more precision shaving. This helps but I am guessing will make replacement blades more expensive.The wet razor blade is on one end of the Razor and the electric beard trimmer and shaper is on the other end of the Razor. It is compact, more compact than a premium or rechargeable electric razor. On the other hand, unlike some of the wet razors available, even from Wilkinson Sword, there is no plastic mold "cradle" supplied with the razor, one wet shaving blade and one AAA battery is supplied with the razor.The packing is good, molded plastic and plastic case with lots of detailed instruction, but is just going to end in the bin, so perhaps that is not an important point. I have not used many of these razors but it is useful to be able to combine the two functions in one.
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It's worth pointing out that this isn't one of those battery powered razor blades as such. The "normal" end of the razor is simply that, a normal razor. It's the other end with the mini trimmer that is battery powered.That said, the shave provided with the normal end was very good indeed. I have an electric shaver but there are times (mostly because I'm lazy) where a few days stubble becomes a little tricky with that so a normal wet shave is the best option. This tackled almost a week's growth (ok,I'm VERY lazy at times) with considerable ease. I've used Wilkinson Sword before and always found them very good and this was no exception. It left me with a really smooth face with no irritating bits left over.The trimmer at the other end is good as well for what it promises to do. It's adjustable, and does a good job of picking away some nose hair here, or some ear hair there. It could also be used to trim those sideburns. I've noticed some reviews stating that you have to keep the "on" button depressed for the power to continue. I had trouble at first with this but a firm push got it working full time, with another push switching it off. A light push will result in only a brief surge of power from the unit.Essentially it's a good "normal" razor blade with a decent battery powered mini trimmer on the other end. You get a battery with the pack, which is good, but only the one blade. Replacement blades aren't exactly cheap either, although as I said, the shave I got was very good.
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I was offered this “Wilkinson Hydro 5 groomer” to try out and review and as I have a beard, moustache and sideburns to keep in order I thought I would be a good candidate…It describes itself as 4-in-1 – which is a little flattering. It shaves and trims – one function at each end really. It describes itself as “Shaving, trimming, edging and hydrating”. Surely the edging function is just using the same part of the “groomer”?Is it Waterproof?Well it’s difficult to say – the battery is held in a compartment that twists on and off – which MAY ensure it is waterproof but how are we to know without their advice? It doesn’t mention it anywhere that I can see and that’s a bit of an omission. Either way the product packaging should say. Some are going to assume that it is and if it isn’t then it could be dangerous with water leaking into the battery compartment. If it is water proof then why not tell us so we can immerse it in water to clean it properly?As mentioned above it has an AAA battery (supplied) to power the trimming device – this worked well enough on my sideburns – it gives you three different lengths (none of which are particularly long). The razor itself gives a nice smooth shave with its 5 blades but, as others have said, the razor itself is a little bulky to hold when shaving.All in all a decent enough addition to the market and great if weight and space is at a premium when you are on your travels as this can do a job of shaving and trimming when you need to.
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These chappies used to make the finest regimental; blades y'know? What!This unit takes the standard Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 blades, so I can use my existing kit with ease.The razor head is the same as the basic unit, but with a bigger handle for my big hands.Turn it around and you have a battery powered mini trimmer, complete with lateral cross cut shutter blades.It's tiny of course, but exactly whats needed for catching the stray sticky-up hairs or trimming the hirsute upper lip.Do this this last trick,the cutting depth guide pulls off and the bare blades can be applied with rank and precision.Slip the cutting depth guide on again and one can trim the side-burns to regulation length.The trimmer will dismantle for cleaning and polishing, whilst the 5 blade razor gives a very smooth and painless shave in seconds. There is a lubrication strip on all 'Wilkie' Swords - which when pre-wet helps glide the old blades across the ugly mug without carving out strips which would cause the memsahbs to faint!I have been using Wilkies for two years now, since I discovered those dastardly Dutch Chaps at Phillips forgot how to make a £150 rotary shaver actual shave without pain. Strangely the old diesel powered (kidding) 1975 Phillips still works correctly!These Wilkies are therefore a damn fine thing and worthy of being mentioned in despatches forthwith.Should you buy one?Of course - one can't go on parade looking like Jimi Hendrix's cousin can one?
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Razor blade manufacturers - such as Gillette and Wilkinson Sword - are always tinkering with old products and occasionally bringing in new to snare the bloke in the street (ie me) who's in search of shaving perfection. I've tried five-blade headed razors before, and they're OK, although I often find that the razor head is a little too big and awkward to manipulate for getting at inaccessible areas of my grizzled visage. The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Groomer and Power Select blades have a USP insofar as the head has been re-designed,allowing for a longer-lasting lubricating gel reservoir. I have fond in the past that the lubricating strips or gel reservoirs are of dubious merit, because I have had lubricating strips simply fall off instantly, or else last a couple of shaves at best. I have not lived with these blades that long, but the lubricating reservoir is holding up after a couple of uses. The heads are good, and the skin guards on the blades do work effectively in reducing razor burn and preventing those irritating nicks. This is a good product; but at a price of £10.99 on Amazon for a pack of four blades, it is scarcely 'cheap', however you will get a good few shaves out of each individual blade. I only shave every four or five days, simply because I get a smoother shave from allowing a few day's growth. I am happy to use this product, but sooner or later, the costs have to come down, in my opinion, before they'll become a real essentail.
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I could have a tirade about how shaving has gone from 1 to 2 to 3 to 5 blades each claiming to be closer shaving etc and will we be seeing 6 blades next year? I don't really buy into the hype. I think once the first blade has cut the hair, the blades following it are pretty much redundant. However, there must be something in it as I do find having the extra blades gives a more comfortable and faster shave.There is a moisturising strip built in, but if you are using a good quality shave gel or cream,then you don't really benefit from it.The head isn't overly bulky and there is always the trimming blade to get into awkward spots like under the nose. The head does not vibrate as do other similar 5 blade products. The handle is a nice wide size which is comfortable to hold. The clippers are a bit of a waste of space. There are 3 height settings and the blades do an OK job of cutting hair, but I would recommend buying a dedicated beard trimmer as they have a wider head, more height settings and tend to be more powerful. The clippers work by pressing the button on the handle, but you need a death grip to get the thing to stay on and turn it off again.The end shave is as smooth as any other wet shave I have had, but there is nothing that really sets this razor ahead of the competition. I would say it is definitely worth upgrading from a singe blade disposable, but I wouldn't like to say that this is any better than other 5 blade razors.
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This looks very hi-tech but is a quality, robust Wilkinson Sword razor with replacable heads. The 5 blade head gives a really smooth shaveand has little stands of metal "guards" over the blades to cut down on the possibility of nicks and cuts. The blade has a green aloe vera gel strip on its top and when activated by water slowly"melts" each time you shave, lubricating the skin. I don't feel the gel is enough on its own and always use a foam too but it would be useful in an emergency for a touch up.The blades can be pricey to replace but do last a long time - I ususally take the disintegration of the gel strip as an indicator of tiem to replace.So far great - but the trimmer element I find less useful. It comes with a removable "guide" strip so you can choose how deep you want to trim. It also vibrates while trimming (hence the need for batteries) but to do so you have to hold down a button which is a bit awkward when trying to precisiontrim. I also find the trimmer and the button get in my way a bit when holding the razor to shave - I would prefer a smooth handle. I don't have any beard so the trimmer is less useful for me and my hairdresser keeps my sideburns short.My partner seems to own the female version - it looks the same (same trimmer etc) except that its a greeny/blue colour with pink strips! The pack only comes with one blade - I think 2, so you have one spare to get started would be attractive iin the price bracket.
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I have been using Wilkinson Sword blades since Vine offered me a set to try 4 years ago. They have been far superior in all respects to anything Gilette can produce. In saying this their last generation Hydro 5 cartridge, gave very little lubrication in terms of the strip. Something wasn't quite right with the formulation. Luckily the blades from this razor/groomer are very good. They give a much smoother and more lubricated shave than the Gillette Mach/Fusion blades I used to use.They are far superior in every way, the blades glide along the face, the lubrication strip dispenses a thicker gel-like substance, which reduces irritation on sensitive skin. The lubricating strip slides backward and this allows you a very close shave underneath the nose and sideburns. The groomer is a bit of a gimmick and I don't think is that useful. You insert a battery and this allows for the groomer/beard trimmer end to vibrate. Whilst it is convenient to have a beard trimmer on one end, especially if you travel, it is nowhere near as good as a proper electric trimmer. In essence, the cutting blades are way too small and it can leave an edge a bit uneven. Its a good idea for a person who travels to have a beard trimmer on one handle with their razor, but for normal use its a bit limited.Overall I am very happy to Highly Recommend these blades.
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