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For the price that I paid for it at the time (£35), this was an excellent buy. I've not got round to using the jig saw facility yet, but have used the straight cutting saw for quite a few different jobs, and found it performed well. None of them were large jobs, or particularly difficult, I cut about 10 thin wood off-cuts, cut through two or three 4 x 4s, and have made a lot of cuts, (upwards of 70) through 21.5 mm pvc (solvent weld) pipe, and have just had to change the blade the first time. It does sometimes vibrate a bit, but it's manageable, and I'm a not particularly strong woman. The only thing I don't like is the safety feature on the on/off switch: you've got to depress one button and flip the other switch at the same time,and both are quite stiff to operate, so I find it difficult to do this with one hand. Because I need to hold them with quite a lot of strength for my puny grip, I don't think it makes it very safe at all, as I've found, when needing to let go quickly that I'm holding the saw in such a death-grip that I don't instinctively let go, but need to consciously make myself let go. So if I needed to quickly stop the blade, say because I was accidentally sawing into my foot, I can see myself taking just that little bit too long. For me, it would be safer if it needed less of a grip to operate, but then it will probably still mostly be men using these, and who'll probably not have this problem unless their grip is as weak as mine. I find it easy to change the blades, and changing from straight cut to jig saw is also quite straight forward. There's a little location pin, which needs a flat-head screwdriver to adjust, if it's not in the correct position, but which normally only needs to be done once. The instructions are basic but sufficient, showing how to change the blade etc, and giving recommended depths for cutting different materials, which are: 100 mm for wood, 3 mm for steel and 50 mm for plastic or pruning branches. So this is not a heavy-duty saw, but good for general DIY jobs around the house and garden. The other drawback with this saw is that only B&D blades will fit, and only those for this particular saw model number. But based on my experience so far, they last a reasonable time, depending on what you're cutting. If you were cutting lots of really hard and/or thick wood, the blade will probably not last especially long, but you'll get a good few cuts. I don't know whether this saw would still be such good value at £15 more than I paid for it, though, so while I'd recommend it, not sure it's worth £50, compared to others on the market. Suppose it still works out cheaper than buying a reciprocating and a jig saw separately, though, if you need both but one or both only for occasional use - that's what really made this attractive for me: I will need the jig saw at some point for a job I've had planned for ages now, but after that, I might not need one again for a long time, so it didn't seem worth buying two separate saws for such occasional use. The other thing missing on this is a vacuum attachment for the dust. Otherwise, am really happy with this, and not sure how well those vacuum attachments work anyway, so have still given this 5 stars.
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What’s goodConvenient and quick for light tasksComfortable and chunky rubberised gripSturdy boxPotentially good value depending on the price at the timeWhat’s not so goodBest bought on a deal or discount periodNot up to heavy duty tasksA bit of a ‘lazy man’s’ toolThis is very much a niche product in the wood cutting arena. Not heavy-duty like a chainsaw, and not as potentially clumsy or hard work as a pruning saw. Not requiring as much setting-up as a circular saw, but not as potentially rough as a traditional hand or bow saw.Provided you don’t have high expectations for what this sort of device is going to achieve - it’s not going to be felling any mature trees - then you’ll not be too disappointed.If you need to blast through a few branches or take out some cupboards, cut through skirting or floorboards etc, or just have a lot of smaller cutting jobs that you need to do in one session and you want to reduce the manual effort required, then this sort of small powered saw could be just the ticket. It can also cut through plastic such as guttering and downpipes, as well as thin/soft metal.This particular model has a good level of rubberised grip which I think is really important and worth paying a bit extra over the cheaper models as it is of vital importance to maintain a strong hold over the device.There is a little bit of flex in the blade as you might expect, but provided you aren’t too forceful with it and stick to manageable pieces of wood, it shouldn’t pose a problem.The blades themselves can be swapped out relatively easily, and I like the fold-out ‘shoe’ that I initially thought was a secondary grip, but actually just helps you rest or steady the device against your target object such as a branch of a tree in order to reduce shake.In use it is as noisy as you might expect, and you should still be wearing strong gloves and eye protection. You can select whether you’ll be cutting wood, plastic or metal, and the device adjusts the speed at which is works in order to achieve the best cut for the particular blade - being wood, metal or jigsaw.The power cord is 3 metres which is fine, and while I would like everything to be cordless these days for added convenience and mobility, I often find power tools such as this to be a spur-of-the-moment thing that remembering to charge a battery or have limited time to use rather a bothersome aspect, so I don’t mind the mains-only aspect to such a thing at the moment.At the time of my review, amazon have it on a lightning deal of £39.99 which I think represents good value for money. I suspect after the deal it will probably go back up to £49.99 where it’s fair but obviously not quite so good.For someone wanting a relatively compact device that can just blast away at some fairly menial cutting jobs, this could prove to be a real handy piece of kit. For your hardened wood-worker or carpenter in the trade, they might pass it off as a bit of a cheat.I don’t mind cheating...
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Despite already owning a Worx reciprocating electric saw (the more cylindrical-looking types of saws with a longer blade protruding from the front), this Black & Decker electric saw has proved to be a real boon for me to cut timber of around a thickness of 4" (eg the larger type of square fence post).That's because it's so lightweight and therefore easily manageable. You are likely to need a saw of this kind for cutting as, for example, a jigsaw usually has a limited depth cutting capability and saws such as these give you a straighter, more easily achieved, cut vs something like a circular saw....*** The Amazon 'Tech Details' are misleading :1. The 'item' weight refers to the ALL the saw items,cable/plug, blades, paperwork and case (which this 'EK' version includes - and very handy it is too !).2. The saw unit itself weighs just 1.6kg. minus the cable/plug - as in use you're not usually going to be 'heaving that' !In comparison to my Worx saw, which weighs an eye-watering 8kg, you can see why this 'lightweight' is an excellent alternative when the weight of the saw is not that vital (it helps force the blade down with more demanding cuts...).Yes, it's largely made of plastic so not as robust either, but in those less demanding situations that is no biggie and means I'm not left exhausted after a cutting 'session' having previously been required to hefting around hold/carry around an 8kg 'lump' !It's lighttness has proved especially useful when 'attacking' unwanted branches etc, when I need to wander around inside the wooded areas of my garden border to lop/shorten trees.The main reason I bought this saw was because it was on offer as an Amazon 'Lightning Deal' at a price of £24.99 - something of a bargain as more recent repeat offers have been somewhat higher, but after some use I think I'd be tempted if it were going to cost a bit more than I paid for the positive reasons I've mentioned....The only 'downer' is that a replacement main blade is around the £10 mark, so in my case nearly 50% of what the whole kit cost in the first place - this means I'll use it when absolutely necessary vs my Worx, as very capable blades for that can be got for about £1.50 !!! I think I can see where Black & Decker aim to make most of their profit - minus 1-star for that.....!So, for general cutting requirements I can thoroughly recommend this little beauty - it's notably lightweight and with a sharp blade should be able to deal with most 'average' tasks such as those I mentioned. Even at a 'normal' Amazon price of around £35 I think it's a good purchase, especially as there's little to compete with it at that price level.
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This is a smaller saw than I had imagined it would be but it remains a versatile and good tool, it comes in a hard plastic mold carry case, the electric cable is only long enough for use in a workshop or at a work bench really, when using it out doors I used extention leads to provide more reach.The three blades, including the largest, which is pictured, all fit within the carry case too, in a purpose built slot. In addition to this main blade, there is a smaller wood and plastic jigsaw blade and a blade designed for cutting metal, such as sheet metal. The blades are easy to attach and detach from the unit, although can become hot from use (indicated by the manual).The user manual is clear,concise and easy to read, its instruction very easy to apply, quickly. Within five minutes of getting the power tool from the box with the manual read you can put it to use, although it is pretty intuitive, there are two buttons to depress together in order to make the saw function, another switch to adjust for cutting wood, plastics and metal. There is a plastic grip to assist with cutting branches, this requires a little push to adjust from one position to another as it clips or snaps into either affixed position. There is a rubberised grip to the front of the saw, which is a two handed saw despite being smaller, the instructions indicate how to hold the saw, two separate positions in order to use it as saw and jigsaw saw.The cuts are quite smooth, I used it cutting fairly robust/thick branches, which had been cut already from the tree, on plank, on plastic (sheet) and a small piece of plastic pipe, there was no splittering on any of the materials and it was a very smooth cross section remaining (as smooth as if I had used a sander on the same surface). On the branch the cross section was hot to the touch too. The saw did clunk or threatened to jam on some of the larger branch midsections and I dont think that it work as well on the larger or largest tree trunks or branches. I was a little disappointed as I had imagined it would work as effectively as a smaller chainsaw, however, as a workshop or work bench tool its second to none and does a good job on the smaller branches (though as a side note you would want to have a good vice or table with something to lock and hold the branches or wood in place due to the sometimes fierce vibration from the tool, though that being said this is not outside what I would expect from the same sort of tool).
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I already own a 400 watt B&D Scorpion saw, so I was interested to see how the newer and more powerful model would perform.To begin with, it is a much larger and heavier machine. It is a square design, and is very chunky. It has rubberised pads on the areas where you grip, which helps to keep it steady especially when wearing gloves.It is a two handed saw, and whereas I sometimes used my old saw single handed (holding the wood with my free hand) I don't think I could do that with this new model.It is simply too heavy to hold perfectly still and straight with one hand.That said, once you get your work into a vice or similar you find the power of this new model is really impressive.I have been cutting up some old palettes for winter firewood and kindling, and this saw is just great for that. With the largest blade, and the auto select slider set to wood, it is easy to spend a couple of hours cutting wood for the stove to size without getting too fatigued.The second job I used it for was taking out some old privet hedges along the side of my garden. Some of these hedges have been there for many years, and the trunk thickness of some of them is is 6 or 7 inches now. It went through them quite quickly and with minimum effort on my part. I just kept the saw moving back and forth and let the weight of the machine and the saw teeth do the rest.I used it to cut some 68mm plastic gutter pipes to length and also to trim some 10mm laminate floor boards to length. In both cases it proved a capable piece of equipment. With the smaller blade I was even able to cut some acceptable curves for fitting the laminate flooring around the bottom step of the stairs in my hall.The cut is quite smooth, and there is minimal splintering or breakthrough on to the wood surface. This seems to be especially true if you set the saw up to cut on the waste side of the material (so that the saw sits of the face of the wood that you aren't going to see).It comes in a good quality, sturdy black plastic case and is complete with 3 blades to tackle different materials. It has a 3 position auto select lever, to cut metal, plastic and wood.Overall I think it is a very useful little saw. The blades are pretty universal too, which means you should be able to get replacements cheaply.Terrific.
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The Black & Decker handsaw boasts "auto-select" which seems to mean you can manually select which material you are cutting (wood, metal and plastic). In reviewing this product I've tried cutting wood and plastic both successfully as you would expect from a Black & Decker product.The second feature it boasts is three grips for three different two-handed cutting postures together with a moveable "brace" which can either be flush to the product or at an acute angle (photos to follow). The flush position means it can be used as a jigsaw or simply for bog-standard downward sawing. The angled position is for cutting branches which are inserted between the blade and the brace.I have to confess I really don't understand the benefits of this position over the usual saw for cutting and the instructions don't give any details at all.Using it as a jigsaw though presents a challenge as you can't see the blade at all and so it is impossible to try and cut along any given line. I tried to make use of the line down the front where the two-plastic sides of the product join but trying to keep your head in a constant position whilst cutting to ensure that you are consistent in your view was just not possible. This seems like a rather serious oversight.It comes with three blades a metal cutting blade, a wood cutting blade and a large blade that doesn't specify what it is to be used for. This leads to two questions: "which blade do I use for cutting plastic?" and "what on earth is the large blade for?" Again, neither are answered in the instructions. The blades are incredibly easy to fit. To remove a blade you simply press the release button on the side and the blade falls out. To fit a blade you press the same button and insert the blade. However, the ease of fitting seems to be at the cost of a slightly looser grip. For example, when cutting plastic in an unbraced downward position the blade had some serious side-to-side wobble on it (videos to follow).So in summary an easy to use saw for a variety of purposes but the reality is it's only going to be used for bog-standard sawing with no precision required.
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I bought this mainly for garden jobs like cutting up logs for firewood and pruning some large shrubs. It made light work of them. Saves so much time and effort. I have a section of laurel which had gone years without a chop. Last time I cut it back it took ages with a hand pruning saw and is very hard work. This scorpion saw saves all that time and effort, I got so much done in no time and cut what i could ready to burn. Ive used it on some very thick branches and with just a little pressure and sawing movement the tool does a great job. I think the key is not to be heavy handed and force it. Wish I got one years ago, brilliant little thing. I also like the kit box and alternative blades.Not sure if I will ever use the jigsaw function but clever that it has this option. Highly recommended.I have now owned this for 3 years and its had a lot of use but I broke it cutting a stump out. The blade clamp broke off inside. I found a part online for £5 and replaced it myself, a bit difficult getting the screws out as manufacturers don't like you to do your own fixes, I was happy to buy another saw but thought I would try and fix it as it was a cheap part and I now have a saw as good as new again. I really should replace the blade, its still the original one and still works well. To fix it you will need a new blade clamp which will come with 2 self tapping screws and a long thin torx security screw driver, or as in my case you tube and a have a go attitude. Its been a great buy and is ready for another year or 3.
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This is a very useful power tool and it comes in a sturdy, moulded plastic case. This is robust and tough so keeps the kit inside perfectly safe when not in use. You are provided with three blades with one for general wood cutting etc. (that is what I have used it for) and two others for finer metal and wood cutting depending upon your needs. Its a loud machine and you need to take control of it - apprehension is not recommended in my view, take it by the scruff of the neck so to speak and I think you will be fine. I have used it to cut some metal and this was quite a tough piece of reinforced metal which I didn't think the blade would deal with easily. You select the job you want to do with a switch on the handle,there are three options which I referred to earlier (general, fine wood and fine metal). In fairness, it did it well enough so it can deal with a wide range of tasks.The instruction booklet is ok but not brilliant, it is a few pages on simple paper. For cutting branches the scorpion has a plastic 'shoe' which helps hold the unit in place. This is quite easy to use and does help in making it steadier when cutting. The main unit of the scorpion is quite heavy and seems perfectly well made. It doesn't feel flimsy but you can tell it has been made to a budget (all things are I suppose). All in all this is a useful tool which has multiple applications. It isn't too expensive either so in terms of whether it is worth the outlay I'd suggest given the various things you can use this for it is.
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The best way to sum this tool up is that it's like having a giant penknife that specialises in cutting things; it makes cutting through different things as easy as it could realistically be - simply press the release button to change to the appropriate blade, select the auto-setting, and you're off.The settings are wood, metal and jigsaw. I was particularly pleased with the jigsaw mode, as the design really comes into its own. The wood cutting felt strong enough through thick pine floorboards, although the overall impression is that it does a variety of jobs competently, rather than excelling at anything that a tool specifically designed for a single function would.For a compact work shed,this is a tool that can take the place of at least two other tools - a viable way of saving space. The cord length of three metres is sufficient, although having got used to cordless devices during the few times I've really gone to town on DIY, I find it a bit frustrating to use a cord at all. I can't imagine dragging an extension lead out into the garden to use it on branches, for example - but others will be happy to.The kit box is nice hard plastic, although it proved a bit difficult to work out how the thing fitted back in the case the first time I tried.I think this is a great saw for the beginner enthusiast who is building some tools up - it's not intimidating or difficult to use (despite the 'Scorpion' nonsense), and it has a lot of potential use ahead of it.
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Something of a half-way house this thing. You can use it as a wood saw, or by swapping the blade over you can use it as a jigsaw. As a jigsaw, it's not much cop. The blade sits too far back in the body, so you can't see exactly where you're cutting which is a bit frustrating, and you have to hold it back to front which feels a bit clumsy. Really, if you're looking to use this as a jigsaw primarily, then look elsewhere. (B&D's 'autoselect' model is pretty good).Swap it out for the saw blade though, and you in more solid territory. Cutting speeds can be pre-set with a switch on the side for different materials, and a plastic brace can be swing out for cutting round items or for pruning.Obviously this isn't going to compete with a chainsaw, but for small jobs it is very easy to use. With a bit of practice you can cut straight with a good finish, and with a cut comparable to a panel saw.Cable length is probably about right - 3metres or so gives you enough length for most jobs, while not being so long it gets in the way.It comes in a robust case, with decent latches, although it is a tight squeeze to get everything to fit back in.It's quite noisy, as you would expect, and eye protection is probably a good idea as it would be for any power tool.In summary then, it works very well as a saw, but treat the jigsaw side of things as an occasional bonus rather than a core use.
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The Scorpion is capable of handling a number of varied tasks efficiently and with a minimum of effort by the user. It saws wood, it prunes trees, it slices through plastic down pipes and it can cut thin sheet metal, as well as perform a number of other tasks, such as operating as a jig saw, with ease. A flick of a switch will make certain it is operating at the correct levels for best results in the different modes and blade selection is simple and fitting straightforward. It comes with three different blades to let you undertake the particular task at hand. It is mains powered and the attached cable, fitted with a 13 amp plug, is long enough to permit easy connection.A good extension cable will increase its operational range. It should always be operated with both hands and I particularly like the rubberised finish to the different areas of the tool which will be grasped during varied operations. This eliminates slip, increases the safety factor and offers confidence to the user. The Scorpion is not too heavy and should simplify many jobs about the place. It comes with a sturdy case which is ideal for transport and storage and protection. It also comes with a two year warranty. Well finished by a tried and trusted manufacturer, it looks like being a durable, handy and versatile piece of gear.
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Very sturdy and agile. I bought it to cut down around a 20' length of conifers that were 6' high and 4' deep. It did the job no problem and even managed to get all the way through the thickest trunk (7-8") thick - it needed a few cuts and 'V's' taking out but it did the trick. All without changing the blade.On cutting through a piece of plank (6” x 1”) it did so without effort even though it took around the same length of time I would have done it with a handsaw.The picture is a little misleading as the black faceplate you can see is supposed to be pulled down before inserting the saw blade (see photo)which restricts the cutting somewhat.One disappointing aspect is that the two blades recommended on the Frequently Bought Together bit of Amazon don't fit this saw and I can only assume that it's for the other Scorpion saw - a little bit naughty that Amazon – I think I’ll ignore those recommendations in the future.I haven’t yet used the Jigsaw feature or the plastic and metal modes.Overall, I’m glad I bought it for the job previously mentioned and believe it was well worth the money, I’m not sure I would be so happy if I’d bought it just for DIY jobs around the house as I believe a good handsaw and hacksaw could do the same job, admittedly more elbow grease is needed.
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I bought one of these many years ago and it has provided me with many years of sterling time saving service. I was therefore looking forward to trying out this updated "multi mode" model.It comes in a small but fairly robust case with a selection of three blades to cover most materials. It is quite heavy, but feels reasonably well balanced and the weight helps to keep it steady. The trigger allows speed control from very slow to start the cut right up to the full speed allowed by the current auto-select setting.In use the saw has three different "modes". Standard saw, jigsaw mode and a pruning feature for which you fold down a guide which clamps the branch whilst it is being cut.Cutting is fast and clean.For most DIY enthusiasts I suspect that the cut will be easier and more accurate than using a hand saw. As a jigsaw it is quite a bit larger and therefore slightly more unwieldy than a dedicated jigsaw, but for occasional use it is fine. As a pruner it is quite heavy to hold high, but the extending clamp does help the cut. The speed limiter (auto-select) will prevent the blades or the material being cut from being damaged by over enthusiasm.Overall then this is a handy device to leave at the front of the shed and could find a place in almost every house.
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Perfect for my needs. I’ve used it to cut down five tall trees having a trunk diameter of two to three and a half inches. Such cuts took something like two to four minutes without applying pressure. Rotating the saw a little around the back and front of the advancing cut helps.Further size reduction of the felled trees or branches is more problematic unless one can contrive (by raising the tree slightly) the cut to open -- otherwise the cut closes around the blade, grabbing it.It is not well-suited to cutting the thin branches that a pruner or a lopper would slice through as rigidity of the cut zone is required.I suggest wearing thick,loose-fitting garden/work gloves as I do before activating the saw so that if your finger comes in contact with the moving blade (like mine did, momentarily) you have a chance to retain said digit. (This is because the saw blade seems not to cut things that flex back and forth with the movement of the blade, and so the tip of the glove survives unharmed whereas your naked fingertip probably wouldn’t.) Otherwise it might be worth booking a taxi to A&E before using the saw.5 Stars awarded
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Decent saw for the price.We use this for those 'odd jobs' about the house and garden. The ones where a hand saw would be much too laborious, and where the full kit circular saw would be a tad overkill.I cut up old window frames for the wood burning stove and chop up old palette wood into short lengths to chop up as kindling.It isn't especially accurate, so I don't use it for fine work - but that isn't what it is designed to do so no problem there.It will cut through pretty much anything - as long as you take your time.If you try to force the blade you will burn out the motor or bend the blade or a combination of these two. Either way it won''t get the job done,so best to take it steady and then be surprised at what you can cut through.My wife uses it in the garden to cut through the thicker branches on trees and shrubs when pruning. It is easy to see, as it is bright orange, and quite lightweight, so you can use it for long periods of time without getting too fatigued.Overall I think it is good value for money, and ours came with a hard plastic carry case and two extra blades for the price.
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