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Record power are a fantastically reliable brand name, creating high end and good quality low end woodworking products. I have a number of their products in my workshop, and this is the latest edition. Anyone who can put a 5 year guarantee on all their products, has confidence in the quality of the items they are selling.I ordered it for £20 cheaper, at £89 with 'Amazon warehouse deals'. It said in the description 'Used - Good' under the description of its condition, as this was a returned item. Not 'Very Good', but 'Good'. I was therefore expecting to receive a cosmetically damaged product, and, maybe damaged packaging and/or missing instructions etc, for an item that was £20 cheaper than the asking price.But to my surprise all that was wrong with it when it arrived, in one day free delivery with 'Prime' may I add, was that it was missing its original box. That was it! For £20 cheaper than the original price that was excellent! So don't be scared off these deals by previous reviewers. Each one is different, but hopefully this gives you some kind of guide on what to expect.As for the product, the saw is lighter than expected and to dampen vibration I have had to bolt the machine to one of my steel framed benches, but their are rubber feet supplied to help with this problem, so this is made easy.I like the idea of having a tool holder, as with my Record Power lathe which has a similar feature, this is a small, but really useful feature.I had problems tightening the knob at the front that locks off the table, and stops it/or not, tilting. Even though it was as tight as possible, the table was still moving with light pressure, which was causing problems with heavier work pieces making it slip mid-cut. However, this problem, after some fiddling, was rectified.As reported on reviews before, the dust blower is useless. A cheap fix for this, as dust will get in the way of your guide\cutting line, is to rig up a cheap fish tank air pump. This will be easy to attach with a clip or two or some tape, and will be more than powerful enough to get rid of dust. The machine does kick out a fair bit of fine dust so this is worth doing. You can't blow it manually if your wearing a dust mask, which means compromising your health to use the machine. It's an extra expense that you should factor in though, because unless its just mine, which is unlikely as I've read other complaints on this, the dust blower is less than useful. Before doing this, see what you think when you get it home as it could be just a couple of faulty ones.Fortunately this is made up for by the, more than, 'adjustable' adequate power of the machine. It will cope with anything within reason. Including 2 inch thick, dense beech wood, which it cut intricate curves on effortlessly. At full speed it can make your work vibrate annoyingly, but I think this is down to experience and trial and error as to what speed works best with what size wood. I hope so anyway.The light is great and a real asset, though it could be a touch brighter.The blades supplied are quite coarse and aren't the finest you will find, but they do cut well and a spare is included. I ordered a new pack of 12 separately. I hope this will improve performance and finesse, as at the moment the cut can be a bit rough and takes a good going on the belt and disc sander to get smooth again.I'm over the moon for the price I paid, the 5 year guarantee and the quality I received. I bought this machine to do everything my band saw can't, and to do lighter and smaller toys, household items, decorations and model work. This will do all that for me and hopefully more. I am not a scrolling fanatic, so can't warrant spending £300+ on a machine that won't be top of the use chain in my workshop. For you it may be different. Everyone is different. These views are only my experience, please be aware that every item from Amazon warehouse is different, but I really hope you get the same service as me, even if the product isn't right for you.
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I make radio control aircraft from plans and this often involves cutting plywood up to 1/4 inch thick into quite complex shapes with internal holes.This jigsaw does this quite speedily and easily and the accuracy of cutting improves with practice and is quite acceptable for my purposes.Unlike some other users I have found the dust blower to be quite effective - it does need to be adjusted to the correct position using the thumwheel/slider. I don't use the safety guards. There are two dangers - putting one's fingers in way of the blade and a blade shattering. I use fear as my defence against the former and I don't think the guards supplied would help much with the latter.I don't think the saw is anything like as dangerous as a band saw or circular saw.The main thing is to hold the wood etc firmly down to the table to prevent it bouncing and jamming the blade. I bought some high quality fine tootheed blades that are miles better than the one supplied.The key to accurate cutting is to watch the blade carefully as it progresses through the work and not to push the work too hard. I waxed the bed on mine to enable the work to slide easily. As with any skill you will get better with time and by concentrating you can even cut pretty decent straight lines. Strangely, the the work has to be put through at a slight angle to what you expect but I got used to this and I don't fight the blade I just feed the work to it.The variable speed is a useful feature as you can tune out vibration by a little experimentation. My workbench has a fibreboard top that is a fine absorbant base for the machine which stays put until I remove it and place it on the floor. It is not too heavy for this to be inconvenient.I have not experienced any great problems with blade changing although it is a bit fiddly and the bendy light is useful.This is a well built machine that will give many years (with 5 year warranty) service for hobby users. It isn't a super precision German machine tool - you have to practice your skills but this gives great satisfaction and remember you are not spending a thousand pounds.No doubt if I had to cut parts all day in a trade workshop I would want a professional grade saw but for what this saw sets out to do it is an excellent machine.
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This was my first foray into the world of scrollsawing, and I was caught in the classic beginner's dilemma: do I buy cheap in case I don't like the hobby, and risk being saddled with unusable rubbish? Or do I play safe and spend a lot on a quality model?The price of the Record SS16V tends to go up and down like the proverbial, so I watched it for a month or two, and managed to pick it up on Amazon for a great price.The SS16V is lighter than I expected, but runs smoothly without severe vibration. Following the advice of the American Scroll Saw Workbook I bought to learn the process, I threw away the cheap blade that came with the saw and bought some quality blades from Olson. Crucially,The Record takes plain-end blades as well as pin-end ones, and plain-end blades are the way to go for fine work or internal cuts. For blade changing, I'd recommend you rig up a longish screwdriver with an Allen hexagon end. Unfortunately, the bottom jaw release screw is inaccessible, and you have to cut a small piece out of the lower cowling to reach the lower jaw with your tool to change blades.Good features of the saw are the flexible worklight and the variable speed.The dust blower is next to useless, as is the plastic table insert. For the latter, it is a simple matter to make a much better one with zero clearance out of MDF (using the scroll saw). The table angle gauge is 1½º off, which is mildly annoying.Despite these criticisms, the saw is pleasant to use, and certainly ideal for the beginner to learn the basic skills and make some nice items without breaking the bank.Overall, I think it is good value for money.
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I needed to cut a copper head gasket for bike, a complicated shape with many cutouts and holes of different sizes and ovality. This machine looked capable and it certainly was.It takes pinned and pin-less blades, I’d recommend pinned for complex jobs where you have to repeatedly stop the machine to thread the blade through a hole in the workpiece. Otherwise it’s a fiddly job each time you stop to unfit/fit the top blade adaptor. Pinned blades can be unhooked, threaded through and re-tensioned in about 15 seconds.It’s very quiet, at least until you start cutting. Then the noise level is dependant on blade and material.I was very impressed with how easy it is to use and the accuracy achievable.I never used a scroll saw before and my first cut was that little heart in the picture. The piece of wood was conveniently included in the packaging and the pinned blade pre-fitted. Instant gratification!
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Very similar to several other imports to the UK market, this seemed the best value and it has proven to be good for my hobby work. I liked the sturdiness of the machine, but it looks vulnerable to damage in some areas. I liked the working platform which works well and I liked the 48/50mm access opening although one has to work quite slowly to avoid conical cuts. I did not like the fiddly blade holding apparatus, which I found difficult to get exactly square and tight despite the jig supplied. The motor was adequately powered and smooth in operation although the speed range could have been better. I like the light supplied, and the chip blower except that it blew dust up my sleeve!Support from the Record Power website was poor, and the internet ordering for spares was very poor, but the telephone ordering was excellent. Altogether good value for money.
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It's a good saw but the one in the picture is not the same as I was delivered.I am guessing the one in the picture is an older version as it has no area on top for setting the pinless blades to the adapters and the light is different.I have posted a picture of the one I was delivered and this is the current one on Records website so I assume this is a later model.Update: After a bit of use I have found if you are doing fretwork it's a lot easier to change the blade if you take the left hand side panel off altogether and if you wish to fit a foot pedal you will have to bypass the on/off switch completely.The on/off switch operates electronically so it will not stay in the on position when poweris turned off at the plug.Bit of a bad design if you ask me as most people like the idea of a foot pedal.
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This is my first scrollsaw bought after researching the options available in the UK. It has turned out to be a good choice and I am enjoying learning to use it.The saw takes pinned blades but also has adaptors to use unpinned blades. It is supplied with good instructions and two blades to get you started. As yet I have not tried any internal cuts so I have not tried putting a blade through a drill hole and reattaching it. I would think this would be easier with pinned blades though they woul need a larger drill hole as they just hook in top and bottom whereas the plain blades would have to be screwed in place in the upper adaptor, while the bottom adapter is just floating.Anyway as can be seen from my kitty,the saw is easy to use even for a novice. I really recommend it.
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Chose this scroll saw because of excellent reviews. I am not disappointed. I have been using a hand fret saw to cut out patterns on 3/8th 6 ply. Had to turn up to nearly full speed using the supplied pin blade. Excellent cut and managed to keep on the pattern line for 95% of the time. Well worth the price. The saw slot cover is slightly below the table so my piece was getting stuck at times into the table edges. Easy fix with a shim. Amazingly quiet as others say. Sent of for other blades and hobby craft ply. BRILLIANT.Purchased from Axminster a pair of pinless blade adaptors, these are a must for everybody, they still take pinned blades but seriously buy these adaptors to modify the blade clamps.£12 for a pair inc postage
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I bought this expecting it to be of use, but of limited capability. In fact I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to use it rather well. If you are planning to do complex fretwork then the blade changing is a little slow but fine for my modest ambitions. Not mentioned in the description is the ability to use plain end blades, this is a BIG PLUS for several reasons. The motor lacks some power (but not fatally)and there is a point halfway through the speed control where vibration peaks. To reduce vibration I sit it on a firm surface with anti skid matting under the feet.I would say, good value for the money, especially with the five years warranty.


Works very well, easy to use and good range of speeds.The issues I had which have prevented me from giving 5 stars to everything are as follows:The pinless system is very fiddly to use making the use of spiral type blades impossible for me. Nibble fingers are definitely needed for hooking the blades clamps to the saw mechanism.The blower is very underpowered and wood dust easily coats the protective perspex shield making seeing precision cuts impossible.These are fairly minor inconveniences which can be worked around with additional equipment and patience.


This is my first attempt at scroll saw working. I have found this machine to be solid and accurate in use. I could not get on with the foot thing that is supposed to stop the wood grabbing (have removed it), but the light is jolly good - as is the blower. My vacuum connector is too small to fit the nozzle on the lower part of the machine, but a quick suck now and again seems to work ok, and is less noisey while working.The fact that you can use either type of blade (pinned or plain ended) I find very useful


You have to upgrade few things to get very good saw1. The light to led2. Replace the blower hose to lock line3. Replace the upper blade hold screw to knob screwIf the tension operation was simpler it could be 5 stars sawEdit:Photo explanationBike led light works on battery and not depend on machine powerPolycarbonate table insert few versions to fit all tasks ( pin blade ,sand band...)Knob replace the alen screwFront knob for stable blade changeLoc line hose and its new fits placement


A surprisingly accurate and most versatile piece of equipment added to my workshop. Surprised at the definition capable by using this saw, and the saw draft is amazingly minimal. After some practice on waste and becoming more proficient and daring have cut some rather attractive pieces, many with randomly drawn piercings which are accessed through a drill hole, with the take down and reattachment of the blade superbly simple and extremely efficient. this is a tool I cannot so far find fault with.


I’ve used the saw to cut out wooden toys for grandchildren and for waste removal preparing a small woodcarving. This is only the start. I have many more ideas. The saw is easy to use straight from the box and, using pinned blades, changing blades is easy. Flat ended blade change is a little fiddly but nothing I could’t cope with.There was a screw missing from one of the clamps for flat ended blades. I contacted Record and a free replacement arrived within 3 working days.


Table is very thin die cast aluminium, flimsy and small.Bottom blade holder is only accessible through the table well, difficult to hook pinned blades when you can't easily see the slot.Adapters are provided for un-pinned blades but are really fiddly to use and a real pain if you are having to rethread for internal cuts.Work lamp goes off and on with the motor... so you can't see or inspect your work so easily between cuts, or when changing or rethreading blades.

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