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I like this jigsaw, I have been a Bosch jigsaw addict for some 30 years and they took a massive hammering, for 10 years being used nearly exclusively for cutting up metal acoustic panels. This Makita tool will have an easier life, being used almost solely for woodwork, The directional stability is is first class, and it will be interesting to see how use affects it, as the Bosch ones always needed regular guide and bearing changes to maintain accuracy. The quality of construction is well up to the usual Makita standard, ie first class. The work light is great.Whether you like speed controls on the trigger or with a preset as on most Bosch's is a matter of preference; If you do a lot of slow speed work,the preset is much superior as the speed is easier to control, I do find myself depressing the trigger and increasing the speed, when a slower speed would produce a better cut.My only real criticism is that the dust blower is not very effective. It's OK on thin material but when you get to say 22mm ply it really can't keep up with the dust produced. There is an extract tube to go with it but having a vacuum attached does nothing for its maneuverability at all. The base plate is very strong, much better than the sheet steel ones on the Bosch professional range. It is also well balanced, which was a pleasant surprise as I thought the battery weight would throw it off.I've not had much cause to use it continuously so I can't really comment on battery life, my guess would be that if you plan on using it a lot day in day out a corded version will be better, unless you have a lot of batteries! It does however save you lugging a 110V tranny around if you're on site.
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I like this jigsaw for several reasons. At 720w it makes light work of cutting through timber. Once I had worked out how the blade change mechanism worked, I decided I liked it. I have used several different blades from different manufacturers and a couple have a different shaped end to insert into the blade holder. These have all been held tightly. Also I like the light that shines down on the work piece next to the blade, particularly useful if working in semi darkness if there is no power on site.Buying the jigsaw chassis bare suited me as I already had batteries as I have a cordless Makita drilldriver and grinder so I didn't want to spend more money buying batteries.As usual,I think Makita tools are worth buying as a long term investment. I also like Bosch tools too (just in case you think I am biased)!Read full review...
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Absolutely brilliant product. Batteries are really powerful and last for ever (not actually "for ever" so don't sue me!). The saw is really smooth to use and very controllable compared with my 240v Bosch, which is now going in the bin, No disrespect to Bosch, I bought a cheap saw years ago, things have really come on since then and I have a few excellent Bosch products. I digress. The charger keeps cool with the use of a fan and charges the batteries really quickly and the whole package is really compact. I can't believe how easy the saw is to use, it's superbly balanced. I am so happy I went with the Makita and hopefully I'll start building up my collection of 18v tools.The power lock system is very simple to use as is tool removal lever. A top design all round.
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Been using at jobs for about a year now.I do not miss messing around with a faffing wire whilst cutting what so ever. You don't realise what a burden something is until you get rid of it.The LED light helps seeing pencil markings so much easier. And the wood debris is blown away from the blade. Still need to give a good blow yourself to clear the way for the saw base but your immediate cut line remains visible.I stuck the Hoover attachment on from the start and even without glue it has never come off.The saw is strong and as long as you clean and take care of it, like all tools it will last you. Don't use the same blade for very long and be sure to house it in a case.I trust makita for their quality in tools.
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Superb jigsaw. It's being used for DIY only. Had it been destined for professional use, I would have paid more for the brush-less motor version (DJV 182) for about another 40 quid or so.For my use, with a 4Ah genuine Makita battery, it is the ducks nuts. The jigsaw itself is a joy to use and it cuts beautifully straight lines, as indeed it should do. I tried Bosch blades in the tool-less blade change holder, but they wouldn't click in properly. Tried Makita blades that came with the jigsaw and absolutely no issues at all. There's a moral to that story, stick to original genuine kit.10 stars from my experience, if you are after a new jigsaw, I doubt you would regret buying one of these.


Excellent saw. Easily cuts through 4cm soft wood. Haven't tried hard wood yet but expect the same. Feels nice in the hand. The LED light to illuminate the saw line is a nice addition. The dust extraction is a bit small (19mm inner /21mm outer diameter) and I needed duct tape to hook it up to my shop vac, but worked efficiently. Not too much vibration either. Impressed with how well the saw blade tracked - it remained perpendicular to the top of the material, even when cutting thicker pieces. I went for this (older) model due to some negative comments on usability of the latest Makita brushless jig saw and I think it was the right choice. A joy to use and highly recommended.


This jigsaw is WAY better than my mains powered one surprisingly. It seems to be more powerful and more precise. Having no cords on an electric saw is the way forward. Who hasn't *nearly* cut through the mains cable whilst sawing? :-P This should be a 4 1/2 star review, there's only one niggle. The guide light is activated on/off by the trigger. Ideally, it would stay on a little longer after trigger release. This would allow better guide finding. I understand that the other Makita jigsaw does have that feature.This thing is so solid, you could sit an elephant on it. It's really ergonomic in the hand and cuts heavy ply like it is cake.


I brought this jigsaw as I already have a good Makita cordless drill. Made sure it was battery compatible which it is. Quality of the tool is excellent, no issues at all there. Heavier than my last one but that wasn't cordless. However it's no real issue and allows far more flexible use without a cable getting in the way. Comes with an anti splinter plate and rubber base plate for when you are cutting on surfaces which are prone to damage, a really good idea as have marked items in the past with the jigsaws baseplate. Not used much yet but does the job well.


I have never had a cordless jig before and all the ones up to this have been low end black and decker's so although is the Makita entry machine. its true what is said about Makita saws. even this one is well balanced powerful stiff and usable no deviation in cutting line and long lasting even with a 3ah battery.body only is the way to go but do shop around. this is my 4 makita tool as i slowly replace all my old dewalt nicad tools. Very pleased so far. dewalt aint what it was 10 years ago, in my oppinion


I am very pleased with this purchase. The Makita jigsaw came as a bare unit with no battery but including a detachable base for fine cutting, a dust extraction fitting and 6 jigsaw blades. The unit works beautifully with very little vibration or noise and cuts accurately and efficiently. It exhausted my 1.5 Ah battery quite quickly but lasts well using a 4.0 Ah battery. If you are buying a battery separately I would recommend getting the larger capacity: the unit is still very light and well-balanced.


I just have one complaint. You can't click the blade into place when inserting it, you must lift the lever and then insert the blade, then pull on the blade to double check that it's in properly. - In my Bosch 18v the blade clicks into place, which saves a few seconds.Apart from that this is superb, and for some reason gives me cleaner cuts than the Bosch.Goes from very low speed to very high.Not as much vibration and noise as cheap alternatives.Doesn't come with a battery or charger obviously.


This is such a nice saw I still give it 5 stars despite a slightly loose clip which can cause the allen key to slip out from its holder. At least they considered to house the allen key, maybe mine was an odd one with a slightly faulty clip. The saw itself exceeds expectations and the batteries are brilliant. I don't miss not getting the brushless model, but I guess that would be even better if you thought the extra expense was worth it, I am well happy with this model though.


Its delivered the following day after buying with eBay's 15% discount voucher. Got a corded Makita version of this so its comparatively excellent with it be cordless. Starting speed is good and the complimentary blades that came with it helps as it has three different ones metal, wood and the narrow for wood if cutting curves. As a Makita user its 5 star. Maybe a free fence would be welcome not extra.


Typical Makita: rugged, solid and well-designed. I have tried most makes of the professional tools but always return to Makita. For one thing, they outlast all the others (with the possible exception of Festool). Although I haven't used it for long, I have found it superb. This adds to my pretty extensive range of Makita tools, many of which can share the same batteries.


Just received mine today. Unlike the saw in the photo, mine has the LXT logo on the case. Not used it in anger yet, but seems powerful and well up to expectations. As with my Makita circular saw and grinder, I'll be using this with 5.0ah batteries as these types of tools are understandably heavier on batteries. It's a Makita, so I'm not expecting any issues.........

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