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Feels as powerful as my old corded jigsaw. Has 4-stage pendulum action (makes it cut faster), unlike cheap jigsaws. Quick SDS blade change (no tools required). Cuts timber 120mm thick (8mm steel, 20mm aluminium), so man enough for most jobs. Weighs 2.4kg with 4Ah battery which lasts for hours. At £60 for nearly new and £100 new, cheaper than a decent 240 volt one (uses same batteries as my bosch 18v drill). Genuinely impressed.


Fantastic jigsaw, light weight and well balanced. There were 3 Bosch jigsaw blades in the box which I wasn't expecting. I have a mid range corded jigsaw which i have been using for a few years but decided to purchase this as I have several Bosch 18v tools and batteries. I can honestly say that this jigsaw is better that the corded one that I have previously been using.


Bought this for a wide range of materials. Polycarbonate,10mm mild steel, 10mm aluminium stock, aswell as various woods, this will power through them all as long as you have the right blades. Great power with a 5.0ah battery attached but will manage even with a 1.5ah. Very comfortable grip and has a real premium feel to it.


very powerful tool, does not regret a wire tool, perfectly cut any type of soft and hard wood, thanks to the pendular movement the knots of the wood are cut without effort.comfortable LED light to illuminate the cutting areaI'm happy with the purchase and I would do it againarrives with lboxx, no battery, no charge


Since beginning of the year this was my second Bosch professional range tool purchased in L-box through Amazon and again it's been delivered with manufacturers seal broken.Not happy, requested exchange.According to my research one of the best jigsaws on 18 V platform, however I wasn't able to test yet.


Being cordless the jigsaw can sit on my bench in handy range, it’s 18 v battery is more than enough to cope with the woods I use ( mainly softwoods and man made boards. I love the quick release blade function and the motor brake.Also the light is brilliant at illuminating the saw path.


The tool is extremely easy to handle , feels well balanced and the quality of the cuts I made through some soft wood at 45degrees were so smooth no rubbing down was needed.Can't comment on battery life as I have only worked with it for half an hour but so far I am very impressed.


Bought this jigsaw to use in my job on site and in the workshop, so great being cordless , no need to find and extension lead and power point, just pick it up and use, very powerful for a cordless and I rate Bosch tools and use in my kit as my colleagues do to


What a brilliant piece of engineering. I used to struggle to get a good finish with my old jigsaw. This made it so effortless.Delivery was fast too.Many thanks


Have other Bosch pro products but was not sure whether to buy this or a Dewalt. I have now been using this and am very happy I made the decision.


Brilliant cordless jigsaw, feels nice and solid with plenty of power, using 4ah coolpacks this thing exeeded my expectations of runtime by miles.


A useful addition if you already have Bosch 18v batteries. Feels sturdy but it won't easily cut thick (I'd say thicker than 2-3cm) or hard wood.


Nice jigsaw. Works really well and cuts true. Only made a few cuts with it but very nice handling to it. Excellent price too on Amazon.


Great little jigsaw from Bosch. This is my second one as the first got stolen/lost.I tried others but this one is just right for me.


As a plumber working on site this had been an invaluable tool cutting timber for clips and to fix basins etc too . Quality product

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