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If you are considering this you probably already have a tool in the 10.8 Bosch range. This is a nice addition and highly recommended. Comes with a fine blade and a rapid cut blade as well as dust tube and L boxx inlay. Solid feel to it and v easy to use. The dust extractor tube makes it easier to see where you are cutting. Only 4 stars as still a little pricey I think.UPDATE MAY 2016I have upped this to 5 stars. The tool has proved to be worth the money and has paid for itself in saved costs


Great little jigsaw. It cuts very well and is easy to hold - I've found other barrel jigsaws too big to hold comfortably. The one thing that stopped me giving it 5 stars is the dust extraction. True, it does come with a dust extractor nozzle but if you are having to use a cordless jigsaw then it's likely that your access to dust extraction equipment is limited. I find I have to blow the sawdust out of the cutting line pretty much constantly. As another reviewer said 'needs a blower'.


Excellent little tool. Small and light enough to use accurately with one hand. Some reviews complain about it not having a trigger, but the on/off switch design actually makes it easier to adjust your grip while using it to cut complex shapes. Battery life is fine considering the small battery size, and so far it has cut through everything I’ve thrown at it (wood up to 20mm thick) with ease. Obviously it’s only 12V so it’s no powerhouse but I’m really pleased with it.


Amazing tool, like the other Bosch 12 volt Professional tools I've recently purchased it's quite powerful using a 4Ah battery.I have little problem with blade wander as I use a slow forward pressure and keep my eye on the blade / cut line.It is slightly heavy but there's a lot of gearing and mechanisms inside, and for typical working on the level the weight is not a problem.Typical Bosch build quality as expected.


I've owned this tool for a couple of years and have used it to cut contiboard and pine which it handles well, if a little slower than my old mains jigsaw. It's small size makes it easy to handle, the one negative is it only has an on/off switch, a trigger type switch would be preferable, both for reasons of safety and control.The tool includes an insert designed to fit into half a LBoxx 102 (the smallest size).


Having other Bosch Professional 12V gear, with batteries and charges, it made sense to buy the bare version of this, especially as it comes with an L-Boxx insert for the larger L-Boxxes. This is pretty powerful, given that it's only 12V. You'd never expect it to cut through 50mm hardwood, but for most ripping jobs, or intricate moulding cuts, it's perfect. Cordless, and lightweight, it's a great bit of kit.


Well what can one say, it's Bosch bought one before seams to have lost it ,used to be trades person this is new Tech.very well made added functions like soft sole plate ,exstraction,plastic front shield to stop flying chips,multi blade change metal wood plastic just simple lever blade changed,ajustable angle sole plate,and nearly forget great LED light see the line.Great tool. PJ.


Great value for money. I have a few products in this range and I'm delighted with all of them. It is lightweight and easy to use. The battery life is good and the battery recharges quickly. You can buy several products in this range with only having to use one battery which keeps the purchase cost down. Overall really pleased


This is very low on power but it handy for small jobs like skirting etcEdit: this is actually much better than I originally thought, the base was not fully tightened and it caused the tool to vibrate thus not giving full power in the cut, once tightened it improved no end. Impressive wee jigsaw


As this is the first time buying bosch (blue) tools I wasn't sure what to expect from such a small tool but just like the cabled version it seems to have plenty of power to handle most jobs on or off site.I used to buy another well named brand but will buy bosch from now on..


Excellent saw runs on standard 1.5 ah 12volt batters from my drill cant fault it bosch professional stuff is worth the extra money really pleased box damaged but amazon give me money off for this so really happy


Good design and excellent Bosch construction. Lightweight and useful for jobs on light materials in confined spaces. Lack of a good handgrip makes it more compact but less comfortable to use


Love my Bosch Pro 18v kit so thought I'd try the 12v for the more delicate work and live it. I still have corded bosch drills that are years old and as good as new. You get what you pay for.


What a great jigsaw, I already have a lot of Bocsh power tools both 12v and 18v, this small jigsaw is 10.8v or 12v and works really well I'm very happy with it and hoe it works...


Another great addition to my bosch tools this excellent jigsaw makes life very easey the battery last longer than all the jobs ive done another excellent tool from bosch

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