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This is actually a very good machine for the price if you have the means to get around some annoying design flaws. I bought this saw as a replacement for my previous (Rexon) saw when its bearing seized up. I needed something quickly and cheaply while I save up for my dream saw (which is considerably more expensive!). After hunting around, this machine seemed to meet my requirements.ProsVariable speed - this works very well, though there is a bit more vibration at higher speeds.Blade Tensioner at the front - this is brilliant! The best feature on the saw. Fit the blade in the clamps, then lower the tensioner. Instant correctly tensioned blade without any fussy tightening knobs to adjust.I have broken far fewer blades with this machine than with my previous one because it correctly tensions the blade every time.Quiet running - it is very quiet in general but especially at slower speeds.Low vibration - there is almost no vibration at low speeds.Accepts pinless blades - these are the only ones you should use for intricate fretwork.All controls at the front - no hunting around at the back of the tool!Soft start - the motor starts gently and gradually comes up to the set speed.But there are Cons:The blade clamps that were fitted to my machine were hopeless. They clamped the blade ok but they wouldn't release - they weren't springy enough so stayed clamped. Fortunately I was able to use the blade clamps from my old machine and they work fine. If you are thinking about this machine, look into replacing the blade clamps with something better.Air Blower - I would suggest using an aquarium pump hooked up to the air blower nozzle - this works far more efficiently and they are not expensive.Side plate - this covers the spinning motor shaft but needs to be removed in order to replace the blade in the bottom clamp. I've removed it for this reason because I work alone and am aware of what I've done. If there are other people around (especially children) where you are working it would be best to leave it fitted, but it will increase blade change time.ConclusionIf you can cope with the above cons or adapt the machine as I did then it is a good value, easy-to-use tool. I have been using it recently with 00 pinless blades and it cuts very intricate pieces. If you are new to this hobby, the cons will probably frustrate you, so you should look at other alternatives.
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Pros?• A small sized bandsaw• Great for small projects• This made most of my tools storage devices• Cheap blades due to the small nature of the beast• Very portable• Easy to setup• For what I use it for it has a decent motor• The opening around the blade on the base plate is a good size enabling thin veneer cuts; I found in very thins parts that more speed at the end reduces chances of the wood splitting• Can stabilize using the metal bars included that increase its portability or bolt unto table to reduce the amount of space and solid surface require behind.Cons?• Needs regular cleaning, can build-up dust and wood quickly (mainly due to me not turning on the hoover or attaching it each time due to it being a quick cut.• The table is a little small,from the mouth to the support bar could be a little widerADHD?• Fun to use• Quite a safe tool due to the speed of cut and that you have two hands or push sticks on the product at all times.• Having a creative outlet with ADHD is important, be it woodwork, painting or creative writing find something that fits you.Ease of use?• Easy to understand, harder to master• Make things a lot easier for yourself and before opening the box watch some YouTube videos on the correct way to set-up from a bandsaw though its easy requires some knowledge on gaps sizes and tension (sounds way more complicated than it is in actual use)Storage?• Very easy small overall size, both when in use, and when not• Blade storage is easy, learn how to fold blades back into a small circle and store in the drawPrice?• Good price for the fun and products you can create.• I paid £125 from Amazon directReliability?• Been used quite a bit and so far hasn’t let me down, fingers crossedGoes well with.• Being a small size bandsaw works best with smaller projects, have a look at my wishlist for small projectsFinal Result?A great tool that is quite safe to use and practice on. Good for those with small workshops like myself. I have a larger one that has a cutting depth 3x the size at just under 6 inches, yet I use this more due to its ease of use and cheap blades.
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I wasn't Expecting this to be the Best Bench top Bandsaw, only intending it for small Boatbuilding Parts, ie Breast hooks, Stern Knees, and Station Moulds, BUT, I was Pleasantly surprised, after the assembly, which was Quick and Painless, I was Impressed with the overall Quality of the Saw, Parts fit was very good, and as with even the most Expensive Bandsaws they do benefit from a Proper post Transit Setup, having said that, in Operation the Saw is exceptionally Quiet and accurate, being able to Produce Consistent & Uniform 1mm Veneer cuts, making Straight or curved cuts was both Fast and Easy.There are a couple of let-downs though.1: the table is made of rather thin Pressed Steel,and does have some Flex, also, there is no Provision for the use of a Mitre Guide, in fact there IS no Mitre Guide, (although upon closer inspection it Appears that replacing the pressed steel Table with a 20mm Machined Billet Aluminium one is a simple and worthwhile Upgrade)2: The Table Insert was a Poor fit, in that there was a step that the ends of wood can catch on (again a replacement Table, or, some Fettling of the Insert will address this)3: the Fence, while Sturdy, can be inadvertently knocked out of true, owing to the use of bare Pressed Steel Locking Components in the Ends.Drawbacks aside, Overall for a sub £150 Tool, I'm really Pleased with the Performance of the Saw, and would heartily recommend it for the small Hobby workshopNB the saw was Advertised as having a Euro style Plug, but the one i received had a UK Plug already Fitted!
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Would be 5 stars if it could take unpinned blades. Einhell customer services strangely unwilling to answer my query about the blade adaptors they list in their website. (2 part numbers - do I need one of each? And it does not actually state that they convert from pinned to pinless, or that they fit my model scrollsaw. They are only £3something each so I've taken a punt and ordered 2 (at that price, surely they could throw a pair in with the saw)Carping aside - it is pretty good for the price. I've tried it out on 1/2 inch ply and it cuts a nice clean tight curve, much tighter and cleaner than my jigsaw or band saw could manage , and at slow speed it cuts similar thickness nylon without the cut edges melting,and recombining behind the blade.That variable speed feature really was the clincher for me. All the buyers guides tell you that the right blade and the right speed are both crucial (odd then that the top ten value for money list I found had nonvariable speed models in first 2 places!)Vibration has been mentioned as an issue at top speed. I haven't had that problem. It does have rubber top hats for the feet (if you can visualize that mixed image) and you could bolt it down through them.
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I bought this just a few days ago, to replace an old one I'd been given. Though, I'm turned seventy I have managed to cut out a few simple designs, improving every time.However, my wife bought me a book (from Amazon) Scroll Saw for the first time, by Dirk Boelman.and one of the first thing I learned was that I was using the wrong type of blade, 'Skip Tooth' and 'Reverse Tooth' were best for the scroll saw.Then I discovered that pin end blades were restrictive in choice, compared to plain end blades. Scroll saw conversion kits, enabling most machines to use both types of blades. may not work for mine.Then I discovered that the pair of blade holder attachments that came with my Einhell,described as suitable for coping saw blades, were described online, as fret saw blade holders!!!!!They took only minutes to fit, and will take even less time, now I know the routine.This machine can use, plain, or pin end blades, and has a variable speed function - I love it!
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I looked an numerous makes of scroll saw before opting for this one, mainly because of throat and power rating. However, I was a little anxious about thicknesses of material it would deal with as some reviews were suggesting it would struggle with more than hardboard! The instruction manual is basic, but does warn about blade breakage as a novice gets used to this machine. Fortunately, the original blade is still intact. What I have found i that it will cut through 22mm thickness American Oak to cut a profile to go wound a skirting board (at least a cut of 18 cms. Mind-you, it has to be taken very slowly and feed rate is a snail pace to allow the blade to cut.So-far I don't regret the 100 quid.
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Arrived with UK plug, was I just lucky ? I set this up using the advice on an American woodworking site and have faultless performance. Within it's range there is no blade chatter, tracking problems, on the standard blade I can just feel tooth marks, but them that appears true of almost every band saw I've seen. I have some high quality blades that I will get around to trying, but for now OK. I have sawn pine, oak (English), mahogany and birch so far all with excellent results. I would certainly recommend the saw fo the hobbyist, I don't know how it would stand up under the rough and tumble of commercial use.


Decent machine, I have cut 10mm thick aluminium with this, and some seriously hard woods with good results. The motor is very powerful for its size, no problem with power. I only have issues are with the blower which doesn't work, it never has. I have noticed quite a few people mention this.The self contained unit makes it fairly difficult to clean up inside when particles get inside, if you have an air compressor, this is not an issue but I can see it being so for others.


A bit different from my previous machine but does the job well. For the price it's great. Holds pinned and unpinned blades.I remove the bottom plate to make changing blades easier. No children or women in my workshop so it safe. The air blower works well and has plenty of hose which is fitted. The clamps work well but I prefer to hold the work myself, it's easily moved up out of the way, but still able to be used when needed. All in all very good.


I was useless at wood work in the 60, in fact D- was a triumph at exam time. I have had an feeling for some time that if I had a little help I could "Do it".... This saw has been a revelation for the money simple yes but brilliant at the same time. For the money it has brought Joy and a feeling of satisfaction I could have done with 50 years ago. Great fun being had,


Amazing scroll saw very powerful yet quiet you can use pinned or pin less without changing anything simply put the pin less blade the same as the pinned the little clamps you do up when you change the blades holds the pin less the same. Very accurate cut and the cutting clamps stop your work jumping around so little pressure is needed


my first scroll saw so I can only say this suits my needs really well. I like the way you can use pinned and unpinned bladeswith no issues what so ever. The variable speed makes it easy to cut all types of wood hard and soft. as well as MDFplywood hardboard or fibreboard. as well as plastics and soft metals.


a tough little tool, well made and virtually vibration free. I gave it a good going over on delivery, a lubrication of all moving parts never goes amiss, and I fitted olhson blades as they are a favourite of mine, I can see this giving years of good service, might even outlast me!!


Just getting the hang of using the scroll saw. It's well put together. Changing blades is a bit fiddly ( more about my eyesight than product design failure ) but perseverance pays off. Really pleased and can't wait to get more proficient.


Great saw. Use it for cutting EVA foam for cosplay. Bought a finer saw blade as this is a bit on the large side. But probably great for wood. Takes a bit of getting used to if you are new to band saws. But easy to use.

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