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After much deliberation between this jigsaw and the Bosch GST150 BCE, I chose the Makita due to some negative reviews of the Bosch as compared to the previous models.The Makita 4350FCT was packaged adequately by Amazon and came within a purpose built Makita tough case. Included in the case was the dust extraction adaptor, 3 sets of jigsaw blades (2 pairs of wood cutting blades and a pair of metal cutting blades) and a plastic shoe for the base plate.The jigsaw has a soft start mechanism which avoids jolts if having to restart in the middle of work and is not that noisy compared with other cheapy jigsaws. The grip is comfortable to hold and good control of the jigsaw is possible.I used the jigsaw with Bosch blades and obtained good results. There is the potential for blade deflection depending on the type of blade used as with most jigsaws but control of this can be down to technique. It would of been nice to have some form of deflection control device like in the Bosch 140GST.The plastic splinter guard that sits atop the base plate is a useful addition as it has a small notch with which to follow a cut line which avoids the need to "lean in" over the jigsaw to see the line of cut as this jigsaw is "taller" than others I have used previously. It does sometimes get caught so after a while it will break and a new one will be required. The jigsaw unfortunately does not come with a guide rail that you get as standard with other cheaper jigsaws so straight cuts will need a straight edge. The FCT version also incorporates an LED light to shine on the surface being cut which really does help in darker environments. The LED light is illuminated when the trigger is squeezed and extinguished when the trigger is released.The only downside is the dust extraction tool. It is quite small and has a small opening (about 20mm) and I think is purposely built for attaching to their dust extraction machines which is understandable, however, diyer's like myself tend to connect such tools to old vacuum cleaners for a level of dust extraction so it is not possible to natively do so. I have not been able to come across an adaptor for connecting to a standard vacuum hose attachment so there is currently a lot of dust when cutting.Overall, I'm pleased with the Makita 4350FCT, if feels like a quality product and enables good control. My particular downside is the dust extraction adaptor not being able to interface to a standard vacuum hose as compared with previous power tools, which gives it four stars for me, but I now understand that these products at the prosumer level tend to use these specific adaptors which are meant to be used with dedicated dust extraction machines. Keeping this in mind, you will not be disappointed with this purchase.
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Wow. Gotta say I am seriously impressed with this Jigsaw. As ever Makita's build quality is superb and it is beautifully balanced so although it is quite a heavy piece of kit it handles easily and cuts just so smoothly. I previously had a fairly old Bosch which has done good service but was just getting too worn to give a decent cut anymore - I recently had to trim down some 2 x 4" lengths and the Bosch just couldn't keep the cut straight, but this Makita went through it like the proverbial hot knife through butter - what a difference! I have so far used mine to cut several types and thicknesses of wood, and it literally flies through each task. It has been a pleasure to use,so much so that I am finding myself actually looking for projects around the house that I can do with it!
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I've used this jigsaw day-in, day-out and it's simply one of the best out there. It's so reasonably priced for what it is. Really comfortable to use, good power and really easy to control. It keeps the sawdust away from the cutting line, and the T-top blades are held really securely making it cut rally accurately. It has a bit more ooomph than the LXT version otherwise I would've gone for it... sometimes I still wish that I had.I guess the power cord is the only limitation of the tool but even it is the usual Makita high quality, memory-less cable that rolls up nice and tidy and is a good length. Mine came with a no-marr base plate cover which I find invaluable. I can't imagine how anyone could improve it...other than the fact it has to be attached to a wall socket, obviously.
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The last jigsaw I had ( some 25 years back ) was a Black and Decker, so not much to be said there. I decided I needed another, so being aware of Makita's good reputation I took the plunge. Without doubt this is a quality bit of kit. Smooth, powerful and very well put together. Just what you'd expect for a Tradesman quality tool, and of Makita of course. I used this corded version for a while and then went on to buy the cordless version. Even better, with no cables to get in the way. As for the rest, just re-read what I have already written......


Feels quality, have put it through its paces both hardwoods and soft, and going right up to 90mm fenceposts which it managed using a longer blade. Paying more for orbital action is worth it in my opinion as it just seems to provide more cutting grunt. Came with Makita case and spare blades which is nice. Only complaint (and it's a minor one) is the dust extraction attachment is attached by fairly flimsy tabs that have worn with the vacuum hose pulling on them. Besides that, nice piece of kit. It will cut!


Not a professional carpenter but more of a pro DIY. Been looking for a new jigsaw. Have had a variety of tools from different makers, but am a big fan of Makita. They are just so much more solid than other tools. Might be more expensive but you do get what you pay for.It is a great solid piece of machinery. My only 'gripe' is that the box for the jigsaw will be a snug fit once you open it. The cord and machine are hard to get back into it in the original 'packaged' condition.


Replaced my old B&D. Since I was about to fit a new kitchen (DIY), I though it warrantied spending a bit more. I read a number of reviews and held several makes in tool shops. This one felt nicest and price was good. So much better quality than some other makes. Superb in operation, accurate cuts, etc. Will probably out last me. I also own a Makita 18v Combi drill (again replaced a B&D), and can recommend this make for competent DIYers and professionals alike.


decent tool, but was slightly miss led by other comments , stating it's power. good at cutting anything under 30mm but does take a little longer to go through 40mm worktops and 4x2. very comfortable to use , and a really gentle slow start that helps a lot , overall this is a very good product , but it is not as powerful as my old bosch GSI.


it feels strong and works as you would expect from a quality tool. the controls are precise and the soft start is a great feature. it is heavy which is great when used upright but may not suit everybody when used a lot upside down.Handy light and dust remover . I didn't get the guide with mine but I will be getting one.


When my Bosch (green) jigsaws gearbox failed I bought this hoping it would last a bit longer .. but it is actually a different tool. The finished cut is a good as a circular saw and it is smooth to operate. The Boschs cut always looked like a mad beaver had been at it ... you get what you pay for ...


Up to now I find it has performed even better than I first expected.It is very robust and with an extra lomger saw bladeI am able to accurately cut larger thicknesses of wood. One of my hobbies is woodcarving and for cutting preciselythrough thick pieces it is ideal


Great jigsaw. Cuts at 90 degree angle with correct blade and easy enough to get a reasonably straight line. Good soft start. Very easy blade insertion. Replaced an hitachi one which was rubbish. No comparison between the two.


Totally met my expectations, dean bent over backwards to help me out, not just the blue version but the 240v version black and white limited edition, TOP DRAWER........Thanks to all the guys at Northampton MTS Powertools


I bought this jig saw as I decided to replace our carpets with laminate. This saw saved me so much time, was easy to use, and more importantly control the cut. If you are doing a similar job then I would recommend it


Excellent smooth start and LED spotlight feature. Handles well and feels as if it has plenty of power in reserve. Being able to change blades without having to find the special tool my old Bosch required is a boon.

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