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Bought this Baretool version as I already have some Bosch 18v Lithium "Power4all" batteries which were included in the drill sets I have (which came with two batteries from the orange DIY chain at just under a hundred pounds for the hammer drill, two batteries and charger).Positives.Has plenty of power (at least as much as my Black & Decker mains operated version).Battery lasts a long time (has so far lasted up to around an hour of use over a days at the allotment).Recharging the battery only takes 1 hour for 80% charge and approx 2 hours for a full charge.Has a slot to store a few (of the shorter)blades you can use.Cost - is no more expensive than a standard jigsaw as long as you already have the Li batteries from other devices.NegativesDoes not come with a plastic case like the drill set. The cardboard box it came in has now fallen appart so need to buy a plastic case.Can struggle a little with the longer blades on thicker wood. Nothing particular to this jigsaw, it just has limitations compared to a circular saw.Overall very happy with both the Power4all 18v system and this jigsaw as part of the system. It is an expensive jigsaw if you just buy this and a battery but if you already have the batteries, I would strongly recommend this product.
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April 2018: Great Jigsaw; however, I feel that a decent case (cardboard box it arrived in, is so crass!) and additional saw blades would have seen me give it 5 stars. Felt Bosch let me down. One saw blade is inefficient.Good points: the saw guide and the tiny plastic saw plate which prevents tears in chipboard, plywood and contiboard.Update: 29/10/18, yes a good saw and works well.Bad points: the blade release jams. I sent mine to Bosch back in Aug' of this year to be fixed (postage paid for) and their customer service (no qibble) was ace.Jigsaw returned to me fixed after 10 dsys.Unfortunately, this SDS red blade release, keeps on jamming.Also, the dust collection is poor.Bosch need to pull their socks together because cheaper alternatives are now better when it comes down to supplying dust collector attachments. This Bosch PST 18 li, when hooked up to my shop vac, fails.All of my other tools work very well with my vac; they leave hardly any dust.
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Really impressed with this. I had my doubts about it's power running on batteries but it's performed exceptionally well in all tasks I've put it to.It's really freeing to be able to just pick it up and use instead of having to get the extension cable out into the garden, saves so much time!I also have the Combi drill and mouse Sander in the power all range and I only have two 1.5Ah batteries, all the tools last most of the day under regular use. I'd say the Jigsaw out of the three tools uses the battery up quickest. The way around that is to pop the tool in the charger between uses of you plan on a long job - I love that greater of the batteries and charger...You don't even have to take the battery off the tool to charge it!!I'm sure I'll purchase more Bosch power all tools in the range, I have my eyes on the circular saw next...
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I was pleased to add this to my 'power 4 all' range of Bosch cordless tools, I find the one battery fits all a real bonus and buying bare tool units helps to cut the cost.I have had a corded Bosh Jigsaw for several years now and not used it a great deal, but I grabbed the opportunity of a good price to purchase this cordless version and have used it a lot more than my chorded version already. The benefits of this model over my previous one are the addition of the 'cut control' plate which guides you to obtain a straighter cut, the light and the freedom of not having to work around a power chord. Before I ordered the unit I was concerned it would be heavy to handle with the battery,but this really is not an issue for me. It struggles a bit cutting through hard knots in wood, but that aside its a good buy and so far would recommend it.
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I was torn between going to the cheaper cabled jigsaw of this, and after much deliberation, I choose the cordless. I already have batteries and chargers for other Bosh 18 v LiIon tools which helped sway the decision, and coupled with an experience at a DIY shop (they wouldn't cut the wood with their industrial machine with dust extraction - apparently its dangerous to their health because it was treated wood, but its ok for me to cut it in the car park without extraction!).Pros - Lightweight, Powerful, Uses 18v LiIon battery, SDS for quick blade change, Light, can cut a decent length on a single charge (I measured and made approx 25 metres of cuts before needing to recharge)Cons - doesn't comewith a plastic carry case (which is included if you buy the setup with the charger and battery)
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Bought to use alongside my corded saw for convenience. I already have a couple of Bosch cordless tools and got this one as it uses the same Power4All battery system. It comes with a battery and charger but the charger is not fitted with a UK plug. If I cut the Euro plug off and fit a UK spec one it will invalidate the warranty so I now have to decide whether to spend another few quid on an adapter or send it back!Edit:It seems UK law says it's illegal to sell an electrical item with a 2-pin plug on it, but as this came from Germany it's OK. Amazon have given me a rebate to cover the cost of an adapter, so I'm now happy. One last thing - it doesn't come with a blade,so you can't use it right out of the box unless you have some already.
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Like many others I'd got the matching drill with two batteries from a certain orange DIY store, so the bare tool made sense to me as it was cheaper than the mains version and you can use a jigsaw for all sorts of things not recommended by the instructions (pruning in the garden, quickly knocking stuff down to size to fit in the boot of the car to take to the skip, home self amputation etc.) It's fair to say it's not quite as powerful at the mains version's I've used in the past and I've not yet had chance to see how long the battery will last in concerted use but as a reasonably powerful and infinately portable device I think I'll probably get more use out of it than I would the version with a wire.It feels very well made.
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First I should point out the saw I received had a defect but not every power tool is perfect. I have a couple of Bosch power tools and they have served me well and never let me down so when I received this and it failed, stopped cutting started and stopped again I was underwhelmed to say the least. But my first impressions were good, it felt right, solid and not too heavy, checked it for alignment, spot on. As I pointed out the jigsaw I received had a flaw hence the four stars but I 'll bet the one you buy will be brilliant. Why did I not buy another one? Well the wife in her wisdom said "why don't you buy a blue one the same as your drill?" I pointed out the "blue" ones were more expensive.She said that's alright.
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Amazing product. Cuts through wood cleanly and evenly and has a great battery life. I bought some long blades and cut through 50mm wood posts. Because it uses a battery that is interchangeable with other tools in the range I can take a spare and get through all the work before I need a recharge. The batteries can also be used on drills, sander, lights, hedge trimmers and a strimmer. The batteries charge pretty quickly too. It seems also to me much safer than a trailing flex whilst cutting.Cordless tools have come a long way. Don't buy the bare tool (without battery) if you haven't got the batteries and charger already. It works out cheaper to buy a full tool initially.


Haven't used it much except for a couple of times sawing 3 pallets to make an outdoor 2 seater..used batteries from another Bosch drill that I bought a few months back..it did the job for me.Despite the dust collector box it still sprays wood dust around so defo need to wear glasses and a mask . taking dust collector and battery off is slightly harder but not once you get the hang of it.Good power tool for its price I think.I bought some sanding paper from another company to fit into velcro but they would come off every now and than..not sure if it's Bosch velcro bottom that Sanding paper sticks to or I need to buy specifically from Bosch.Did it's job so I'm happy.


Having invested in a couple of the Bosch Drill/Drivers in the Power 4 All range I also got the sander and light, all excellent products and the batteries work well. I already had a mains jigsaw but treated myself to this and am not disappointed. There is plenty of power and the cord free element makes it so much easier to work with.I now have an extra battery as well and they seem to last really well even with pretty heavy (but home DIY not industrial) usage.Well done to Bosch, great well made product and range.


I bought a "Power for All" Bosch drill with x2 batteries and a wall charger in the Black Friday deal last year. I soon discovered how useful it would be to have a mouse sander and jigsaw that was also cordless as I have an allotment.This is really handy. Interchangeable batteries, nice ergonomic design, even for small hands, easy to install blades.I kept this item on a wish list and waited for a price drop - it dropped by nearly £15 and I snapped it up. Really glad I did.


The fact that this is cordless is such a help. I have recently started doing my own DIY projects and do these in the garden. As it is cordless I don't have to faff around with extension cables.It does not come with a battery, which under normal circumstances would have been a problem but I also purchased a Bosch cordless drill which comes with 2 batteries. You can interchange the batteries for any of the Bosch products in this range. Sorted!


If there was a press-on which stays on, this would be perfect. But there isn't. It has some sort of safety button: press side, then pull in, and it needs constant pulling. This makes certain types of cuts either very uncomfortable or plain impossible. Other than that it's a nice quality and didn't have problem cutting steel, laminate floor, timber, etc so far. Buy good blades though; the bosch extra clean for hardwood are pretty good.


Arrived in under 36 hours. I have several Bosch Power 4 All tools, so this jigsaw was a no brainer. After using a corded jigsaw for many years, i was sceptical whether it would "Cut the Mustard" against a corded machine. It does......and then some! Typical Bosch build quality, surprisingly quiet, but still very powerful. Very impressed. love Bosch stuff, and this jigsaw didn't disappoint. Excellent tool. Highly recommended.

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