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I bought this for one job only, to help remove the ivy from the walls & roof of my garage/workshop. When I say ivy I mean IVY: about 10 yards long with a wall about 12 feet high, then onto the roof...The thicker limbs were about 3 inches thick, then there's the fact that it's ivy, there was no room to work on most of it, so a reciprocating saw blade with a short throw was essential. Using a handsaw was hard work & frankly impossible from 6 feet up a ladder, at arm's length. For 35 quid the Scorpion looked ideal, which it was. I bought a spare blade, but the original's got loads of life left. Reading the reviews, I think most unfavourable ones are expecting too much, if you want a professional quality reciprocating saw,De Walt will happily separate you from several times the cost of one of these. If you don't want mains power, for site work, again go pro-quality. If you want light weight, my OH has no problem using it, one handed up the ladder, the Scorpion's for you. The biggest weakness appears to be the pin that locates the blade. Following the links that other reviewers have posted took me to a discount spares seller; the pin costs 1.99, the spring & e-clip that locate it cost the same, although they should be reusable...I've ordered them as spares.Just be a bit sympathetic when using it & it'll be fine: if what you really need is a pro-tool or a chainsaw [I've got a couple] get one.Lastly, the only other tools we used on the ivy were a bit of rope & a pair of Draper Expert ratchet loppers with extending handles, both of which were as essential as the Scorpion.
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Now - I only got this today, Saturday morning, just as I started on some weekend garden projects. I was a little wary of the saw's abilities having read all the reviews, but at the price I decided to give it a go - Wow , what a cracking little saw. I started by cutting plastic drainpipe to add a waterbutt offtake. I then began cutting 75 x 40 sawn treated timber to make wall framing underneath a roof extension at the back of my garage, plus cutting lengths of 6" shiplap and 15mm plywood board to box it all in. I ran the saw down the side of a 3" square fence post to trim the edges of overlapping shiplap and the finish is excellent. Can't wait for tomorrow - I will be trimming branches and cutting logs for the fire!!Downside?- Don't expect to use it for cabinet making accuracy and detail, although the cut is very good and will stay with a marked line to an acceptable degree for all general purposes.I can see why people may have had trouble with the blade retaining mechanism being damaged as it looks a little lightweight at first glance. However, if you treat the saw with respect and dont force it beyond the reasonable when cutting , I think it will last a long while. Time will tell but I'm expecting good things.In summary, as an experienced Diy'er with loads of boys toys and decent tools, including Hand and chain saws, I've been pleasantly suprised, and, at this price its a no brainer. Don't force it, as with any tool, and be prepared to find yourself using it on loads of projects - It will be one of your most used favorites
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Probably one of the handiest tools of all time. Sawing can be a pain if the wood is wet or you cant get the right angle to cut or even the room.This makes sawing much more enjoyable which is worth it in itself.It is so handy to cut floorboards or little mdf/ply projects. As long as you angle it correctly you can get great cuts along a sheet of ply with a nice smooth finish smoother than you would by hand sawing.With anything thicker such as a timber frame because of the way it vibrates you can go off on a slight angle. Its recommended to draw lines with a t square etc to guide you for more accurate cuts and follow the lines paying close attention to the tip of the saw blade as if you cut tooclose to the saw itself the blade left poking out tends to wiggle and flap from side to side.This saw has been around for years so buying replacement blades is easy and cheap.The build quality of the saw feels fantastic and solid and the motor doesnt seem like its being overdriven.My only request with it really is if it had more of a jigsaw type smooth cutting motion for more accuracy rather than strict and firm vibrating back and fourth this would help when starting the first cut nice and slow (like a nicer analog trigger would be good).Dont just use this for cutting branches im.sure many handymen would like this especially when you have a lot of jobs to do. It takes the frustration out of sawing
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I read the reviews of a couple of saws and decided to give this one a go.What I wanted was a saw that I could use to cut branches when my husband wasn't around to help and this is brilliant!Yes it is a little bit noisy but not too much and there is some vibration but this is expected and nothing untoward.I tried it out on branches up to 5inches in diameter and it cut through them like a knife through butter - literally!The knack is to let the saw do the work and not put pressure on the blade and then, as the instruction leaflet says, move the saw backwards and forwards whilst cutting as you would a standard saw/blade.You have to push the switch on the top before you can engage and push down the motor switch and if you let the latter go at any time then you have to do the process again,could be annoying to some but a good safety feature as far as I'm concerned.My only gripe is the cable which can get in the way, especially if you are cutting items low down but I got round this by firstly holding it in the same hand that was holding the switch down, but then found it was easier to drape the cord over my shoulder so that it is out of the way. A clip on the back of the saw to fix the cable in would have kept it out of the way. As I didn't want to purchase a petrol saw, which would be the only way to get round this, then it's fine and just be careful!Would recommend this product.
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Had large amount of 2inch x 4inch and 3inch x 3inch pine timber to cut for woodburner. Couldn't face doing it all with handsaw, so bought one of these from b&q as price was very good at £35. Saw came with set of blades, but was concerned that non of blades that came with saw were marked with scorpion logo, plus woodsaw blade was not exact match to photo on box. Although the blade travel is only 10mm on reciprication, the saw has ample power and cutting action though a little slow paced was acceptable. I found that if you pulled saw back and forth a little with very light effort, or rocked the saw slightly it cut much better and faster. I worked my way through load of timber in no time.Very happy with the saw and excellent value for money. Recommend you read instructions carefully to fit blade. Only negative comment is concern that the 3 blades supplied with the saw seem to be equivalents supplied by manufacturer which is China (PRC). I've decided to buy an extra spare black and decker branded wood blade and see if performs better. You get what you pay for so don't expect 'bosch' performance, but great value for money...cuts well if helped as I mention above. Only used it on dry seasoned timber so do not know how it would cope with logs or green timber.
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As someone who is completely inexperienced with using an electric saw (nor having heard of one a week ago) it is an absolute dream. I have recently ripped out some built in furniture from two bedrooms, floor to ceiling, wall to wall think wood. To keep costs down decided to take it to the tip myself in the car. Problem 1, the car is not long enough to hold a floor to ceiling door. Problem 2, I am weak! and the prospect of sawing into smaller pieces an entire garage worths or wood makes my arms ache. Enter the electric saw! This piece of kit arrived on the same day and to my surprise arrived with not one but three blade (just in case i decide i want to expand my repertoire by cutting pipes around the house :/).I have only used the blade for wood but what I can say is that it goes through very easily. It is a simple click lock mechanism to put the blade into place (no need for other tools) and then away you go, press the safety switch and the trigger at the same time and you are sawing through wood, or in my case a giant door. Its made light work of what would have been impossible for me with a handsaw. I can also saw that given the sheer quantity of wood I have cut through, it is built to last.
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On the plus side, it arrived very quickly and the van driver was excellent.The Black & Decker box arrived in good condition.Now, onto the saw and its preperation for use.1. Open box and remove packing.2. Find "instruction booklet" and throw in bin.3. Go on You Tube and search for the product.4. Watch two or three short video's to find one that doesn't ramble on.5. Finally, find a good video and put blade in saw.6. Put goggles on and some strong safety gloves and away you go.The saw itself is OK but I wouldn't try cutting too much hardwood with it. I tried it on some smaller branches and it worked reasonably well but, don't start cutting logs if you're feeling too cold,you could freeze to death waiting to have enough to make a decent fire.I'll keep the saw but, it'll be used for softwoods and cutting pallets down to a size small enough to chop up.Overall, it's OK. I'll let the wife have a play with it, it'll keep her from firing up my 20" chainsaw which she likes but I don't want to see her using it but, that's another story.
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This saw is a wonderful combination of a) excellent return on the money you invest (29 GBP for me) b) multipurpose tool c)reliability.First, delivery was amazingly fast, 1,5 days after the order at UK amazon I got it in Athens, Greece.I tested it with small to medium size pine tree logs, with thin drywall etc. It moves fast yet cutting pine tree logs took some time. Very good when cutting lots of them if you want to save effort by avoiding the handsaw.Also worked fine with the small blade to turn it into a jigsaw. I tried it on the thin drywal trying to make curves. No big test but it worked fine, so no need for extra tool!Easy to handle with one hand.OK for precision cutting when first-shaping your own wood artifacts.Could be better (?): It is certainly not a chainsaw. The 400watt power is good for slow progress cutting if log is big/thick.Caution tip: As it is easy to handle with one hand, be very careful not to get overconfident with it, placing the other hand or other body parts very close to the cutting part.
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My partner bought this but i had to fit the blade because as some people have mentioned the instructions aren't very clear. What should be made absolutely clear in the instructions manual is, the black nub should be in the correct position BEFORE the blade is fitted, it does not make this clear. There are several videos on youtube on how to fit the blade correctly too.Safety wise you really need to be careful using it as there aren't any guards to prevent your fingers from going missing! The trigger switch has somewhat of a safety element to it in that you have to push another switch up before the trigger switch will work. Make sure the blade has room to move back and forth when you turn it on if cutting branches etc or it's likely to buckle and fly off.Usage,its good for branches, wood, upvc cut outs, sheets metal etc but nothing too thick, or the blade really starts to struggle. Overall a useful tool around the home as long as your careful using it.
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Well, I read all the Amazon users review before buying a Scorpion, but it was the only product at a reasonable price which seemed suitable for the job, alterations to a 40 metre long garden fence, so I took the plunge and ordered one from Amazon at the latest price (below £30). In view of all the dire warnings in other reviews, I only used the Scorpion for cuts that were unsuitable for my Jigsaw, but the results were excellent, and I even used it to cut off surplus length from 100mm square gate posts (in situ). As another reviewer pointed out, it's no quicker than a hand saw, but thats not the point - The Scorpion's stroke is only about 10mm, so it can be used in tight corners where a hand saw would be useless.It is also very easy to use, with none of the effort that a handsaw requires, so while the Scorpion is cutting, the user can spend all his (or her) time steering the blade to keep it on line. So buy it with confidence, but use it with care!
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I was a bit unsure if the Scorpion saw would be any good for £40, I needn't have worried.I almost went for a slightly more expensive saw from a different make but that didn't have a safety cut off. Believe me, you need it if the blade kicks and you don't want to risk it, also the other saw could be kept running which is a big no for me.I needed the saw to chop up a tree I'd almost cut down (I gave up and decided to get the Scorpion). It cut really, really well, needing downward force but getting through a tree about 6 inches in diameter without any hassle. Cutting off branches was also a doddle and took no time. You have to make sure the branches don't rattle as this makes the saw ineffective.Also, wear gloves and goggles to be safe!Very easy to put the blades in, lots of safety features, a very nice saw for a crazy low price.Also comes with curve and metal blades. Which is nice.Overall, just love it. Perfect.
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I didn't expect this to be a "professional" power tool and clearly it isnt or pretends to be but its a handy little Saw to have in your workshop and Ive use it loads of times. Its especialy handy where space is limited and what you are cutting is not mobile,like a thick hedge, I trimmed all the branches off with shears and secateurs and then this saw made short work of all the 2" thick trunks. The blades are easily changed too.I blunted the Biggest "wood" blade by over-use, (Stupidly cutting up thick logs, its NOT a chainsaw.)I was able to buy a replacement Balde but it wasnt cheap,(about £15)So my advice is dont abuse it.The others two blades have kept sharp despite the 'metal'blade especialy getting lots of use in my DIY workshop because its much quicker than a hacksaw for say, trimming threaded bar to size in the vice? A good little tool, I wouldn't be without it now. Had it over 18 months, no problems to report.
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I have just read 3 reviews for this saw and I am frankly shocked. I am a plumber and use this saw everyday and I abuse it constantly. It is invaluable for sawing through floorboards starting from nothing and digging its way through quickly and efficiently. I regularly push it to hard so the end becomes hot and discoloured and it still keeps going, I mistakenly cut through nails with the wood saw without to much damage. I buy a new blade monthly after totally wrecking the previous one (my fault not the saws). I have broken the head once which was my own fault for jamming it between two joists and got a new one for less than a tener fitted it easily and back to the abuse.I am just ordering another for a customer who saw me using it today. I put it though its paces and she was so impressed she asked me to get one for her. This is my favourite and most useful tool I wouldnt be without it
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Unfortunately the first one I received was faulty as no matter how hard I tried the blades just wouldn't lock into place, It was returned and a replacement arrived the next day. I couldn't wait to open the box.The blades on the replacement popped in to place in 5 seconds and off I went.I have several overgrown trees in my garden and using a hand saw is very tiring!! This power saw is amazing, it flew through the 4 to 6 inch branches like they were twigs.There can be a bit of vibration but you get used to that.It is quite heavy which can make it difficult if your trying to cut in awkward places.You still have to move the tool as if you are using a hand saw but obviously the mechanism makes it so much easier.It cuts the work time down by more than half!What's not to like?I am so impressed with this power tool, it's like a jigsaw on steroids!!I'm a very happy female customer.
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I bought a house which had been converted to a combi boiler, but all the water tanks and gubbins had been left in the loft space so had to come out via the small hatch. After seeing quotes for hiring a reciprocating saw at £25/day plus blade, buying this at £35 seemed a better bet.I just let the tool find it's own speed for going through the plastic, with as much to-and-fro movement as I could manage wedged between the roof frames. Anyhow, the Scorpion was easy to use and sliced through the plastic tanks and pipes without any hassle. Used in a confined space it was noisy, so I had ear muffs and polycarbonate glasses on.I expect to use it frequently. Mine came with three blades, cunningly hidden in the box!The instructions are OK, no more than that, with minimal advice on which blade for which material.
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