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Wow I love this jigsaw. Does everything a corded jigsaw does. Plenty of power from any XR battery. Feels like a corded jigsaw when you use it. The quick blade change mechanism is good and the quick release lever for the foot plate works well too. A comfortable well balanced jigsaw to use. I am very happy with this and will probably not use the corded jigsaw again. Just did a little run time test on some scrap fire wood to see how long a 5 ah battery would last. Take a look at the picture and this was not a fully charged battery but still managed a few hundred cuts. This bare unit comes with no case,no blades and no battery so you will need to order blades and a battery at the same time if you don't already have them & make room in one of your other cases to keep it shiny & new looking. This works fine on the 1.3ah And 2AH XR slide type battery but has a much shorter run time.
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This is absolutely awesome!! I would not be without this DeWALT jigsaw now. I'm actually actively seeking out things to precision cut (that could sound a bit worrying out of context). Switching blades is a complete breeze - seconds! The power is phenomenal; whether using my backup 2AH DeWALT battery pack, or 4AH one. I recently used it to assist with the demolishment of a huge shed in competition with my brother and his Stihl chainsaw... He was (with slightly green-tinted eyes) very surprised and impressed. I haven't played about too much with the angle options and have mostly been cutting wood (large and small) with minimal straying into the metal-cutting world. In my honest opinion,this is the only other essential tool to have in your grasp after a DeWALT 18V XR LI-ION drill.
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Great quality jigsaw, powerful enough to do pretty much anything.I have a mix of Makita and Dewalt tools, but was open to anything with when choosing a new jigsaw. I reason I went for this over any other, and in particular over the Makita cordless equivalent, was the ability to bevel the base plate and therefore make angled cuts up to 45 degrees. As I do a lot of work with plywood to make shelving units, this means I can make corner joints without making cuts on the table saw.The only feature this doesn't have that I know a lot of people like is a LED to illuminate the blade. Personally I have never found seeing the blade an issue, and would rather have bevelled cuts any day.


Cuts really well and has the usual De Walt build quality. I bought this body only as I have other DeWalt tolls with batteries and charger. Although they all look the same this particular doesn't have the built in light of other models, nor does it have the separate speed control - you control speed of cut with the trigger. I probably would have spent a few pounds more for the the more up to date model to get those features if I had realised, albeit I recognise that this is personal preference. The blower function works really well and clear the dust off your cutting line. I haven't tried the included hoover attachment but it looks like it will work well.


After retiring and soon realising there was going to be no relaxation of the demands on my services I resolved to buy good quality power tools so I could at least get the work done quickly and with less frustration. Gradually upgraded all my tools to DeWalt, just got the multi tool gizmo to get, and boy have I seen the benefits. All my tools are now cable free with 3 batteries powering the lot ... always have a charger in the go! Best tools I have been fortunate to use and I curse now the hours of frustration, to say nothing of the money wasted, battling to do quality work with substandard gear. Best decision I ever made ...


This jigsaw is very comfortable and powerful to use, There is a blower to clear debris and a multi adjustable oscillating lever which greatly improves the speed of cut. Being cordless there is no cable to trail and snag, particularly when cutting round shapes. One feature the unit lacks is a light to illuminate the cut line, but with the debris being blown off, this is a minor gripe. I have always had corded units and I find this jigsaw to be far superior. I power it with 5ah batteries which is more than enough power for any situation. The unit bevels to make angled cuts but I have yet to use this feature.


Performs like a dream. Previously used a cheap corded jigsaw- there is no comparison. Smooth, accurate, easy to control. Even blows the dust away so you can see the cut line. This is very well built. If you use a jigsaw this will do the job for you.Update:One annoying thing is that the lever that releases the tilt keeps releasing itself- forever putting it back. I note that this model has been obsolete in the US for at least 6 years- the brushless version replaced it. Wish I had known that...


Im a big fan of Dewalt products. Quality is not cheap, but these tools are well priced for the obvious quality. I now have a range of their XR cordless tools, ranging from a 14.4v Hammer drill and impact drill, to their 18v Impact wrench, handheld circular saw, workshop radio, grinder and this jigsaw, along with numerous trac11 boxes to keep them in!!This is a well made robust tool that is strong and quick. Plenty of cut options as well. You won't go wrong.


Bought to proceed with various DIY projects. Can't believe I've never had one of these before, everything is like slicing through cheese! Although ear protection is advised it's not as loud as I expected. The blowing action removes all the wood dust from your path leaving an excellent view of where you're cutting. Swapping blades around is so easy even a child could do it. I do not recommend you let them try though.


Always good quality with DeWalt! This cuts surprisingly well and love not having to deal with a cord. I use this at the allotment quite a bit - it has saved my shoulder from all the hand sawing I used to do. Materials are solid, machine is well constructed and blades are easy to change. Bevel function is robust, holds the angle well. Battery has a long life. Very happy with this purchase.


Owning a few dewalt tools this was the natural choice .. 18v battery and your away. Remember you need dewalt blades ( they seemTo be the only ones that stay sharp )Really pleased with the tool with a veritable speed on the trigger it’s just what you need when your working 30ft off the ground like I do most days .. can’t recommend it enough ... how did I manage without it before.


The best jigsaw I have ever bought.I have to say I am very impressed with this saw, very powerful and lovely to use. I have just spent three and a half days building a 8x6' potting shed and used the jigsaw to cut all the 3x2' framing and all the ship lap boarding without a hitch on only two charged 4ah batteries, fantastic. Recommend this saw to anyone.


So i have pretty much every Dewalt 18v power tool and this one is my 2nd jigsaw.The blades are easy to change, quick adjustment of bed for angled cut's. powerful enough to cut solid timber as well great control on shaped cuts. easy to handle over long periods of use. Comes with a plastic protection for metal bed.\this is a great piece of kit.


I love this jigsaw. Used this to refit an entire kitchen, cupboards, floor, worktops etc and it impressed me all the way through so I cannot fault it. Got some fine cut blades to use so I expected a slower performance on each cut but you couldn't tell. The speed and strength of the jigsaw is great and having no cord is also brilliant.


Bought this bare unit to cut my laminate flooring, it did the job great without any damage to the laminate and with the hose from the vacuum cleaner attached there was very little dust, Dewalt did a fantastic with this tool would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing a jigsaw.

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