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Made easy work of cutting long lengths of 18mm board which would have been tiring and time-consuming with a handsaw and possibly less straight/accurate. Also cut 3by2 batons with ease. Loving it, I went in search of jobs and cut down a conifer, easily taking off exterior branches that could have been obstructed and awkward with handsaw strokes. Easy to insert/remove blades. Haven't tried jigsaw blade yet but am looking forward to trying it on my decking project... Minor hand vibration that could be uncomfortable after extended use so would recommend wearing gloves. When blade is running, first contact with wood can be a bit hairy so go easy with the speed or perhaps make a small cut with a handsaw first.Good price for a good piece of kit, although a plastic carry case would have been useful. I'm a very below average DIYer so if I can use it anyone can!
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I read the reviews of the sceptics and debated hard as to whether to buy Bosch. My dilemma was that my brother normally prefers to pay good money for highly rated tools and on this occasion I thought, given some negative reviews, he may have chosen badly. However, it so turns out that he thinks that this saw is the nuts......so I bought one and I would agree. Why?.....because cutting a consistently straight line is what this saw does and that's because of the large blade that it is supplied with. It's a bit slow with hardwood and faster with softwood but the result is fantastic, especially if you don't fancy yourself as a being capable of using a handsaw.Buy it and take advantage of any offers where a saw blade is available at half price!
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Grabbed this in the sale recently. I have some trees that need cutting back and some fencing to do so I thought this would come in handy. So far it's been great but replacement blades are expensive.Sadly I kinda wish I got from homebase as that includes a plastic carry case which would be very handy. This just comes in a cardboard box. There are 3 blades included aswell for metal and plastic. Also this can be used as a jigsaw by adjusting the head.The instructions are also very poor leaving you to guess how to attach blades and convert to jigsaw mode. Overall for the price there is little to complain about. Just loses a star becaus of the lack of carry case and rubbish instructions.


This product is a mid range product so I knew I wasn't going to get outstanding performance or abilities over the widest range of tasks. It's up to most of the jobs, most of the time. That's all I expected, that's also all I needed.It has some good features, such as an easy blade loading system & a squeeze trigger speed control. I'm less impressed by the long term servicability/durability of the blades I've used so far, they wear out quickly & I don't think they're cheap to replace.All in all, it's better than OK, so I don't regret paying what I did for it. If you want state of the art or professional standard - buy something much more expensive!


I bought this with the intention that it would replace a wood saw - effectively doing the same job but with less effort.As such it is ideal. Great for lopping small branches off trees, chopping bits of offcut 2"x4" timber to burn on the fire, and for cutting up my old garage door.Haven't tried to use it as a jigsaw yet, nor have i used the metal blade which is supplied, but i suspect it would do both these jobs equally well.Don't think of it as a power tool, more as an electric handsaw. It's not fast but it's faster than doing it by hand and uses much less effort.All in all a great buy.


I bought this when a chain saw seemed to be OTT and a circular saw would take up too much room. It's great for sawing up logs and other firewood (I doubt I'll use the other 2 blades). As other reviewers have commented, the instructions for fitting the blade were unhelpful and far removed from the diagrams. Plenty of idiots' safety instructions intervened, though, so all is well. Switches could be slightly better positioned for smaller female hands, but that's not a big complaint. Very good value for money... and a friend is now buying one, having used mine!


Having read the other reviews here before purchasing I was prepared to have to take it back.Not a chance of that now. I used it first to install 3 water butts, cutting through pipe like a hot knife through butter. Next was a joist, slow but effortless. Yesterday I was up a tree lopping branches up to 4" thick. It has passed all tests so far.The detractors main beef was about locating the blade properly. I agree the instructions could be better but a little thought and it becomes very simple to do. Once you know the how it is really quick to swap blades.


It enabled me to chop down some 20' conifers at the foot of my garden, and then to chop them some more to take them away to the tip in my car.I had tried tackling the job "by hand" but it was exhausting work and not at all successful.Apparently spare blades are available for this product (unlike some other makes), but my blade is still doing the job wonderfully well.What else can I chop down, or cut?It can be used as an ordinary saw for wood, plastic or metal as well.Money well spent.Thank you Black and Decker!Thank you Argos!


To get the best out off this you need to do a sawing action with it , I bought it for chopping up wood for my fire and with the stand I have It does the job very well but you do get a fair bit off vibration with this so gloves are needed, I also used it to chop up an old piano and it was easy.I have used the jig saw but did not have a work bench or clamps so would advise using them , it is a bit tricky swapping blades as you need a screw driver and instructions not that clear , but would recommend this multi saw .


Purchased the Black ; Decker Scorpion Multifunction Saw - 400W as my previous saw had just broken and needed one to finish off some gardening work I had started. My previous saw I had owned for around 15 years, so I am hoping this one will as last as long. The only negative's I have found so far are there is quite a bit of vibration through the saw and attaching the blades a bit tricky at first, once you have swapped the blades a couple of times it quite easy. Overall very pleased with the saw.


This was bought to take care of a troublesome Bay Tree that had got out-of-control as I really don't trust myself with a chainsaw! It absolutely ripped through stems, branches and a trunk 4" diameter so I was well impressed with the performance but it does vibrate a wee bit on the tougher stuff. My only problem was the non-verbal instruction book regarding the insertion of blades but that was easily solved as there are several videos on-line posted by users showing just how to do this.


This works well at cutting down tree branches and roots. It's the first time I've had a power saw so I don't have anything to compare to. I'm surprised it's still such hard work to saw with .. it all goes quicker, but one has to put in real hard effort to exert downward pressure and fight the vibration. If you can't lean on it properly, that's quickly exhausting. There's no second handgrip.Really, battery would be nice. Plastic trim is already worn.No complaints here. Good name, good tool.


I am a 62 year old lady & find lots of the power tools are too heavy for me to use for any length of time. I have a lot of thick (tree trunk) sized branches of climbing ivy that I am tackling from ground level upwards & was looking for a saw that was suitable for a woman to use. Having done my reviews, this came out on top & I am so pleased I bought it. It is very easy to use, well built for it's size & weight & cuts through thick branches easily & not heavy when using it for long periods.


We had 11 wooden pallets in our yard that needed chopping up and this was the cheapest/fastest option we came across. I like that it has a lock function although I found it a little fiddly I'm still glad it's there so then I know I can't just accidentally press a button and hurt myself, my husband has had no problems with this and uses it with ease. All in all a good little saw that is good for small jobs around the house and I would recommend as it's cheaper than most small electronic saws.


I have to admit that I've not tried very many electric saws, so there may well be better examples out there. I needed one for some gardening work and this had everything I needed costing less than I was expecting. It's comfortable to hold and did everything you would expect a saw to do. I hadn't realised the smaller blade was included in the box as well which was a welcome surprise. Much as I hate reviews that use the words "you will not be disappointed" in this case it's actually true!

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