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At this price, why not? This assumes time is not a premium for you OR the size of the area to be sanded is not huge. Time is not an issue for me, so I bought this tool to renovate an old and quite neglected large area of decking. I am very pleased with it. My decking was in desperate need of TLC, but the majority of the timber boards (NOT grooved type - smooth surface) was structurally sound and so I could sand back to good in all but a few areas where some of the planks need replacing. I recommend firstly using "Green Gone" or similar product to kill the mould, algae, wood fungus and mycelium. No need to power-wash - once the timbers are fully dry, then sand with this machine.You will need a few belts of different grades (easily available and cheap). 40 grit is perhaps a bit too severe, so I used mainly 60 girt and 80 grit to get the wood back to a really nice finish, with the grain visible, without damaging the timber surface too much. Do NOT try and sand wet timbers - it just clogs up the belt and you get no-where. After "opening up" the surface with the sander, I applied a Wood Preservative to penetrate the timbers and provide lasting protection against mould, fungi and algae coming back. This can be applied even if the timbers are a little damp, it still penetrates. I have not yet finished, but intend to finally apply decking oil (2 coats) to the DRY timbers. This will need repeating every year. This machine has restored a great finish to a deck that was being considered for (expensive) replacement at a very low price. It will not need sanding every year, but power-washing followed by re-oiling once fully dry should keep it looking good for a few years.
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Just finished several days solid sanding, sanding through around 60 10ft scaffold boards. This is the first time I've used a belt sander but very impressed with this machine - just keeps going, hour after hour. My only gripe at first was the sanding belts kept spinning off the machine, then I realised what the little spring loaded knob on the side is for - it can be tightened or loosened to move the belt left and right - a bit slow off the mark on that and wasted several belts in the process, but once mastered, this machine did a faultless job - highly recommended.


Great sander for the money. Read lots of reviews that said the belt comes lose within mins. Mine did this too. I noticed the lever for getting the belts on and off was doing anything. The front roller has an adjuster on it for belt alignment. This gets stuck behind the lip on the front roller. Simply back the adjuster of and ha presto the front wheel jumps forward and you can see it sliding back and forth when the belt lever is used. It no longer slipped. Works great and sands very quickly. With 80 grit it rips pine down extremely quickly.


I was apprehensive buying power tools from Amazon, as I'd usually go to Screwfix or Toolstation for stuff like this. Amazon was selling this cheaper than any comparable item at either of the aforementioned tool specialists. And I am super glad I bought it. It's a demon!The one thing I will criticise is the fact that the dust bag only really collects about 70% or so of what is created. So you still turn wherever you are working into a massive dust bowl. But hey, if you don't like dusty, you'd best not even be looking at stuff like this..


I don't normally write reviews but I felt I had to for this. Within 10 minutes of this being delivered it was out of the box and being used, and wow this sander is a beast. I clamped the piece I wanted to sand onto my workmate and took the sander to it, well I ended up having to keep a foot on the workmate's base as the sander was trying to pull it over it has that much power. Like other people have stated the dust collection isn't the greatest but if you aren't expecting some dust to escape perhaps a belt sander isn't for you.


This sander works really really well. It took at least 6 layers of gloss paint off the banisters quite easily. If there was an issue it would be that changing the sandpaper on it is not easy, if you need to change mid job the wheels are extremely hot and as the paper is a tight fit it is a struggle to change it, I had to wait at least an half an hour before i could change it. other than that its a handy piece of kit for the price.


Okay so this died after 4 days of mid level use - But I’m fairly sure it was just one of those things - a solid item , it worked well right up to it stopped and was easy to use comfortable and what you would expect - it is LOUD!! So ear defenders are a must!!! But giving it the 5 as seller happily accepted return of defective one and I’ve ordered the same again as I was happy with its overall performance tbh


We hired one from a local hire shop that kept stopping after about 5minute use, the hire shop told us it was because the room that we were sanding down was so small the sander couldn’t breathe properly that’s why it kept stopping,We used this one yesterday for a good hour in the same room with no problem, I would recommend this sander for great value for money well built and does the job really well


Bought to sand my floor, was worried it wouldn't be up to the job. I have hired floor sanders in the past - this was harder work but the sander got there in the end. Powerful. Cheaper than hiring, and I have a belt sander now for future work. A good investment. The only gripe I have is that the dust collecting mechanism was virtually useless - buy a decent protective mask to complement this device.


This is a great sander and is very well made. I purchased it to renovate my 35sg.metre deck that has been dowm some 15 years and was in need of some extreme TLC. It took about 8 hours, spread over 3 days, and 4 course belts and the end result is far better than I expected. The "Sander" itself looks as good as new.Great value for money.


Bought this as replacement for budget sander that is wearing out. Ok, does the job, takes 75x533 belts, replacement catch needed screwdriver to lever it out but no problem, vac bag a bit snaggy to fit, but relieved to have one since the old sander one was lost. Cheap and effective since it’s not worth paying more for such a machine.


I haven't had occasion to use this item yet but it appears to be of sturdy construction and should do everything I will call on it to do. I gave only 4 *'s because the instructions that came with it was in every language but English howwever, an emal to the UK distributor resulted in an English version to be provided.


Seems to do the job, the only problem I have found is that the dust bag plastic connection is not well made or designed, so had to snap it a bit! to get the dust bag off. I'd does collect dust rather well which is good. It's quite heavy and seems well made.


Got it to make some fence posts suitable to legs for my rough and ready work bench. As you can see from the pic it did a grand job. Easy belt change. Good dust extraction and collection. Can't wait to find another job to use it for.


Excellent sander. Works very well for removing varnish and paint. So far been used for sanding chests of drawers for up cycling. Intend to use for sanding floorboards next. It is powerful and you need to work carefully with it.

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