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I bought this planer specifically to take a couple of millimetres off the edge of one of a pair of patio doors that I'd had made in Idigbo and which had swollen slightly over the winter. I've not used an electric planer before and my impression of the Einhell was of a good solid piece of equipment with a generous length of cable.Starting gingerly at first, with the dial set to 0.25 mm I soon realised that there's no need to be ultra-cautious. I planed the door edge in-situ and it took me probably 10-15 minutes to achieve the result I needed; a pair of doors that now meet perfectly without binding. The dust bag seemed very efficient in retaining the sawdust, so there was very little mess.With my limited woodworking aptitude,I'll probably never use the tool to its full potential, but I can see it being useful now and then and, who knows, it may encourage me to address the overdue task of replacing a few internal doors.
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Never heard of Einhell before, I always tend to go for more well known brands. It looked good for the price so took a chance and bought it. So pleased I did, works great. Build quality is very good, the motor sounds smooth and eats thru wood with no trouble. Does a nice clean job as well.Cuts from 0.1mm to 3mm in depth in one pass.Comes with the rebate cutter attachment as seen in the video, cuts down to about 2.5cm with multiple passes.Has spare cutting blades which is brilliant, saves the trouble of buying new in years to come.Spare drive belt which again is brilliant, the reason I bought a new planer is because I couldn't get a new drive belt for my old Black and Decker planer.Left or rightsided dust bag which is a bit of a gimmick to me but if you're planing in a tight spot could be handy.Safety button for turning it on.Have used the planer on several jobs up to now and had no problems, very pleased with it.
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This is the beast that now lives in my cellar. I was struggling to sort out our doors until I got this and did the job in minutes. I got it on an Amazon warehouse deal so it was not new and in fact was broken (snapped belt and worn blades with no spares). I am glad I fixed rather than returned it as I now have a fully functional, quality planer that eats through wood voraciously while leaving an excellent smooth finish. Its definitely a step up from standard DIY tools but maybe not quite as good as professional gear (don't let that nice silver finish fool you, its just well done plastic).It will generate a huge mess so its best used with a vacuum or bag attached. NB its definitely worth using ear defenders,particularly when hooked up to another noisy tool like a vacuum.
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I bought this to use on rebuilding a wooden yacht. The tool has performed effortlessly, planing 38mm Mahogany to 25mm with no fuss or hassle. It comes with spare blades and a number of tools neatly concealed in the body of the planer. You can also edge planks and wood using the front edge grooves on the soleplate. The dust bag is quite useful and it has a hoover duct. There is also a steel guide for planing bevels: very useful when you are replanking a boat. this has put up with a lot of hard work and is well worth the money.


This works really well was bought to clean up some old bits of wood from broken pallets that i got from work. Saved a hell of a lot of time a few quick pass throughs and its all clean like it just came from a timber firm the build quality is quite good. My only complaint is that the power cord is too short should be longer all the haters writing bad reviews must have clearly expected a lot more from it. I mean what do you expect its not a £200 power tool its a cheap budget one that does job its ment to do.


Great Quality, Feel, Ergonomics and Performance, low cost Power Plane.I was going to buy a more expensive manual Block Plane, for a specific job, but saw this and bought it, instead.I am not disappointed, this is a great tool to use.Just be aware of the maximum planing width of the blade, but adequate up to 2 inch width wood.Another gem in the Tool collection, thanks.


For the price this is excellent value for money. I am in the midst of a house renovation with alot of wood to refurbish. So far this machine has performed faultlessly. Its easy to adjust and quite light. There are a few planers around this price band, Bosch being one of the most well known. I bought this one on the basis of all the excellent reviews I saw on Amazon.


This product is well constructed and does what it says on the description. The Planer is well put together and is easy to use. The unit is heavy enough to use efficiently and effectively. It is well worth the money. However, it is a pity that it did not come with a carrying case. The planed surface is extremely smooth.


Well made and works well, handy having the option of the bag either side, sturdy piece of kit and handy with the spare blade too, only thing it could of done with was a box , but for the price what do you expect.


Works really well bought for my hubby as the shed we bought the doors were a bit bigSo now the doors shut, my hubby is really pleased with it :-)


instructions wasn't very clear. would recommend to others as product is good. just needs to be clearer on instructions.


I've found einhell always to be reliable! the only downside is that parts can be hard to get a hold of for easy fixes


GREAT MACHINE easily gives the big names a run for the money well put together and leaves a supper smooth finish


very pleased with the planer arrived on time & have used it a few times already & it does the job perfectly


Easy to use very reliable brand and fantastic outcome after use just as good as more expensive ones.

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