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The majority of my tools in terms of pliers ect are Knipex this is purely down to watching a lot of reviews going on about how these German tools are bar far better than any other brand buy once cry once type deal and i feel that i have got enough Knipex tools to have a solid opinion now. They are very good quality tools mainly the cobras and the side cutters but every single tool i have received had to be sent back for a replacement due to manufacturing defects or jaws not aligned up correctly,basically i was expecting a higher standard tool and eventually after replacements i finally got the flawless tool what you would expect from a high quality tool brand but there quality control really needs looking at.Any way my locking pliers of choice was the KNIPEX Grip Pliers (250 mm) 41 14 250 and after 2 replacements i finally got a flawless looking pair with a perfect grind and jaws that lined up perfect but every pair including the pair i kept the adjusting screw was awful there was chunks of thread missing and it made the screw bind up i sorted this by running a tap down the threads. They sat in my box waiting to be used, then came that time on a stubborn suspension strut which kept spinning so this was the perfect time to use these to get the strut nut off so i ground some flats into the strut clamped on the pliers and got the impact on the nut it came straight off but the pliers did not grip tightly enough and it allowed the strut to spin and as you can see from the pictures it destroyed the teeth so just to check it was not user error i got my old Irwin vise grips and clamped them on the strut put the nut back on and tightened it with the impact and they did not budge no damage at all. So i sent the Knipex back which amazon was great and refunded me straight away so now i was looking at getting another pair of locking pliers so i went back to my trusted Irwin brand and bought these 10CR's and all i can say is WOW they are beautiful there is no manufacturing defect at all the lead screw threads are perfect and they feel solid. The amount of engineering that has gone into making these grips is amazing, the one hand unlock operation works flawlessly and the sliding bottom jaw really allows them to grip on tight the teeth are not as fine as the Knipex but i think that this will give me more longevity before they wear out. There really is a lot of details in these even down to the little rubber part to make it more comfortable on your finger when you are unlocking them, also the textured slits into the metal feel really good and help in gripping them hard to lock onto the bolt and even down to the way the lead screw seats onto the solid thick bar to lock the pliers is perfect. There is very little to no play in the jaws and the thumb screw is easy to grip and turn and you can also tighten even more using a 5mm hex key. The branding on the tool are nice but they are made in China however i can compare these to the made in Germany top brand and i will pick these Irwin's every time. I am a very hard person to please when it comes to my tools and honestly these have took me by surprise by how over built they are. Only time will tell if they last but i can tell you one thing they will last longer then the Knipex pair did, if i have any issues with these i will update my review but what i have used them for up to now they have performed without fault this is how my Knipex tools should make me feel.Back to these Irwin's when it comes to locking pliers they cannot be beat that's a fact buy these!
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These are great quality for the price. The grip is pretty amazing and are easy to lock very tight, they also have a 5mm hex in the tightening screw if you need to add a bit of extra grip.They also came flat packed so they fitted through my letter box.If you clamp with just the tips of the jaws they only leave some minor grip marks on the part you're gripping, nothing to bad though, so I am going to also try and find some with a smooth flat grip nose to add to my tool box.


Love my irwins ?? bought all the fast release models to complment my collection, no regrets at all, nice size not to thick, plus it only has the rubber on the release mech, a major bonus, and the curved jaws are just the job,All i can say after 40yrs in the motor trade is buy some, look after them and they will prob outlast you!


After using these for over a year they have stood the test of time and have not wore out at all unlike the cheaper brands or even snap on grips I am a hgv mechanic so these tools get used everyday and they are really good tools to work with. Irwin is the go to brand for vice grips and if I need any more will definetly buy again.


Bought these after struggling unsuccessfully with some ordinary pliers to remove a shower fitting that was stuck. These pliers solved the problem in about 5 seconds! Brilliant!


These are great.Just like the originals from the 1970's but without the skin pinching release clip.Tough as old boots and as strong as you are.Great.


This par of locking pliers is well built and well engineered. It will do the job perfectly. Highly recommend it.


This is really well made, with a comfortable grip and a useful allen key mechanism for tightening the pliers.


Here's the thingThey didn't send me the one I wanted. What they did send me though, was far far better.


Great product. Does what it should, rubberised grips make huge difference.
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