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This is a fantastic action camera for the price; and in my opinion, the best out of all of the "cheapo" GoPro clones out there.In essence, this is a hybrid between the Xiaomi YI and the SJ S5000+ WiFi. I'll split the review up into build quality, video quality, battery life, accessories, other features, and conclusion. I am not being paid to review this product - this was bought as an experiment of sorts.In terms of build quality, this device is "plastic fantastic". It feels relatively cheap in terms of materials,but at the same time it is light and feels very solid. These materials are clearly assembled in a good manner, with no rattles or give in the device. The same can be said about the accesories - the waterproof case feels as well as the other mounting kit feels very sturdy, and is certainly waterproof. There is no vignetting from the waterproof case.As far as video quality goes, this was an incredibly impressive device. With a high quality 170 degree lens, you achieve that same "fish eye" effect that can be seen in GoPro footage and extreme wide angle lenses. It records in 1920x1080 in up to 60FPS for smooth, detailed recordings, and this can be slowed down by half to achieve a still silky smooth slow motion effect. You can also record in 1280x720 at 120FPS, but the detail does drop off. At 1280x720 at 120FPS, you can slow the video down four times to achieve an ultra slow motion effect.In terms of actual quality of recording, it is good to great. Images are sharp, but in some darker situations, the image becomes noticeably softer. Colours are a great point of this camera, they are incredibly accurate, and unlike the SJ5000+ they are not colder than they should be. Contrast is also very good, if not slightly too intense. Overall, in many situations the video quality is comparable to a GoPro Hero 3+ Black or Silver, and definitely outclasses the likes of the GoPro Hero 3+ White and the GoPro Hero, all of which are more expensive.Battery life is a definite strong point of this camera, as it comes with a replaceable 1200mAh battery. In my tests, a full charge lasted around 1 hour and 45 minutes while recording in 1920x1080 60FPS, and likely longer in other, less demanding recording settings. The screen turns off automatically after a minute or so of recording, so that isn't a huge battery drainer. The battery life of this camera definitely outclasses both the Xiaomi YI and the SJ5000+, and matches that of more expensive GoPros. The only small issue I had with the product is the fact that it didn't come with an external battery charger, and although you can buy other separate spare batteries, these must be charged within the device itself through Micro USB.A great feature of this camera package is that, unlike with the Xiaomi YI and more like the SJ5000+, it comes with a wide variety of accesories that are incredibly useful. Here is a comprehensive list. 2 Adhesive pads, 1 helmet mount, 1 IR Remote, 1 suction cup for use on dashboards or skis etc, 1 handlebar/pole mount, Waterproof housing and another mount that is attached to a strap. This is far more than comes with the Xiaomi YI, which is only £10 cheaper and does not include an LCD screen. These accessories are also interchangeable with GoPro accessories, unlike with the Xiaomi. Overall, this device matches the SJCam lineup in terms of accessories out of the box, and was indeed very impressive.There are two awesome features that are included within this camera - a 2" LCD screen and WiFi capability. The screen is an awesome addition for finding a great composition before recording - and this definitely felt like it was missing on the Xiaomi YI regardless of its WiFi capabilities. The menus are easy to navigate and are very comprehensive, and the satisfying tactility of the 8030w's buttons makes it almost satisfying to change settings. The WiFi is another great feature, and uses the same communication hardware as the SJ5000+, and thus the apps can be used between devices. With the Denver Action Cam 2 app on Android, the lag was near non existent (though this is dependent on your specific Android device), and it made it easy to view and download files. However, it didn't feel needed with the existence of the LCD screen. Still a nifty feature for showing friends a view through the camera and for changing settings when the camera is, for example, mounted to a helmet and is thus inaccessible. The camera also comes with an IR remote in which similarly to with a GoPro, you can use to record and take images remotely. This comes in the format of a wrist band.In conclusion, this is a fantastic little camera for a mindbogglingly low price. The price to performance ratio here is stellar, and to me, this feels like a perfect mix of the Xiaomi YI camera and the SJ5000+. It has the convenience of WiFi and a 2" LCD screen, as well as a variety of accessories out of the box and great quality 60FPS 1920x1080 video quality.If your on a whim and considering buying this, GO FOR IT. You won't be disappointed.
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if you don't have money fro GoPro and want to buy great quality action cam go this one had bought other cheaper brand written 4k but give just fine quality video.so without hesitation take it. you won't regret.


Great camera only fault i found is that it turned on when tv remote was used so had flat battery when came to use. Have moved it from tv room no issues now.
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