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The camera is tiny and thats a big plus, but also the only plus on this camera.The pictures it take is extremely blurry, even my Kodak DC50 (one of the first digital consumer cameras from 1996ish) is way sharper. The resolution might be high, but it doesn't help when the image is so blurry... Even tried placing the camera on the table to make sure it wasn't shaking, didn't help.The video is decent but again very blurry and there is absolutely NO anti-shake in the camera and you notice every little bump.The camera is also quite poor going from dark to light areas and vice versa.Worst of all was that when the camera was standing on the table, the image should be straight, but it was 19 degress OFF, which is quite annoying when you can't aim the camera straight, might just be a fault in the sample I got and I didn't include this when giving stars to this camera.I can NOT recommend this camera, not even for a toy.
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