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This neckband headset sound quality is amazing with 10 hours battery life which can be longer depending on use. Magnetic earphones give a classy appearance and dangle like a necklace when not in use. But there were two things I did not like about it. First, the earbuds come off easily and you can lose them effortlessly which is a pain as it only comes in a single pair of small, medium and large sizes. This is obviously important in using the headset and in enjoying the crisp sound and perfect bass it produced.Secondly, the MicroUSB charging port is covered with a rubber flap which looks good but flimsy as after 3 months of normal charging use, the rubber flap and the plastic frame around it comes off leaving it no longer wet proof from sweat or liquid. Given the price tag of £219.95, it is too pricey to be losing those earbuds easily which renders the headset unusable without them. Perhaps they could have made something that could sustain normal bumps or squeezes without easily detaching itself. The other features of this headset deserve a thumbs up but those flaws I mentioned are truly disappointing. KEF and Porsche collaboration sounds brill, but hopefully an upgraded version of this model deserves their attention.
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Having problems with the right end of the ear piece. There is a problem when it is connected and no sound goes through if not tilted at a certain angle. When I contacted Porsche Design on the issue, I did not receive any response. The left side works perfectly.


The design looks fantastic, however, the quality of the sound is just okay. The worst part is that the volume of the sound is too loud, even when I turn it down to the minimal. The loud sound hearts my ears so badly!!!!
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