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Got these on a Black Friday deal for half the price - I do love them, but wouldn't spend over £100 for the set!Been using them regularly for a while, and the only one has started to lose its colour - thanks to me hammering it in as a shim to prise apart a hub to release a shock absorber. Really tough finish, and much better than I was expecting. Dropped plenty, and never chipped. The roll-up case is very nice too.Only downside is the silent ratchet. I have found it a bit confusing a couple of times, but no biggie really. The actual ratchet is very strong and has busted open nuts done up at well over 50NM. I do wish there was an 11mm and 20mm, but we can't have them all, apparently.Recommended,but probably only if you see them on sale.
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Been watching these for a while and jumped when these were on the Daily Deal offer. Appear well made as you would expect with Bosch Professional, nice black finish with laser engraving. 10 spanners covering the most common sizes you need with a sturdy canvas storage case. These are gearless or toothless ratchets (however you want to describe them). There is no minimum clearance space required for them to work they can ratchet in less than 1 degree so you can work in the tightest of spaces, also as there are no toothed gears these are silent in operation with no clicking noises unlike normal ratchet spanners.Time will tell regarding how durable they are but very happy with them at the moment for the price paid.
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I love this set of spanners! Well presented, look beautiful, feel great in hand and very effective in use.The ratchet is an awesome design, hardly larger than an ordinary ring spanner, and very smooth in use. I don't think I'd push the ratchet super-hard though - hard tightening and initial loosening is the work of the fixed end for me.Cosmetically, they are beautiful, but I suspect a few years of work and the finish won't quite be the same. They look so good it's almost a shame to use them! The roll case is made of hard wearing nylon, and stores them well and also provides easy access.I got them at a good price on an amazon deal, so I'm very happy. Easy kit to recommend.


The spanner set seems fine. Not sure about the price, I purchased for £66.99 this is cheaper then advertised but seems a lot to me for a set of spanner’s. The sturdiness and durability of these can only be assessed following some time in use so cant really comment. The item arrived in a faulty bag as seen in the picture. The logo ‘BOSCH’ stitching is unraveling and therefore the item can not be considered, ‘of satisfactory quality’ and was not in an as new condition and was therefore ‘not as described’. Amazon Manager was dreadful after I sent in three images showing the fault, he assessed these and claimed he could not see any fault. Returned for replacement.The


I am very pleased with these spanners. I needed a decent set to go in my new toolbox and in the past I have always bought cheap ones up until now. They feel really weighty and the ratchet system is of very high quality design. They are made from chromium so are very durable and should not brake under tough application. The size is clearly visible on each spanner. There is a small arrow telling you which way the ratchet system releases which is handy when working with them.They are not cheap but 100% recommended from my perspective.


I'm really impressed with these. They really look the part but more importantly they are really good quality. I was worried about two things; how much torque you could apply to the ratchet end and how durable the finish is but I'm delighted to report that I've given them a good a good go and they seem really robust. I love the silky smooth (no clicking) mechanism for the ratchet and the minuscule angle that it locks at for working in tight spaces. Everyone should have these in their kit. Delighted with them.


Well worth the price, wasn't too sold on the matt black design initially thinking it would look tired soon but holding up well.I initially wanted a C shape but glad I opted for the ratchet combo, as others have mentioned it is silent, but not a a great concern once you have got used to them.Should hold their resale value well too.I use them for house DIY and basic car maintenance and they are perfect. Hoping they will last forever and a day, not being used for industrial uses.


Bought 2 of these on their own (8mm and 10mm) just as a go to couple in an easy access part of my tool box. Really impressed with both although the ratchet on the 10mm one seems slightly stiffer, so could be a possible quality control issue not sure. They work fine though, but the lack of the ratchet clicks as some others have said is slightly weird and unsatisfying, but at the same time it could be useful in tight places if you need a finer ratchet mechanism.


Oooh I’m in love, these are almost tooooo good to use, black spanner’s with red ratchet inlay in a black tool roll with a drizzle of Bosch written in red if Nigella did sexy spanner’s then these would be them, they are gorgeous lol.Fantastic, great quality. Not cheap.They are so nice I have only used the 10mm on a battery, immediately wiped and put back in the roll.The ratchets are beautifully smooth... ok you get the picture, yes they are great.


Seriously robust build, the ratchet action on these is super smooth and you don’t have to move in reverse to find the next tooth when ratcheting.It does have a silent action which some people may find off putting but if you have basic motor function and use of your senses you will see which way to turn and feel tension.The blue hint on black body looks kind of cool too.I’d wait until a sale to buy these as they’re regularly going up for £60 ish


Seems like a good quality set, though I wouldn’t say I’ve put it through it’s paces yet. Would reiterate what others have said, the ratchet end is impressive and very smooth. (The ratcheting mechanism is undetectable) Not sure how it works but it seems to bite instantly which allows for micro movements, so will be handy in tight spots. Really like the Matt black coating with the red; looks quality.


Only used them for a week now, but I’m very happy with the quality. Only down side to them is the ratchet mechanism is silent, so keep this in mind when you’re deciding to buy them. For me this is not an issue.They are great quality, very nice looking, very sturdy and seem to be very durable. They come in a nice case that offers great protection for scratches.Very happy with the purchase


I've had loads of spanners over the years of many different makes from the cheap to the top end. Ordered one of these for a specific job and it is spot on.The ratchet is smooth and the grip from the open end is perfect with no flex or slip.It feels like a quality item so I am hoping to be able to edit this to include durability, early days.I will be ordering more/complete set of these.


A really nicely made ratcheting combination spanner indeed. The ratcheting action is very fine and precise. The spanner is beautifully finished. I bought it to adjust the Ohlins forks on a 2017 Ducati Supersport S, which it fits perfectly and permits adjustment without scoring the blue anodised finish on the preload adjusters. I'm very happy with my purchase of this spanner.


Amazing spanner set.I typically use adjustables in my trade, however a set of proper spanners are always great to have. The ratchet mechanism is brilliant and I'd love to see how it works! (Silent no ratcheting sound like a one way gear).As others have stated I doubt the black coating would last long however I use standard spanners so seldom it probably will for me.

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