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As usual with my reviews there is a short and long version....SHORT VERSIONPros- Heavy(ish)- Well designed, built and finished- A lot of thought has been put into the saw such as easy attachment of all accessories under the table etc- Straight (90 degree) blade and fence fresh from the box no need to faff around with it- Fence locks at both front and rear so no flex at the back plus fence has some weight to it and is strong- Easy (no screws) insert plate- Extendable table for sheet goods is really nice and works superbly- 3 year warranty- A well written instruction manual with very detailed info as opposed to a one sheet "Chringrish" instruction page- Carry handles on both front and rear ofsaw for easy carrying- Easy to use controls with big off button- Smaller shop vac (normal vacuum sized) adaptor included for dust collection also has a bigger port for workshop dust extractors (dual ports)- Soft Start- Pretty quiet (it's still going to be loud it is a table saw after all but it's not bad)- No vibration- Cuts cleanly and leaves a very exceptable finish- Big... sounds silly but a lot bigger in the flesh than I imaginedCons- Heavy (ok this is a pro for me but for people hoofing it about with them it is pretty heavy but not overly so and is well balanced with the handles)- Mitre gauge / fence is very sloppy (a lot of play) already threw mine away- Expensive (this is a hard one.... for what you get it's not expensive and compared to the Dewalts of similar spec it's a bargain but for the hobbyist albeit a serious hobbyist like me it's pricey)My old saw died quite a spectacular death a few days ago so needed a new saw. I didn't have a big budget given it was a unexpected expense.I have spent the last few days studying all the different saws within my budget and even though this Bosch model was at the very high end of what I had available I decided to go for it once I saw it in the flesh as it where (bought it from a local supplier as needed it in a hurry and also considerably cheaper than any Amazon price). Now in fairness anything I say about this Bosch is compared to a £100 Chinese made saw but as a rule I am normally a Makita tool fan so I know a well put together and finished tool when I see one.First thing that struck me was just how heavy it was which I was pleased about as it's for a workshop rather than a site table saw. For anyone carrying it considering distances it might be a struggle but in and out of a van should be grand and the handles are well placed with two on both the front and rear of the unit. The coating / finish on the actual table of the saw feels really nice to the touch and you just know it's been well designed and built. I brought a engineer's square with me to test if the blade, table and fence were all square before buying (I was also testing other saws in the shop too) and they all passed the square test perfectly. The fence I was very impressed with because it locks both at the front and rear rather than just at the front like cheaper saws. Anyone who has ever used a table saw knows the mitre fence that comes with saws are total junk and I am sad to report the Bosch is the same the mitre fence was really sloppy but definitely not as bad as cheaper Chinese saws but still no where near what's needed for accuracy... never mind I have more table saw sleds than I can shake a stick at anyways and will never use the mitre fence even if it was perfect.All the tools (auxiliary fence, mitre fence, fence, push stick, vacuum reducer / adaptor etc) all fit onto strong holders on the underside of the saw which really is very clever. The sliding extension on the table is really nice for ripping down sheet goods. The main fence and blade were square and true straight out of the box and the fence has several points where you can adjust it to get it perfect but mine was excellent from the get go. Saw has soft start which is nice so no nasty bang / thump on start up which helps calm the nerves of the user but also prolongs the life of the motor and electronics within the saw. The saw is a lot quieter than what I am used to so not sure if it's quiet or if my old saw was super loud? There is no vibration that I could detect when using the saw but I have it on a very rigid custom made stand which probably helps but the overall heavy weight of the saw probably helps limit vibration too. Controls are simple and easy to use and the off button is large and easy to hit with a knee or hand.The manual for my old Chinese saw was about three pages with very poor English where as the manual for the Bosch has about 40 diagrams and pages and pages of information.... maybe not for everyone and I didn't bother reading much of it as the saw was pretty much good to go straight out of the box.I don't have a lot of money for power tools as I am just a hobby woodworker but do spent about 30 hours a week in the workshop so quite serious about it and normally with big power tool purchases I always feel a pang of buyers remorse and I was feeling it with this saw on the drive home from the shop but as soon as I got it out of the box that all went away I knew immediately it was worth the money.Apart from the sloppy mitre fence which I knew was going to be ropey before even looking at the saw this really is one superb saw. Delighted with my purchase.
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I wanted this saw for a long, long time and I eventually bought it at a good price. I have used it quite a lot over the last few weeks and it was a great buy. I can do things now that I simply couldn't do with any accuracy before. It's my go-to saw, almost entirely replacing my sliding compound mitre saw after making a few jigs for it.That is key, I think... taking the time to make a few jigs to help with cross cuts and mitre cuts, even bevel cuts... that will make this table saw much more productive for you. I replaced the standard blade first with a 80 teeth Freud and now with a 80 teeth Saxton - I actually prefer that. Blade changing is easy.Let's assume in terms of sawing it does everything you need and I'll concentrate on the negatives I've noted (as an amateur)...1) weight... if you are moving it around, like me, then you'll despair at how much it weighs. If you have it firmly located in one place then you won't care.2) the mitre gauge... is pretty crap, and wobbles... seems a simple thing, right? Bosch can do much better here. It is all their hardware - what would be difficult about making the mitre gauge fit tightly into its slot with no play? I don't rank this grumble highly because it's likely you'll go and build a cross-cut mitre sled anyway.3) the mitre slots... why, oh why, oh why oh why aren't they a standard size? This is the biggest frustration and it means none of the things you want to purchase to help with sleds or featherboards etc. will fit in from the start. This is the biggest frustration by far... I really cannot understand it. Why these aren't standard is beyond me.4) the fence... I think it's perfectly OK for my needs... but it is supposed to be guaranteed to lock in place parallel to the blade (some fancy dual-lock system)... however, I'm not sure that claim is guaranteed itself... I am pretty sure there are times when it's been out, and it needed a quick tap, or a reset, to get it fully parallel. I would be happier if I had absolute confidence in this aspect.Would I buy it again? Yes, I think I would... but my head might also be turned by a table saw that is more standard in mitre slot sizes... that single thing brings this saw down from 5 stars to 4 stars... the other gripes are noise level.
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I could not make my mind up between this saw and the larger 10XC saw. As soon as I lifted it onto the stand I knew this was the right saw for me. At 67 it was as much as I wanted to lift and took very little storage space. I used to be a joiner and only have a small garage to work from. I used several of my own blades and carried out some experiments.The saw ripped 50mm with no trouble at all. The cut was dead square. Markers on the fence were spot on with adjustment on all pointers if required. The fence was perfectly parrallel with the table and every part stored easily. My Vax vacuum cleared nearly all the saw dust leaving clean air around me.The cross cut guide has a very small amount of play but I'm talking of fractions of a millimetre. If I had loads of work to do then I would have paid the extra for the 10 XC. For me, this saw is spot on, can't fault it. Well done Bosch.Read full review...
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I liked this saw as it feels so well built compared to less expensive alternatives and even though i only use for DIY, i think this is important for a potentially dangerous tool. The parts all pack away cleverly and it is easily stored. The guide fence is solid when clamped and slides smoothly when not. The aluminium table feels quality and cast and is not just sheet metal like cheaper saws. The standard blade cuts very cleanly through solid wood and veneered board. I only leave off one star as i believve it is not quite as good as the DeWalt dw745 because of the rack and pinion fence guide. If i was using all day on site i feel i would keep needing to make quick checks to ensure the fence was in perfect line where the DeWalt rack and pinion feels more trustworthy.But i got this at £100 cheaper than the Dewalt (Not on Amazon,Sorry this time lads!!)so for my usage it was definitely a good buy.
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Firstly, this is a great saw. No doubt about it. It's very easy to set up, it's simple to adjust and the fence is excellent. It's very well made and everything runs lovely and square making it very ease to build and set up jigs and sleds.There are 2 things that let this saw down though:1) the T slots - the supplied mitre gauge is dreadful (this is expected for a saw in this price bracket) however the t slots aren't a standard size so buying an alternative mitre gauge is difficult.2) dust collection - granted, this is a job site table saw and so dust collection probably isn't a priority for most but I was shocked at how much dust collected under and around the unit even with an extractor runningoff the dust port.All this being said I'm very happy with my purchase and would still recommend it to the serious hobbyist woodworker/DIYer.
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I did a lot of research before buying this Bosch portable table saw as I needed to be able to carry it around and equally store it in a confined space. Brilliantly designed, with all the features needed for the DIY or professional jobber. Stores under my workbench nicely and is easy to set up and move.One great feature is the extending table to allow wider cuts, equally the measuring scales are very accurate even when using the extended table.My criteria is that the saw needed to rip through 75mm timber - no problem as this one has a max cut of 79mm at 90 degrees. Mitre cuts are equally no problem with tilting blade.Quality is excellent and I'm happy to say that the saw will last me alifetime.
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Purchased this about a year ago and used heavily. I've found it to be a great Site Bench Saw. It's plenty accurate enough. rips through timber and crosscuts smoothly with very little tear out. I bought a fine tooth cross cut blade as well which gives very clean cuts. The up/down mechanism is kept clear by using a good vacuum to keep dust out of the mechanism, it's also good practice to keep dust to a minimum anyway. The attachments are all still in good order. A robust, well designed saw for home DIY and worksites whatever is required.


Super parallel locking fence and depth of cut are strong points for this highly portable and accurate saw..The dust extraction works well with the supplied adaptor which fits a standard shop /domestic vac hose..The mitre slots are non standard so 3rd party accessories will not fit. For the vast majority of tasks this will not be a problem..This design has been very well thought out and like most Bosch products, the build quality cannot be faulted.Excellent value for money and should last for years.


There are better mobile tables out there, but only for a lot more money.As an occasional user I'm well satisfied with this compromise.Some bits are a bit plastic, probably not best option for the professional everyday user, but a lot better than the budget machines.Fitted mine on a DeWalt DE7400 Heavy Duty folding wheeled stand (had to drill 2 extra holes). Now its Easy to move even on uneven surfaces, fits through a standard doorway and folds upright against a wall for storage.


I have only had this saw since early February this year, but so far I am very happy with it. The build quality is .....well, quality!, and feels good and solid. The fence I am chuffed with as it holds steady throughout. The only niggle I have is that the runner on the mitre sled does seem too narrow for the groove and can move a little, I think I can fix that though. Overall, I am pleased with the saw and although I was concerned about spending nearly £400, I am glad now I did.


Had the GTS10J for a while now and found it very good.The make up of it is very robust and just ab out the right weight for lugging about.I all so purchase a set of the folding legs to go with the saw and these are what makes this great.If at the time of purchase I had enough funds I think I would have gone for the next one up with the sliding table but this does not detract from the GTS10J being just right for the job.At the price it is a good buy


Although quite expensive for just a saw table this was money very well spent .It was relatively easy to assembly and although quite heavy, is relatively portable. Once fully assembled it is a dream to operate. Accuracy of cut is first rate as is the cleanness of the cut (minimal splintering, for example, when cutting plywood).Whilst this is most likely an item for the professional, it is a pleasure to own and use as a DIY enthusiast.


For the money paid I would expect the mitre slots to be more accurate. Also when I unpacked the table blade insert was damaged. I didn't want to send the whole machine back to Amazon as is there policy for damaged goods. Which is a good policy. Contacted Bosch professional customer service explained didn't want to send the whole machine back, they sent me a replacement table insert. Good service from Bosch.


From the picture it looks like lightweight and small portable saw. In fact, it is not small and also not lightweight. It takes some power to move it around my shop. But it is stable and thanks to steel tube frame, very rigid. Motor is loud but really powerful. I bought another 48 teeth saw blade with excellent results. Overall, I am very pleased with this saw.


As a retired office worker looking for a hobby, I bought this saw to make cutting and mitering easier. I found the saw easy to use (after watching demo on youtube, which I strongly advise amateurs to do) and as it's practically ready to go out of the box, its a dawdle. I woild have given it 5 stars but the mitre gadget is pretty sloppy.

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