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After having wasted much money on cheap tools I decided to go for a professional piece of kit and so far I find it fantastic. Cuts very smoothly (ripping, although I will probably get a finer blade for cross cutting, as there are is some splintering here), with plenty of power and easy to handle. The fence is sturdy and holds the saw well in place. One feature I like is the ability to lock off the saw at different depths - it's basically a lock for the plunge mechanism. This means for normal thickness boards, where you don't need the full depth of the blade you can raise the body up, which gives clearance above the board for the motor. This means that you can use a simple home made guide rail.With the motor fully in the down position, there is no clearance except for the very thin (and very expensive) Bosch own guide rail, which would be difficult to make yourself.Delivery was very quick, but the driver just left the package outside the door without ringing the bell. Luckily people are honest here!
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I've been living my life using a jigsaw to cut wood. I also bought a table jigsaw to make life easier but even with a guide, as they cut so slow, I'd never get a perfect line.With this - I trimmed around 1cm off the bottom of a door when I put new carpet in and didn't need to use a guide to get a perfect line. I simply placed masking tape on the door, drew a straight line and followed it with this. It was like putting a hot knife through butter, cut with ease!The only annoyance is that blade shield which you have to prop up a bit when cutting something thick as it gets in the way. You can let go once the cutting begins but it's an awkward annoyance.I'd prefer if I could adjust the bottom point but it's a minor complaint.The box it comes in is very sturdy as well but like all Bosch tools; the hardest part is putting the power cable back in the box so it will close properly!Definitely recommend this.
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I bought this on special offer. At full price, it's the same price as Makita and DeWalt models which I'd prefer.It works well. The included blade is fine for rip cuts, but if you want to cross cut or cut plywood you'd need a different blade.The most important omission in my opinion is a blade brake. Once you come off the trigger, it spins down in about 5 seconds, while with a brake you could instantly put it down. It may not sound much, but I find this annoying, and I'd now buy a model with an electronic brake.This will take both 190mm and 184mm blades, although with 184s the depth gauge will be off.Bear in mind it's technically limited to thin blades, I believe 2.4mm or thinner.Many blades you might want to buy are thicker than that.
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Purchased as a Christmas Present for my dearly beloved and he is pleased as punch!It been good for me too, he has now made various garden items (bird boxes, duck pen etc.. ) from the ‘don’t throw that away’ pile of so called ‘good piece of wood’. His questionable ideas are now, dare I say it, a welcome reality in the garden and it’s various inhabitants are content. I, no longer have to wince at the sight of clutter that was once propping up my shed!Thankfully, it’s a tool that gets used and isn’t collecting cobwebs in the shed.The only hindsight issue was the cord. Always aware and extra careful, it can get in the way, Cordless will be considered in future.Overall, a good product,arrived promptly and suitably packed.
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I needed to take down some large chipboard cupboards for my mum. They they were too big and too heavy to take away in the car, so I had to have them cut down. This particular saw cuts through dense chipboard like butter and was all done in seconds. I'll definitely be using this for other projects that I have lined up. This has an excellent safety mechanism, so that when the saw is cutting, the guard is down and the blade is below the surface. Like all other circular saws, it does have a kick-back towards the end of the sawing, be aware of this.I would recommend protecting your ears from the loud noise and also getting a dust bag.


All the usual Bosch Blue quality: quality cable, motor is smooth, powerful, switches and ergonomics are very good indeed.This is supplied with a quality plastic case ( not the L-boxx style) and a Bosch Optiline blade (which gives a suprisingly good cut for a supplied blade) and a hex key for blade changes. The supplied case is superior to the 'L-boxx style' in my opinion: it only has two latches to open, it is easier to carry ( and it makes a pretty good seat, should the need arise).**Top tip: register your saw with Bosch online within 30 days or receiving it, and they upgrade your warranty to three years.**


Having laid floor boarding in the loft, laid a kitchen floor and currently in the process of building a shed, this tool has been invaluable. Making cutting quick and painless it consequently made the jobs likewise.It is heavy though not as heavy as some others Ive used in the past. It cut true and was easy to use. As others have said, the box was massive. An Incredible Hulk of power tool storage boxes but the saw needs and deserves it. Just make sure youve got space for it. This is a quality tool that needs respect but treat it well and Im quite sure it will give many years of service. Thoroughly recommended.


Before buying this I had both a B&Q own brand and Ryobi circular saw. Both my old circular saws quickly ended up in the skip having bought this and a selection of blades for this. This performs much better than any circular saw I have used before including an older dewalt saw I borrowed. So far these have produced really clean cuts when cutting ply, M.D.F, and oak boards. I have used them to trim doors and these made light work of my solid oak doors, producing straight and accurate cuts.


Big, powerful saw for the price. Mainly leaving a review as I had seen a guy saying he was disappointed that the blade is off the square by 1mm. Not sure if he was attempting to show off how tight his margins are but this is not a saw one should be using if 1mm will scupper your plans. If your looking for an ultra precise saw get a plungecut rail saw, however if your looking for a good roughing saw this is your tool. For the price, not a grumble to be had.


First time I've ever used a circular saw so can't compare it to others, but it seems solid enough to me. I needed it to cut through some flooring (under 10mm thick) which it did with no problems. Easy enough to adjust and use. Only thing I was surprised by as a novice was just how much sawdust it produces. I taped it to a vacuum cleaner nozzle and there was still loads of dust, so just be aware and get mask/goggles if you don't have them already.


I love my power tools, and have to admit to being a Bosch fan. This ripped through my wood pile as I made a window and door frame and fascia for my garage, and it made light work of it. I have noticed it kick back a couple of times, but that was more to do with me and how I was using it. As with all tools, use PPE and common sense, and this should be a worthy addition to anyone's tool collection.


Had to buy this as my parkside saw motor burnt on the first use. This is really good saw and comes in a nice professional looking box. Wish the guide clamp was bit longer, but you can always use a straight wood clamped to you work piece to get the guide. Doesn't come with a bag for dust. So attach a vacuum cleaner for cleaner work place.


A good powerful circular saw for diy/hobbyists provided a clean cut through 40mm softwood. Sighting the cut is not immediately clear as safety guard and guide plate obscured view, but cut follows smoothly. A good choice that hopefully will last. Comes with adjustable cutting guide and all in a large plastic storage case with handle.


Great upgrade from my old saw, lots of power for trimming doors and sheet work.Comes in a huge case and has a long, good quality power cord and a 2mm thick blade. Cuts very well and feels good in the hand, but my only niggle is the base, it’s not as rigid as I’d expected. It’s a circular saw so that’s just a minor grumble.


As the tech progresses I have started to buy battery powered tools, but felt I needed a mains powered device for this work. Also the battery powered ones are rather more expensive. This looks well made and if it lasts as long as my last saw (40 years) then I'll get a battery powered Bosch next time.

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