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after buying and returning 2 defective Chinese made Voche sanders very similar to this in design I bought this Bosch unit at twice the price. So far it has proved reliable which is the most important thing with any power tool. It works, and if it goes on working as my other Bosch tools do I shall be completely satisfied. I guess with these things you get what you pay for, the cheap Chinese sanders were identical in design but failed after only an hour or two of use. Bosch guarantee their equipment for 3 years so if it covers this distance and goes on working, good result, quality has its price but worth it in the end. And, it does the job as it should.


This replaces an older model; very good sander for all sorts of home projects, wouldn’t want to be without one of these!Delivered from Germany, the seller ‘Sòetel electronics’ included a note to say that they had opened the box in order to fit a UK 3-pin plug. What excellent service!Very comfortable to use and extremely easy to change sanding pads etc.


Replacement for an older PDA 120E model shame it doesn't have the variable speed control of the older model. Glad to find one as Bosch no longer make the Delta Sander only the multitools.


The old sander model, i wish they still made them. I had one it lasted me for years, so i was very happy to manage to get another one the same!


Wanted a replacement for an earlier model, had a lot of trouble finding one, but well worth the grief, really like these for sanding doors


An excellent sander for small to medium areas. Personally I wouldn't be without one.


First class product delivered on time

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