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The product is one of the best designed dryers I have used. The outer parts can easily wrap around a double bed sheet (see picture) while inside you can have other items (see Pic) - an extremely useful feature. The bottom netting layer is a good thought for drying things that needs to lay flat. It folds very easily and locks with a clip. The drying bars alternate so that drying clothes don't overlap and the height is sufficient for trousers etc. It is sufficient drying space for a normal washing load.The only downside is that it could be a little wider but I am nitpicking as I have some very large and broad towels. Overall A+ for design and having the wheels that fit as you have to be firm (unlike some other reviews) is a real bonus to move it around. Having shoe racks must be a bonus but I have not used it, rather used it for gloves. I have seen some bad reviews but looks like mostly packaging being damaged rather than a bad product. Mine was an Amazon Warehouse buy so it did not have the washing netting and the packaging was falling apart but I am not too fussed about that. Best dryer by a large margin.
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Cant believe the regular laundry chore can turn into such an enjoyable task!My husband and I go through airer like go through cheep shoes. We've tried so many different brands, makes, metal, wooden, you name it, in the end they all collapse around a year. Think we may be put too much on, but man they are difficult to load and move. Struggling it from room to room, through the doors to the terrace when the weather is nice was a major task. So when the last one collapsed I thought "right,lets try something a bit different!"Got on Amazon, read the reviews, and got the an Addis dryer delivered to work. Carried it back home on my bike through traffic thinking—this better be worth it. Yet it's worth every penny.It's not quite as tall as other regular dryers, but sturdy. The mesh between legs is useful for drying smaller items such as socks and handkerchiefs, and it even has two thingees for drying shoes! The design was genius; It contracts and expands easily to suit different space requirements. With the wheels, moving it was not a mission anymore!Highly recommend it!
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Quite sturdy, although the second one I've bought arrived slightly soiled, with one bent rail, easily rectified. On the first one I bought, one of the plastic pieces at the end of the rails fell out. I've taped it in, as it doesn't affect use. Only realised with the latest purchase that it comes with a handy mesh bag you can use for washing small items, underwear etc that might otherwise get lost in the washing machine or that might damage other clothing. I thought it was simply for drying items flat,now I will be using it as a bag all the time :)What I don't like about it is that it's not very tall, so fairly useless - or at best a bit of a pain - for drying sheets.Delivery was poor. They said it was delivered, but nothing outside, no card through the door even. On my enquiring, they said it would be redelivered the next day. Actually I heard from one of our neighbours that it had been left on our doorstep. They had taken it in as it was raining and we were away. Very poor service from couriers.
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Never thought I would be so impressed by a clothes airer, but this is sort my excitement.it came in good condition.the wheels snap on with a bit of effort and your ready to hang your clothes. It's small and compact but still holds a complete load of washing with some imaginative positioning of the wet items. It's quite sturdy the rails are thicker than other clothes aired and the joints where the rails are attached move smoothly and securely. When fully opened you can drape a double sized bed sheets and duvet covers.Even long trousers can be hung without creasing.I love the wheels which mean I can load the aired in the kitchen and wheel it out into the garden to dry .It opens out horizontally rather than vertically, it's quite low so doesn't blow over in the breeze like the taller lightweight alternatives.When told up it is about 4" deep and fits neatly behind the kitchen door.I heartily recommend this airer.It's only been with me about a week, so it's early days, but it looks like it will last.
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This product is very sturdy and heavy which prevents it falling over. I use mine outside during the day and move it in when I gets dark/damp. I can completely collapse it in to get through doors/rooms without any of the washing coming off - then leave it in a small cupboard with radiator overnight collapsed to half it’s extendability. Its very well balanced unlike the tall racks I’ve used that fall over at a puff of wind. Can hold a full load of washing and the mesh rack on the bottom is great for trainee socks and silly little bits that don’t hang.I didn’t put the wheels on but I’m sure that’s quite useful for most people. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is the plugs that go on the end of the metal bars to finish the product off and make it look nice are starting to rise a bit and no sit flush they’ll push back in but days later they start to part again (I am very fussy though) so don’t think most people would have an issue with this. I would definitely recommend this to everyone I know!
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Love it! Had one 40 plus years ago, assumed it would be easy to replace when the plastic started to crack 15 years ago. Then nothing so delighted I have at last found this. Somewhat improved in that, it is now on wheels!!I know such a little change for such a huge difference, it means that I can move the washing around quickly, turn the washing while filling the rail, quickly move it inside if it starts to rain, etc.The most exciting thing is that no rail is over another rail when extended,which means that all space is free. On other rails you found a percentage of rails cannot be used because something else is hanging down over them. This does not happen with this rail!Down sides of this wonderful item: Unneeded extras like the shoe driers. I like the possibility of drying something flat, which can double as a wash bag, I know it has to have substance to be able to dry heavier things, but if left in place on the dryer it can drag on the ground.
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Ok it won’t fit in a very small space but it is easy to move around if it’s in the way and very light weight. I have a long narrow kitchen and it’s made my life easier being on wheels no more lifting it and hoping it won’t fold back up like my my other one ( I am sure I aren’t the only one who’s had that fight ) it’s easy to fold up and it has a clip that keeps it folded ( it saves another fight that I have with my other one) it’s not tiny when folded it’s taller but folds neater than my other one.I find that my washing drys quicker and it’s easy to put ur washing on. I think that’s because it doesn’t hold as much as the one I have and the clothes sit more spaced apart and the clothing isn’t sitting on top of each other allowing air to circulate better. It does hold a good amount of washing and is very sturdy..... all in all a very good Arier
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I have been waiting years to find something like this as I have been using one very similar that used to belong to my mum and I can’t remember how long she had it all I know is that it has been held together with tape and string for years as every other one I have tried doesn’t come up as good for space for the washing and folds easy, stands flat against the wall when not in use and doesn’t fall over when my grandchildren play under it. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it and couldn’t wait to get it,how sad am I. Would very strongly recommend this. I hope this lasts as many years as my old one did, that one must be at least 25 years old.
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The best I've used. A little less space than others but the convenience of being able to fold it in and bring it inside/outside as you want is totally worth it. Feels sturdy. Also much more stable outside in the wind that other taller ones I've used, clothes have blown away but the airer has stayed upright.Unfortunately like so many other reviewers ours was damaged in transit - 3 bent bars with some outer coating chipped around them, and most of the plastic caps at the tops of the joints are broken.Shame for an expensive item, and that it seems to be happening regularly. Otherwise, love this airer.
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I have 2 of these airers & they are so useful for wheeling the washing in & out of the garden or simply moving them around indoors with the wheels. My mother has bought one on my recommendation too & she's thrilled. I don't know why they don't make more airers with wheels like this. Lots of drying space & good sized gaps between each item of clothing. The screws at the ends of the rails occasionally work loose but they just need tightening up with a screwdriver if this happens.They just concertina up for flat storage & pull outwards again to use - far easier than any other airer I've had.
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