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After I have the Nortik Fold 4.2 already for several months, I allow myself to draw a brief resume. Construction and dismantling are very easy. With practice you can build up in about 10 min. The degradation goes much faster and takes about 3-5 minutes. The driving characteristics are very similar to a fixed kayak as in the description. In direct comparison (a sea kayak with a length of 5.6m), both boats are similarly fast. What makes sea kayak through the length make the Nortik Fold through the lighter weight again.The Nortik Fold 4.2 is also suitable for multi-day trips. In the rear it has more than enough space to accommodate tent sleeping bags and whatever else you needed. After I've built the Nortik Fold 4.2 several times, I have to conclude that the folds still look the same as in the beginning (one of my fears before the purchase). The material is more resistant than you think, but I would advise against ground contact during driving. If I was asked if I would recommend the Nortik Fold 4.2, I could say with good conscience yes. A great product with great features! Quality you can feel.
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set up quickly, drives nicely, not too rocky, dense, fits into the trunk, a bit heavy and bulky to carry, even with a little more waves on the lake, but easy to drive around with a small, foldable hand truck (1.5 kg), Storage space should be enough for a multi-day tour in summer, children also have fun with it ...
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