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Male singer baritone I arrived at venue with terrible in house PA, no sound check, Paddy.s night chaosLeft the EQ flat and took the gain to orange peaks. The Solo was clear as bell and handled shouting low notes with no boom and littles proximity.I have used it through good PA's up to 10k and recorded guitar amps again superb.Is it a SM killer? THe SM is industry standard for a reason, it's built like a tank and every sound engineer in the world knows it's rrsponse,it cuts through crap PA's and is a a great guitar amp mic.If you use one PA there are several great mics in this price range or lower but you need to try them.The Solo handled low notes with greater clarity and has a better middle than the SM in my opinion also it just feels more like singing than singing into a microphone, more open and airy with little colouring, feed back or handling noise. It,s cardiod is just right you can sing round it and it is smooth and responsive as you back off and approach with better Mids and non of the SM proximity mud.I believe it is a work/racehorse of a Mic and is not just better for me but better than the SM 58 and up in priceIt is also built like a tank in the UK but may be a little heavy for singers who hold the mic and you need the Solo mic holder.
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I use to have the Sonntronics STC 80. That was a great mic.But this Sontronics Solo is on a different league. Tested this out in a PA store.Tested against other good mics and the Solo wins by far.Its a dream mic for any vocalist. Such a clear sound and so sweet too.Its has great warmth and detail. These guys are right you don't need any eq at all.Absolutely blown away.This is now my gigging Microphone.Plus I can't believe it's only £100.Well done Sontronics engineers. It's very very good.I really enjoy using this mic.I'm a guitarist singer and very happy with this purchase. Would definitely recommend this.Dave Mwaniki
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Absolutely Love this Microphone! I’ve used industry standard mics such as the Shure SM58 etc at gigs and this just blows them out of the water. The sound quality is fantastic. Very satisfying, clear sound with great built in EQ. The build quality is excellent. It feels quite heavy and quite chunky in your hand but reassuringly sturdy with it. Also fits into standard mic stand clips no problem. I can’t rate this enough! It’s absolutely brilliant!
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