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Having just purchased a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver, I was disappointed with the sound quality from the internal mic. I use the GoPro on the outside of my car and as expected, the audio quality is terrible. So having invested in a skeleton housing, 3.5mm audio cable and a stereo jack extension cable, I opted for this mic due to the price. With the GoPro mounted on the drivers’ door and rear engine lid, the mic was attached to the centre of the rear bumper just above the number plate.I also wrapped the first 6 inches or so of the cable in some foam, which protected my paintwork from the cable and also helped to shock mount the mic.I used the windscreen supplied with the mic and for the first run out, was quite impressed with the results. The 3+ doesn’t have audio settings, so you’re limited regardless of how good the mic you buy is. Although this can be improved in post-production, you’ll need software to do this and the GoPro Studio doesn’t enable advanced audio editing. You can still hear a bit of wind noise and the mic is over compensating for the lack of audio settings in the camera, but for the price it’s not bad. Clearly, my use won’t be what most people buy this for(!) and having tried it in the car and clipped to my clothing, happy to report that for voice pick-up this is absolutely fine.A windjammer is likely to improve the audio quality for my use so this will be my next purchase. Overall, I don’t think you can complain for the price and as I say, considering I’m using this for purposes it probably wasn’t even designed for, it’s a good purchase.
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Was a bit dubious about the sound quality for such a low-priced accessory. However it has proven to be a significant upgrade over the standard GoPro mic.I tried it first with a GoPro camera attached to a bird feeder in the garden. It was able to pick-up the bird song and wing flap sound with remarkable clarity. I did not need to make any further adjustments to the volume in GoPro Studio.As a second test, I recorded the audio from a cycle ride (with the mic mounted at the front of the bike,clipped onto a brake cable). Again the audio quality was very good and their was a sharp reduction in wind noise.
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Couldn't be happier with this! A vast improvement over the standard go pro mic. It has saved me endless trouble trying to sync a separate audio track for my YouTube videos and even sounds reasonable at a small distance. It has a very directional sound , which helps to keep external bleed to a low level. I wish the cable was perhaps a bit longer , but it suits it's purpose as a clip on perfectly and the separate audio jack to mini usb cable allows for any 1/8 inch mic to be used I would assume.I lost the wind sock and a spare would have been cool , but not necessary (it was my own stupidity after all).
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I was a bit concerned initially that the usb to 3.5mm adaptor won't work on my hero 4 black. I read a lot of reviews on other adaptors which are fairly cheap but most the comments suggested they don't work. I was going to purchase the original go pro adaptor but am glad I didnt. For less money U get a well packaged item with a adaptor that works and also a mic. Can't go wrong with this item for the money.


WORKS WITH GOPRO!!! This product works with my GoPro Hero 3! You'll find many Chinese knock offs that don't work, this is a great alternative to the extortionately priced original adaptor + you get a good quality mic!!! No brainer.


So far so good, I connected this to my GoPro Hero 3 and it picks up my voice nice and clear with no white noise at all. The cable is nice and long which I tucked away into my helmet.


Finally a cheaper mic adapter for a GoPro Hero 4 Black! Haven't used the mic included as I rock a powered one. But the adapter works perfectly regardless.


Almost perfect for my use. I didn't clock that the plug was inline with the cable - would have preferred one that was 90 degrees. That said it works great


Like any good lavalier mic it's too good. Excellent value for money and has improved the sound of my videos perfectly


Perfect sound clarity and a sensible price. Improves the sound recording of the Gopro immensely.
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