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The ON platinum may be more expensive than other brands, but just remember, you get what you pay for. After bariatric (GB) surgery, my doctor said I needed 60 grams of protein a day. A lack of protein after GB results in hair loss, fatigue and muscle wasting. I only rarely ate meat pre- GB, and even less now. I began to have the classic symptoms, with the hair loss and fatigue being the worst. With GB restricting meal size to itty bitty portions, and not being a huge meat-eater,I was desperate to find a way to get enough protein daily. I tried just about every other brand of protein powder on the market with unpleasant results. They were impossible to dissolve in liquids, stayed lumpy, had an off-taste, were gritty in the mouth, and were low in the amount of protein per serving. After reading a magazine article about any contaminants or heavy metals found in commercial protein powders, it looked like ON was one of the safest, so I ordered the platinum hydro-whey in vanilla. Wow. No off-taste, it's whey (the best source), and one serving (one scoop) is a whopping 30 grams of protein. When you first add it to liquid, it appears that while it mostly dissolves (hydrolyzed?), there are a few small lumps. Just do a very little stirring. Even so, I can't detect any lumps or grit when drinking it.I hope this helps fellow GB-ers in need of protein sources. GB is life changing, and finding adequate protein has been a real challenge for me. I'm not a morning person and can't handle a big breakfast. A morning drink made with ON works for me and supplies me with half of the protein I need all day. But you can have them any time you want. Yes, my hair loss started stabilizing and is getting better. My fatigue is improving. I had really gotten myself down a hole 6-9 months after GB surgery, and I don't expect miracles overnight, but I'm really seeing my health improve after getting more protein in my diet. I'll give my basic recipe for a ON protein drink, but you can try many variations on it. Good luck to you all in your weight loss and health journey.In an 8 to 16 oz. mug or glass, add 1/2 cup more or less of water. Add a teaspoon or two of instant coffee crystals (I use Folger's classic roast) and stir. Add 2 to 4 squirts of Torani sugar free syrup. Add one scoop of ON and stir. Add more liquid to taste. This can be more water, milk (low fat for less calories), coffee and milk, coffee, or? I then like to add a couple of ice cubes, but that's optional. The variations on this can be endless. Use coffee or not. Use milk or not. Use Torani or not. Try different Torani flavor combinations (1/2 caramel and 1/2 vanilla is good). Vary the amounts/portions of any of the ingredients to taste. I don't use any measuring cups or spoons now for this. Less dirty things to wash and the measurements don't need to be exact. Whatever glass or cup is handy, a spoon out of the silverware drawer and available ingredients, and a scoop of ON. I haven't tried fruit juice yet, but was thinking that OJ and low fat milk (no coffee) might be creme-sicle-ish. GB-ers be careful to check the grams of sugars in juice servings. Not sure if Torani makes sugar free OJ syrup, but I know they make some sugar free fruit flavors.After running out using the small ON container size, I now order the 3.5 pound size and keep a spare on hand. ON doesn't seem to be available at many retail stores, so Amazon is the best source I've found for speed and best price. When I occasionally run out of ON and fill in with something else in a pinch - Yuck!
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I have been using Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Hydrowhey for a Month now and I can confirm that I am extremely pleased with the results.The protein gets into the system faster than a rat up a drain pipe and I have gained loads of size over this period.I went for the Supercharged Strawberry Flavour to match my supercharged lifestyle of working in an office and I can confirm that the additional muscle has definitely helped! I am now able to carry many more letters to the post bags and I can pretty much do the entire tea run in one go.(Not all though as one of my colleagues has one of those ridiculous pint sized mugs which throws the whole thing off).The taste is good; it’s creamy and not over-powering. Very similar to a popular milkshake brand with a rabbit on… that I’m pretty sure I won’t be allowed to mention for some copyright infringement… or something…However I must report that there are some downsides;1. People try and steal it; I caught two colleagues in our kitchen helping themselves’, despite my name being written in bold marker on the lid. Naturally I dropped them. Also my colleague Marcus is constantly begging for a bit and telling me how inferior his Whey is to mine, it’s too expensive to Share and the constant begging is annoying.2. People expect you to help them more; since I gained additional size my Nan is constantly asking me to move the stone bird table around the garden as apparently the birds like ‘a little holiday’ once a week. Also, if an old man gets up on the bus before it stops and is subsequently sent flying 15ft from where he was standing by it coming to a sudden halt, YOU will be expected to be the one to pick him up…3. People will challenge you; the local youths outside my office are constantly asking me if I can throw a shoe over a house or fight one of their dads, this becomes tedious.4. People will be jealous of your gains; some skinny guy said my arms looked like corned beef the other day.Overall a good product, despite the obvious draw backs mentioned above.Hope this helps.
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See Update on Bottom :---I have had problems with other whey powders making me feel sick, I did want a protein powder that would metabolize fast for better recovery after weight lifting. I gave this a try hoping it would not make me feel sick like other whey powders have. This does not bother my stomach at all I feel good after drinking it. YAHOO!!Taste is a problem, I bought chocolate and it is way too sweet, I definitely did not enjoy drinking this.I think mixing it with a bitter agent might help and since I work out in the morning i will use black coffee as the liquid base rather than just water. I am hoping this will make the taste more pleasant. I would have given this 5 stars if the taste was better, Texture was fine and it mixed easily.I am not lactose intolerant, so I am not sure why other whey powders have bothered me but I am glad this one does notUpdate -- This product has helped me recover from hard weight lifting workouts so i can be ready to workout again. I am 57 and am pushing myself to failure three days a week on my workouts. I had been struggling and onny able to get two hard workouts done but with this and the Creatine powder from the same brand I am back to three full body workout a week.Taste had been a problem and after experimenting with several ways to make this I found a "whey," put intended, to make this taste very good. Silk makes a Almond Cashew Protein Milk that includes pea protein in two option, original with 3 grams of carbs and a newer sweeter one with 10 grams of carbs. I am mixing 14 ounces of the lower carb version with a level scoop of Hydrowhey and add two Ice cubes to make it colder in an insulated metal shaker bottle.The result is a very good tasting Chocolate milk shake. The final product ends up with 47 Grams of protein and 368 Calories with only 7 Grams of Carbs. If this fits in your dietary goals it is a great and delicious protein shake. All with no nausea!!! whoo hoo!
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General:Extremely high quality protein. The price is absolutely justified. Know that most other protein powders out there are not made equal. They're mostly below this one in quality. A full scoop mixes very well with 6-8 ounces of water in my shaker bottle. Also mixes well with milk, not as good as water, but definitely still good. Try it in a blender for smoothest results!Flavors (that I have tried):Turbo Chocolate (TC) - great all around. Tastes just fine. To me,it's not something that tastes so good that I couldn't wait to drink it, but it does not taste bad to any extent. It's kind of like water to me, I need it, I drink it, and done. Awesome. I give it an 8.5/10 on taste. Next, it mixes so well, sometimes the consistency of the shake was barely distinguishable from water. It's also very versatile! If you plan on adding multiple ingredients to your shake, chances are that TC will pair well. If you're trying the product out for the first time, get this one.Cookies and Cream Overdrive (CCO) - Ugh. No, just no. Don't get it. Protein quality is obviously the same, but just....no. It's especially bad as the first thing in the morning. I give it a 4.5/10. After having TC flavor, I decided to be a bit more adventurous. Got this one in the hopes that it would taste similar to Muscle Milk's cookies and cream flavor and boy did it tank. Optimum Nutrition dropped the ball on CCO. Not only does it not taste good, but it doesn't mix as well as TC does. Multiple times I've had some of the unmixed but wet powder lining the bottom edges of my shaker bottle. Had to dig it out with a spoon. Blasted waste. After my first serving, I dreaded that I had to wait at least a month to finish the stuff and go back to something better. I eventually got used to the taste, but please don't subject yourself to that kind of torture.Think I may just stick to Turbo Chocolate!
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I'm just an average guy who enjoys working out, so this is not a technical review. Just my observations, on a product that I purchased.Pros:+ Tastes Great+ Dissolves very easily in liquid (I mix it with 8-10 ounces of milk and add a banana and blend it for 30 seconds - taste just like a strawberry banana shake)+ Feels good after an intense workout+ Only been using this for a week or so, but already feel stronger - I can bench, squat, lift more or do more reps.Not sure how much this has to do with the product or just my mental state of mind. Either way, I feel good. (I will usually take a 1/4 of scoop with some liquids, pre-workout and a full scoop with liquids, post workout. I only take this on days I work out, which is 4 days a week. Most of my protein comes from lean chicken, pork or fish. I consume lots of vegetables and fruits as well. I just love to eat but never been one to gain weight easily though.)Cons:- Price, this is on the higher end of whey protein supplements. (I was using EAS Whey Protein, prior to purchasing this. My EAS brand had just run out and if luck would have it, I saw this on a lightning deal on amazon so I purchased a container. It was expensive, but I said, what the hell, I only live once.)Final thought: Note sure if this product is any better than the other whey protein products, but I do know this much, it is the best tasting one. For the record, I've tried 4-5 different whey protein powder supplements over the years. After purchasing this, I look at other ON products selling on Amazon and found they sell a Gold standard version of the whey protein. Pound for pound it's a cheaper product in terms of price only. There are lots of good reviews praising the supplement so it's worth a shot. I will most likely get this next time only because it's easier on the pocket book.
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I used to use the ON Gold Standard whey product but found a lot of times I either had wind problems and a bad feeling in my gut shortly after taking it and started to get tired of feeling bad and the 'rumbles in the jungle' after workouts. Yes, I tried using it with milk, water, almond milk and lactose free milk along with soya milk but the results were mostly the same each time and it never went away.After trying some other products I spotted this Platinum Hydro whey and some reviews I read online mentioned it was easier on the stomach,so I gave a tub of the Velocity Vanilla a go. It's not cheap, lets get that out there at the start - and I'm not going to go into all the science about how its made (go to the ON website if you want to read about that), but its a quality product and since using it for a few months I'm happy to report zero stomach upsets. No wind, no rumbles and I don't have to keep lookout for an emergency toilet!The vanilla is a tad over sweetened in my opinion but better with milk than water, the chocolate is ok I guess but the best one I've tasted so far is the Super Strawberry, its much better tasting. It reminds me a bit of Nesquik milk or Strawberry Angel Delight, and is perfectly fine to have even with plain water - for me anyway - your taste buds may vary.If you use it to bake with, it does tend to dry out the end product so add a little more moisture into the recipe, for example protein brownies, use a bit more coconut oil. I'm guessing this is due to the manufacturing process, Gold Standard seems a bit 'moister' and didn't do this.4 stars as although the gains keep on coming without any side effects, its a tad expensive and the tubs are smaller than the Gold Standard.
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Although it's slightly pricier than normal whey proteins, this actually tastes better & mixes easily with water or milk (I recently started using Soya Milk & in all honesty, it's the best tasting shake I've ever had using this combination. Try it!).Normally whenever I used protein shakes, I'd get a residue of unmixed (therefore unused) protein powder at the bottom of my bottle, which can be a pain to remove. No such issues with this, it mixes perfectly every time,all that you put in is used in the mixture & you don't even need to shake it too vigorously, just 10-15 secs is usually enough for me.I'm slightly lactose intolerant & some shakes I've had (or days where I've had shakes 2-3 times: breakfast, post-training &/or snack later in the day), caused me to have an upset stomach, with an uncomfortable feeling, hoping I can hit the lavatory before any 'accidents'. Not easy when you're working, believe me. And you know those protein farts you get with ordinary shakes? Neither problem with this one.I've used it for over a month & already seeing benefits & better gains in muscle. I won't be using any other shakes & I am prepared to pay just a little more for a quality product that works for me. As it's protein isolates (best quality protein), I'll be getting more out of my training without the issues I've had with normal shakes.I recommend this 100%. It's one that is working for me (at long last!)
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I love working out, so I use whey protein and I love to experiment with different kinds. I mainly stuck with Now Foods - Whey Protein Isolate, because it has no preservatives or additives or any chemical crap in it and you can feel and see the difference in it. Well after killing 40 pounds of Now Foods, I wanted to try something new and didn't want chocolate or vanilla. I went with the strawberry Hydro Whey by ON. I'm not a big fan of ON because they use Maltodextrin and artificials that cause health problems and weight gain in the gut.I have to say,for a protein that has artificials in it, this is pretty good. I love the taste, it mixes very very easy with a blender ball cup and the taste of the strawberry literally tasted like strawberry. It is really sweet, so if you like sweet things, this is easy to down within seconds. I normally chug it because it tastes that great.To say for performance wise, after I drink this, I feel good but I sometimes feel that crash or lazy feeling you get from the additive crap in it.If ON would take out their artificial ingredient and just let it be, I would stick with it. but I have to say, this is a great protein overall if you don't believe in the artificial ingredients affecting your body. I for one can tell a difference from the Now Foods to this one.Overall, I would recommend this because it is one of the best Caseins out there for performance and taste.
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I’ve been very happy with this powder and I’ve tried a lot over the years. I always use reduced fat milk when preparing this product so I don’t know how well it works with water.Flavor: has a malt-like chocolate flavor that seems like it’s going to have a nasty aftertaste but thankfully doesn’t. It doesn’t have that delicious MuscleMilk level of flavor but it’s also a lot more healthy. Overall it’s a good, easy-to-drink chocolate flavor that isn’t very sweet.Texture: mixes easily but a spoon will leave a few sticky clumps floating around.To be honest it mixes well enough that I’m willing to deal with the minor clumping to avoid having to clean a blender or shaker bottle. Not too thick which is a good thing.Performance: obviously an opinion, but I feel a bit less sore the next day than I otherwise would’ve been had I not drank this after my workout. It works.Price: it’s more expensive than normal whey powder but the increased cost is expected with hydrolyzed whey as it’s a premium product. There are more and less expensive products on the market but I think you will have to spend significantly more to get a marginally better quality product so it’s priced just right IMO. Besides this isn’t intended to be your all-purpose whey powder anyway.I will be purchasing another container when mine runs out.
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There are a LOT of protein products out there, and it can be really difficult to weigh the pros/cons between all of them. I've tried just about all of them. It doesn't help that some of those products will try and trick people by making their serving size 2 or even 3 scoops. What I look for in a good protein powder is something provides a very high-percentage of protein with no extra fluff that might interfere with my normal diet and vitamin supplements. And, no digestive side-effects are a huge plus,of course.Pros:- High protein content per serving (30g per scoop; each scoop is 39g, so you're looking at 77% protein by mass)- Very low sugar and carbs (only 1g and 3g per serving, respectively)- Low on vitamins, which allows me to take vitamin supplements without worrying about getting too much calcium, for example- No digestive side-effects; I can consume 120g of this per day and not experience the usual bloat you get from other protein powders- Tastes great mixed with just milkCons:- Price is moderately high, but it's not the most expensive out thereMy routine is to mix this with flax milk in a Blender bottle. Since flax milk has no lactose and typically no sugar, I get a very clean protein beverage out of it.
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