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Firstly, I don't write many detailed reviews on Amazon solely because I purchase so much from them that it would take me forever. However. Certain items (either very expensive or made to help people) will push me to write a review. Sorry for the long story, but I never tell this to people and want others to understand the struggle some guys have, and that "JUST BULK!" BS does not work for everyone. Thanks in advance to everyone who reads this and hope it helps.I am 19 year old male, and have been skinny since... Forever. I was always bullied about my weight, and this isn't a nice thing to live with. Admittedly, I never really had a big appetite until my teenage years (I guess because of something that kicked in at that point).I then started scoffing down very unhealthy food. Chips, chicken and chips, and burgers. From when I was about 15 till 16. I got a horrible big belly, but my arms were still skinny as twigs.I then calmed down with the fatty foods. I still ate crisps, and to be honest, most of my lunches in my first year of college was just crisps. Then I hit my second year of college, and a friend of mine introduced to me gym. Much later than others in my year. But boy, did it start me on one cool journey. I got my own weights (max dumbells were only 5kg) but I used them 3 times a week and wanted to get good arms. I wanted to prove people wrong. And it failed. I got newbie gains, but that was it. My mates had these arms at 15 lmao. It was disappointing.Fast forward another 2 years. I entered university, and was hitting gym hard. Got my membership and was going 3 times a week. Was eating big meals at uni. Every lesson just eating food. Sandwiches, panini, nandos, everything. I had definitely lost the big belly, but partly because I had grown taller (so could just be an illusion).I had a strong regime, and invested in this mass gainer. I went against my mum's words, and let me tell you. Always listen to mama. She told me to chill with the scoops. Most people here have said how two scoops are grotesquely large. Well I drank straight from the blender, and two scoops with milk just touched the top of the glass. I drank it down every night. Within a month, I believe I went from 9 stone (underweight for a person at 6ft) to 10 stone. I hadn't seen this kind of gain in... Forever. I kept going. Hit 11 stone. Then, the stomach pains kicked in. I suddenly noticed I had to go bust one every few hours, and it was disrupting my daily life. It was bad, and wasn't calming down. I know for a fact that my ignorance killed my stomach. Also, I eat cereal almost every day for breakfast so pretty sure I'm not lactose intolerant.Mid 2016 I stopped the shakes. My weight stayed at 11 stone. But I DID gain the fat. The majority of this weight came from muscle, but I do literally no cardio at the gym, so this caused me to gain a bigger tummy as well. My abs grew significantly, so this also contributed to the large look of my overall torso Area. It really isn't worth doing intense ab work, as I learned, because it just doesn't look any better. If anything, it makes you look more bloated!Anyhoo, my doctor told me to stop the shakes as they were giving me the stomach issues. So I did, and now, I'm all good. Thank you God. Trust me, it's not a fun experience. But. You DO get the weight and muscle you could never get.It's also worth mentioning that I never got any fat onto my arms, legs, etc. Just the stomach. My wrists have never grown, and I literally get depressed about how skinny they are. My arms just don't show the hard work I put into them!!Since stopping the shakes, I started working and ate more food than ever before. I was literally having 6 meals a day, which was major for me. But after 7 months, my weight wouldn't go up again. I had stalled at 11 and a half stone. Then, a few weeks ago, I tried about two days worth of mass gainer. Just for old times sake. And the fact I still had half a bag left lol.I hit 12 stone. Pretty damn epic. But the cramps returned.Now, after seeing other reviews on Amazon, I plan to try and split my shakes up, and use this again. One scoop in the morning, one at night. I currently have a 22g grenade protein bar straight after a gym session. Then a meal afterwards (usually dinner) so then I will have my milkshake. Hopefully, I will send better gains than before and less stomach pains.(side note that since I stopped mass gainer, I invested in Hydrowhey Platinum Protein, it is lactose free and I mix with water, and I have no stomach aches. I have also changed my gym routine and my shoulder, arms and back are looking great so far! But milk and cereal don't give me any issues, so still not sure what the killer ingredient in serious mass is unfortunately).I will go back to using this, and maybe attempt without milk. I'll let you guys know how it goes.Thanks again to anyone that listened to this. Just remember that this DOES WORK! You have to just be careful and test it carefully first. I didn't listen and suffered the consequences. Also like others state, do some cardio to keep the belly away. You should be all good.And to those on the body building forums that answer to hardgainers by just shouting BULK! It doesn't work like that. We have demonic metabolism that doesn't let us get the weight you do. I would be as big as Arnold if that was all there was to it!So good luck to all hardgainers and I'm still with you on this journey to greatness. Thank you ON for making products that really do change people in ways you always wanted. I was skeptical and tor between either a 4 or 5 star rating. However it's my fault (I think) that I suffered these issues with the mass gainer. It does it's job. 5 stars.
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I've used this a few times over the years now, usually before summer kicks in and I lift a few weights so I don't look awful in a t-shirt. As summer is now here (supposedly) I've ordered another tub.I'm quite slim looking which I often moan about, despite being 5'11 and 12st 8llbs, which to me is quite light but after reading comments of men 6ft and less than 9 stone, I guess I could moan a heck of a lot more, I can't imagine being less than 9 stone, I'd look positively gaunt. Anyway, I digress - despite being quite slim looking, two weeks of this stuff, plus a decent diet and some heavy weights, I usually put on 11-14 pounds, which makes a massive difference,Polo shirts that were a bit loose on me beforehand then cling to me like slim fits, my face looks fuller (and more attractive judging by the added attention I get) and I feel far more confident. I then kinda stay in the almost 14 stone range til Autumn, when the weight falls back off. I think my natural body weight is 12st 8 and my body insists on going back to it once I've stopped drinking these shakes.I'd drink them all year round and stay 14st, but it works out quite expensive all year, and I don't really care how I look in winter when I'm all bulked up in clothes.I've always had a high metabolism and found it almost impossible to put on weight, but this stuff really works.Any skinny guys out there, stressing out cos you look anorexic in this era of gym rats and you're being overlooked cos you have arms like NikNaks, just try this for a month, you'll put on at least a stone, and that can make a huge difference if you're like 9-10st.I couldn't recommend this higher. The banana is lovely, it doesn't taste like it's a food supplement at all, just like a standard banana milkshake mix, mixed with a few real bananas, some peanut butter and a bit of honey it's divine - I really don't know what people are complaining about taste wise with the banana although I can't testify for a few of the other flavours as I can't stand chocolate or ice cream so there's a good few flavours I'd not like. It's good stuff, does exactly what it's meant to do, and as a bonus with all the extra vitamins and whatnot they cram in, your hair, skin, eyes etc all look nicer/brighter/shinier after you've taken a tub or two, and you'll feel better and more energised as well.For £20 or thereabouts this stuff is an absolute bargain. Don't think twice about getting it, cos you won't regret it after you've finished a tub and look and feel much better than when you started.5 stars, easy.I add 4 spoons of melted peanut butter, some Nutella, and 4 eggs to each one of my full fat Jersey milk shakes, takes the calorific value flying up to roughly 3,200 calories, well over my recommended 2,400 per day, and that's without adding in 3 meals and snacks I have every day, I estimate when drinking these shakes I consume about 7,000 calories a day, and I notice a weight gain after 4 days. It really is that quick and easy, but you must eat well and lift heavy to get the best effect. Handily the tub comes with serving suggestions to help you add even more cals, plenty on there for even the pickiest person but I really would recommend peanut butter, it's packed with protein so that really helps plus peanut and banana are a match made in heaven.Good luck to anyone that's depressed about being thin and decides to try this, I'm sure you'll notice a change and be a little happier when your body starts looking better. I'm cynical of many things, but this shake really does work. Give it a go, you'll 100% not regret it.
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I've always been slim/athletic but after a serious illness I went under nine stone and stayed there (I'm five foot ten). I have a fast metabolism and eating the required amount of food to healthily gain weight was extremely difficult to sustain. I tried eating junky high calorie snacks but realised it was a stupid way of trying to gain weight.So after buying this product I went straight in and tried to drink a full serving - mistake! I managed it but felt quite ill afterwards. I highly recommend you start with half or even a quarter serving to begin with, just until your stomach adapts. It's now two weeks later and with trial and error I've found that splitting a full serving into three is best for me.One in the morning, one after lunch, one in the evening. I use full fat milk, ice cream and a banana to boost the calories per full serving to over 2000, and I find a blender works great to give a nice semi-thick smooth shake.When I started a fortnight ago I weighed 8 stone 12, I now weight 9 stone 8, so I've gained roughly 10 pounds in two weeks, with fluctuations along the way. I've just bought another 5.4kg bag and plan to continue to steadily gain until I reach around 11 stone. I bought some weights and with some advice I've started a light exercise programme with the aim of turning the energy to muscle and shaping my body a bit. I have more modest aims than many who take this supplement, I'm not looking to build huge muscles and train super hard, but if you're like me - underweight and a bit unfit - then I recommend this product along with some sort of exercise programme so it doesn't just go straight to your belly. It really does promote weight gain, I've been very pleasantly surprised with the results, and will continue to use the product as needed in order to achieve and maintain my target weight.The chocolate flavour is very pleasant, if a little sweet, and I now have no problem ingesting what I need to in order to gain weight. It may seem expensive, but at £2.50 a day it works out an easy, reliable and cost effective way to supplement your diet without resorting to less healthy alternatives. It works for skinny old me, and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't work for skinny old you! :)Edit - it's now 22 days after I first used the product and I'm now just over ten stone, so that's 16lb in 22 days. People are commenting on the difference and it's done wonders for my energy levels and appetite. So all in all I can't recommend this product any more highly, it genuinely works. Can't say fairer than that!Last update - I'm now at my target weight of 11st, it's taken 54 days for me to put on 30lbs - two stone two pounds in just under two months. That's beyond what I expected. If I could give a final note it would be to watch your body fat as without exercise this product will raise it quite easily. I'm now going to reduce my servings to maintain this weight, with my new increased appetite it's possible that I soon won't need a supplement at all. So that's me signing off, a bit heavier and a lot happier!
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Where to start, so I ordered the 2.5kg tub a week ago. I'm just using this to put weight on, I currently am 6'2 and weigh in at 10st, so I look pretty thin all the time.I started by making the shakes with water, as I thought that would be the worst tasting version, I use a big jug and a stick blender to make it. I have had other powders and protein shakes in the past which haven't mixed as well, but this powder is very soluble and there is no nasty clumps.Making it with water is ok, but it tastes like yahzoo milkshakes (that kind of plastic taste you get from them) but by the third day I'd got used to that.When made the shakes with water I found that the shake made me feel quite bloated,a 710ml serving makes up just short of 1 ½ pints, and I'd find the last ½ pint a struggle.So i bought whole milk from the shops so I could make up this shake with milk instead. Again the powder was very soluble in milk and required a quick 20 second blast with the stick blender to mix it up.This made a massive difference, it tasted like a McDonald's chocolate milkshake just not as sweet and less thick. I didn't feel any bloating at all, and could of easily had a second serving straight after. From the calorie count on the back, using whole milk puts a shake at around 1700 calories each. So from now on I'm going to be making it with milk and only make it with water in a pinch.Weight wise I found other powders didn't really show me any difference, I didn't feel any different either. However I've only been on this shake for a week and I've already felt a difference, i feel better, and I have put on 5kg already. So I'll be sticking with this powder for the foreseeable.A small note about making it with water.... I made a shake with water and 2 tbsp of smooth peanut butter and that was much better in taste, but the bloating was still a problem
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I Bought this product as I am one of many people who really struggle to put on weight. But yet I can lose weight like no one else. I read a couple of reviews for it and thought I'd might aswell give it a try.I work 40 hours a week in retail, so I'm constantly on my feet and only get the one hour break a day, so don't get the chance to really eat every few hours as you'd need to, to be able to effectively put on weight, so basically bought this product to help give me the best boost possible to make up for where I'd be losing out on calories etc while I work, of course after work and on my days off I'd eat as much as possible as you really should,of course I'd still try and eat right with the correct protein/cals/fats etc.First off I'll easily say this is the best tasting protein I've ever had, before I've tried many different brands which none come close to this one, it does state to use a blender but I found it was just as good to use in a shaker, I never once had a bitty shake. Although I'll admit sometimes I didn't have as much as it states, it says on the bag to have 2 scoops with water in a blender, but to fit 2 scoops in my shaker was literally impossible, so I bought a cheap blender (morphy richards easy blend) which had enough space to add things like bananas, peanut butter etc.I weighed 2 days before I started taking this protein (07/03/16) and weighed today (13/04/16) I'm 6ft 1 aswell so being taller also makes me look skinnier, my first weight was 11St 2lbs and my latest weight was 11St 5lbs. Now I know it's not a great deal but 3 pounds in that amount of time with my current lifestyle and with how hard it is for me to gain weight is probably about 3 pounds more than I could have put on if I wasn't taking this protein.Honestly can't think of any real cons with this product, definitely will be buying again.
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Okay, this product is amazing! Ive always had poor appetite and thats why I've been marginally underweight for many years now. I finally decided I'd man the heck up and do something about my health. If you're like me, skinny guy tall and petite and you want to try something new, then i recommend you go for it! Im 6 foot 1, was around 141lbs (64KG, ish) a month ago. After finishing the Tub (2.73kg one) in two weeks (Yes, around 16 days ago i bought this, believe it or not) with weight training and sufficient meals I've gained just under 15lbs.. i weigh 154.5lbs or something now, and i will say I'll stick to Serious Mass, unless I've reached my goals and want to start maintaining,and im going for the big bag of chocolate flavour now. Im super happy that this is actually working for me, i initially thought i wouldnt like it at all but here i am 16 days later buying it again ?. The taste is good, very good in fact its better than i expected.However, I've been having it with whole milk the entire time in order to effectively bulk up, and personally i tried it with water and it tasted really bad and i dont know why. I've always been one to spit out things i disliked, and to be quite frank, i managed to drink it all with the water so it wasnt too bad i guess. So yeah, and I highly recommend any dudes and dudettes out there looking to bulk, to at least give Serious Mass a try. You can use a 600ml or 700ml protein shaker for one scoop and required milk or water, with anything more than one scoop you cant really mix it after the shake so dont do that. I've used a blender with around 700ml of milk and two scoops every day.Have a great one,
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I used to be 55kg as an 18 year old lad, now I'm 81kg with 4% body fat. I never used to eat properly and I was pretty underweight as it goes, I didn't actually realise how badly my body was doing until I started taking this.After just 2 weeks of forcing myself to drink this with milk, my stomach grew massively in size. Before I knew it, I was ALWAYS hungry. There was never an empty plate in front of me. Think Goku from Dragon Ball Z - that's how much I was eating. In those two weeks my body grew from a boy into a man - I felt more full and my mood was significantly better too. No more raging in video games or anything because I always felt satisfied.It's been a while since I've needed mass gainer,but this is by far the best on the market and I really did try every single one I could get my hands on. Now I'm making my own using whey and oats, but this is just as good. Just know however this is high in sugar-content so you won't just get lean muscle, you'll put on some fat too! That's not a bad thing though if you're underweight, trust me. It's very hard to put on lean muscle mass, especially being an ectomorph, but when we do put on weight we tend to keep it forever.Train hard, drink this mass gainer and sleep well. If you hit the bed late at night and you're still feeling some energy, you haven't trained hard enough. There is somebody out there that needs to hear this, I just hope you read this and take the action you need.Hope this helps. If you found this helpful, please hit the "HELPFUL" button below. It'll really help me too. :)Sayonara. Five stars.
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Whilst I don't usually write reviews, I thought I'd write one for Serious Mass in order to enlighten and educate those considering buying it.Firstly, the powder is amazing for anyone wanting to gain mass. I started using this at the end of my gap year travels where I'd lost 8-10kg travelling for 4 months around Asia, from a decent 65kg to around 58ish. As a swimmer and triathlete these were vitals gains that I lost and this powder let me put the weight back on (and more). Additionally, having gone through a year of university, the powder is a great substitute for protein-rich foods which are often more expensive on a student budget.However, having said that, and having gone through 3-4 tubs myself,if you are looking to cut / define your muscles this isn't the product for you. I'm now at 73kg and, apart from finding it increasingly difficult to gain more mass, I am seeing some slight fat especially around the belly area. I work out 3-5 times a week including cardio but am finding it difficult to burn all the carbs in the powder. So now I've moved to a protein which puts less emphasis on bulk but more on toning. And lastly, the recommended scoops are crazy - it recommends 2-3 scoops per serving but anything more than 1 results in a thick, doughy paste, especially if mixing with milk. On that note, when mixing with milk, the powder also tends to clump into smaller particles making it frustrating if you don't have a hand-held blender.All in all I'm happy I found serious mass and it has helped me gain over 15kg but don't overdo it!
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I have only been using this a week so I have little input on how effective the product is - therefore I am only rating it 4 stars based on other factors. The banana taste is nice, very like milkshake when mixed with milk. It doesn't mix as great in a shaker as some other brands I have used, although it still mixes well enough for the purpose. The instructions say to blend it so would probably be totally smooth if blended not shaken. The only real negative I can think of is the scoop inside - you are instructed to take 2 scoops (which are very large) per shake, although I only use half-two thirds of a scoop per shake (which is still over 300 calories and approx 15g of protein, not including the milk).I'd imagine this wouldn't mix well if you used a full scoop or two within a 500-700ml shaker without blending. As a student, I intend to make this last as long as possible, hence why I am only using half a scoop, although seeing the size of the scoops, if you were to use 2 scoops daily I have no doubt you'd put on weight and muscle. For a beginner in the gym like myself, I feel this is sufficient just to add a bit of extra protein and calories to my diet - I only go to the gym 2/3 times a week so the 2 scoops daily isn't neccesary for me currently. I have been making noticable gains over the past couple of months using this product in conjunction with others. Overall for the price I paid on Amazon (< £24 for 2.7kg), I am happy with the purchase and feel like this product will be effective over the following months.
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Worked a treat!I wouldn't recommend strawberry, i started out on chocolate and it was just about right for my taste buds, although a little thick i eventually grew to enjoy it (or tolerate depending how i felt).I struggled to put weight on in the past, BUT this was my own fault, i was only 8.5 stone and was 5"10 tall and never took the gym serious which always made me doubt growing in size.I will say this, i used the MyFitnessPal app on android to calorie count, i set a goal of 11 stone and tracked every bit of food i ate, i then used serious mass to help meet or exceed my daily calorie goals. I kept to this strict routine for a few months and saw myself growing exponentially!I also cut down on heavy cardio and lifted light with long reps at first and now i am lifting heavy with shorter reps and i can definitely see an improvement.The reason i write this is because i always considered myself a hard gainer, but after actually putting in the extra effort at the gym and with the calorie counter app (and not just taking the weight gainer hoping for the best) i am now 10.2st which is just muscle mass.Also as a side note:- You may grow a bit of a pot belly, since i have stopped using the gainer i have managed to lose the belly and keep the mass, i might be sensitive to lactose but i'll keep this here as a heads up.- I only used one scoop a day to meet my calorie goals (sometimes two) but i made it my best effort to NEVER miss a day of taking the mass gainer and stuck to my routine.
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I bought the 2.7kg version of this a few months back in vanilla flavour and really enjoyed it. It first I didn't notice many gains however after increasing the number of shakes i was taking from 1 to 2 a day I started to notice gains in overall muscle mass and size. Having tried both Chocolate and Vanilla I would say Vanilla is better if you are making a shake with lots of ingredients such as bananas, oats, peanut butter, ice cream etc. this is because the taste on its own with water or milk is too strong because of how much they tell you to put in (the scoops are MASSIVE) but with other things in it it can be nice. Chocolate isn't too bad on its own mixed with milk or water.I would recommend this to anyone who struggles to put on weight when working out.However it should not be used by anyone who has a moderate or high body fat percentage because it won't do you any good. There are a lot of calories in this shake and consumption without regular exercise could result in fat gains. Also from experience I can tell you that consuming the shake on its own, no matter now much of it you're having will not get you any significant gains unless you are consuming a balanced and healthy diet alongside it and you are also consuming other protein sources such as chicken, fish, beans etc.Both times I have ordered from this supplier the product has come within 2-3 days without any problems.Overall a highly recommended product.Good luck with your training.
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[BANANA] Aside from gaining weight I also use this for meal replacement. The flavour profile is superb, really does taste like a banana shake very similar to a well known fast food outlet. Mixed with semi skimmed milk allows me to replace breakfast as I struggle with apetite in the mornings. I have tried a few brands but this one wins hands down so far. Delivers a decent amount of calories to be added to your daily count and keeps you full for longer. I am not building or training just simply needing gains. A couple of weeks use has got me up a trouser size so far without mixing any additional fresh fruits or oats. I would recommend this product.[CHOCOLATE] Had high hopes for flavour on this one as a fan of the banana variety.Was disappointed, although I've had worse it is one of the better tasting chocolate shakes but still a pretty unnatural taste. Given it's synthetic and full of additives but shake flavours are improving as years go on, unfortunately for this it hasn't moved forward like others. As previously mentioned it definitely brings serious mass. The biggest problem with the chocolate flavour is IT DOES NOT BLEND WELL. I mix all my shakes in the same blender, banana flavour same brand no problem, 20 seconds gives no lumps, nice and smooth... easy to drink. This flavour leaves lumps even when blended for 60 seconds. As I can only rate one flavour per review as it's the same product page chocolate gets a 3.5 out of 5.
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I bought this product after having no results from another weight gainer. Initially i was quite skeptical, not expecting any sufficient gains, but i have to say within 2 weeks i noticed a difference in my weight which I'm very pleased about. I do weight training 3 times a week and i drink serious mass only before and after my workouts, if your intention is to gain as much weight as possible then i recommend you drink serious mass everyday. For best results you should be looking to hit the gym, or do some weight training at home. If your like me and your metabolism is ultra fast, this will definitely help maintain your weight, but make sure your eating regularly, double the calorie intake of the average person.I have used serious mass for a month and i very happy with the results. The only reason why i haven't given it 5 starts is because of the added vitamins. If your like me and you take multivitamins everyday then you should be aware that serious mass has plenty of vitamins and minerals in each serving, some vitamins when consumed in excess can be harmful,so that would be something you should consider. What i did was i cut back on the multivitamins on the days i was using serious mass, and so far so good. In all i think this is one of the better weight gain products out there, and if results are what your after, then you wouldn't go wrong with this product.
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This product is great. Exactly what you would expect in a weight gainer; high calories, high carbs, quite high in protein. It is perfect for people trying to gain weight, who have a hard time struggling to get those extra calories from solid food. If you are a hard gainer this is a must. I gave this 4 stars, and not 5 for two reasons. First the taste is ok, but since you have to drink so much of it one go, it will kinda make you feel a little sick, and the after taste is not that nice either. Second if you are thinking about taking this in between meals think again. Lets say you take this after breakfast as a snack. Unless you have a super fast metabolism then you would have to wait a lonnng time till you are hungry enough to have lunch,which if you are a hard gainer is not a good thing. Even after a hard workout, where I was obviously hungry I still could not eat for at least 2 hours after taking this. So If you are thinking of taking this only once a day I would suggest taking it right before bed on your rest days, and once straight after your workout on your lifting days(which you should be doing if you a hard gainer). You should always eat solid food, before turning to supplements and if you skip lunch or dinner after taking this then it would be a meal replacement rather than a supplement.
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I never review anything, but I feel this stuff deserves it. I am a naturally skinny guy at 5FT 8 initially weighing 8st 9 pre-buying this 2 months ago. I have tried many protein powders in the past many times and still struggled to gain a pound. I bought this and was taking half a serving a day, now I take 1 and a half servings throughout the day with water and a bit of honey for a sweeter taste. I am now currently gaining 1 - 1 1/2 pounds a day depending on the calorie intake of my 3 meals a day meals, and despite having a very active job. I am now currently 10st 8, so that is just under 2 stone in 2 months, If I took the full servings every day I could be even bigger, but It can bloat you when you first start,but your stomach adjusts, but that might of been just me. My advice is to drink it with 600ml of water because milk or anything else will bloat you and make you feel sick, It doesn't taste that bad, it is actually the nicest protein powder I have had. And aside from the weight, I feel also better in myself mentally since I started using it. It is one of the most expensive powders on the market for £ to serving ratio, but if you're like me and have a hard time gaining no matter how hard you try, invest in this, trust me, you won't regret it. I'm off to buy my next bag...
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