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As others have stated, it doesn't blend really well if you simply dump it in your blender bottle. There is a solution though...The key to getting this powder to blend well is mixing it with your other powders before adding any liquids. If you thoroughly mix it, there won't be a single clump. My recommendation is to put all your powders into a dry blender bottle, shake it up, then add your liquid component. If you mix it in a cup, put the glycomaize on the top level, then carefully stir it up (putting it in first leaves some pockets not mixed and these do clump).This product is a great way for people trying to gain mass to add some calories to their diet.This has helped me gain 15 pounds of muscle in the past 2 months.
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IMHO, unless your going to consume this product IMMEDIATELY after working out (like, in the locker room) you should stick to dextrose/maltodextrin as both options are much cheaper. However, when stacked with some ON hydrowhey, I'm feeling much quicker recovery (the nasuea goes away by the time I've finished my shake). I recomend a hydrolyzed whey protein, free form aminso or nothing at all when consuming WMS products, as anything more substantiall will slow down gastric emptying and thus defeat the purpose.


I am a diabetic and have been weight lifting for two years. This product has been very helpful in keeping my blood sugar up during workouts (helping me to work out for a longer duration) without inducing sugar spike/crashes. For intra workouts, I mix it with Crystal light and some BCAA's.. I also use it in my pre/post workout drinks as well.


using this postworkout with whey really gives everything back i feel alott more filled and recovered afterwards and a good meal after too. can feel after day by day that this is what your body needs after any exercise and 50 servings that about 35 gym sessions £20!!!!!


I use this as endurance mix for long cycling events, mixed in water. Much cheaper than many similar products and has minimal taste; sometimes I'll add nuun or another salt-based tablet for the salt and flavor.


This is a very good product and does what it is expected for. I have tested several other oxy mayze products before but this one from Optimum Nutrition is absolutely my preferred. I do recommend it.


use this after workout or sports with my protein powder, unflavoured but you can slightly taste it nothing bad though. powder does seem stick to your hands a lot when scooping it out of a tub.


The best product if you are a beginner in the gym and you want increase your weight. If you mix it with different fruits, you can make very good protein juices!


I put this in with my protien shake after workouts. Great for recovery and its important to get those fast carbs along with your protien after each workout.


Works for me, it's so efficient it enables you to train through your endurance limits, so be careful not to over train ....


Optimum Nutrition products are good, this product works for me especially when i mix it with optimum nutrition's protein.


Really good product, typical of ON. Taste is fairly neutral, the protein I take with it mostly dominates the taste.


Good product when taken by itself, but upset my stomach when I took it mixed with caffeine loaded pre-workout drink


Absolutely amazing. Saw results from the first month


Good stuff reasonable priced. Will buy again.
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