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I've used Glutamine off and on for years, mainly off, because it is really pretty expensive. However, I decided to pick up a small bottle from a local supplement store to give another try. Here is my dosing and experience:My stack is as follows:4 Arginine (2 Grams) and 1.5 scoops N.O. Explode (Non-Caffeinated) 1-1.25 hours pre workout20 grams glutamine with 3 scoops ON Amino Energy 30 minutes pre workout.This is a recently discovered God send of a stack. I increase in weight every week at a minimum of 5%, and up to 20% (The larger increase comes from the deadlift. Started at 180 and within 2 weeks was up to 240. Its been awhile since I've done them, so i needed my back to get used to it).This week alone my Deadlift increased 40 pounds (My legs are strong enough, my back isn't used to moving that kind of weight just yet). That's a 15%+ increase! Its the same for all my lifts. It sounds great, right? Well, here's the problem. When your body isn't used to constantly increasing weight, you tend to get pretty sore. That's where the magic of Glutamine comes in, well, one of the two pieces of magik anyway. The most notable is that you will either not be sore at all, or have just a trace of soreness. This allows you to lift heavier, which means increased strength and increased muscle mass. Epic.The second great part about glutamine is that if taken at 20-25 grams (Some people apparently get an upset stomach when they take this much. I've never had a problem), you will notice increased strength, compared to if you don't use it. Hooray! And, seeing how I am a vegetarian, supplementing is important since I don't eat meat. Therefore, my Glutmaine levels are lower than most people.Should you buy Glutamine? Well, I suppose that depends on your goals. Are you lifting to train? Or are you just lifting for maintenance? If for the latter, I would honestly say skip it, and maybe try Taurine and Beta-Alanine instead. But if you are training (And by training, I mean pouring every ounce of energy into every single set and pushing yourself as hard as you can, and then some), then I would say you would likely see a benefit. I know I do. And the way I see it, if you aren't ever getting sore, you're doing it wrong. (Coming from 10 years of fitness experience, and former personal trainer certification)
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Heyy,I have been working out for some time now and int he past would mostly supplement my workouts naturally (eggs, milk, cottage cheese etc).However, whenever i would hit the gym with a vengeance the next day would go KABOOM on me.. zombieing around the town with my work getting affected.Essentially, the recovery from workouts was a real point of concern for me.Finally picked up the ON L-Glutamine (1 KG) along with BCAA's and gold standard whey protein (again by ON).Now, i have used ON whey in the past as a standalone supplement and i did see some muscle tone improvement through it but with the combination of Glutamine and BCAA's to it things have been great.First Impressions --You open the box and that smell damped my spirits in 1 go.Feels as if it was injected with the sewer fragrance (if you can call it that) :D . Jokes apart, mixes in water well although a bit of grit is left in the cup once you drink it (add some more water, shake and it all gets washed down the throat).taste is fairly decent (manageable).Observations --I have been taking it for more then a month now (early morning and before bedtime). the bowel movement is definitely impacted for one and becomes better for sure.My muscle tone and definition has improved quite a bit and recovery is awesome (although the BCAA's and whey would have some role in that too).Body immunity has somehow been impacted for the worse which is surprising (have a cold for almost 2-3 weeks now, very mild though).Additionally, i have started feeling hungry like crazy (earlier, could go on without food for 12 hrs or more (not good i know) without any issues but now the stomach is like a kitchen on fire asking for more fuel every 2 hours).All in all the effects have been beneficial for me and i would continue this for some time for now.Grievances --powder Smell.. impact on immunity (not sure of the reason though since glutamine improves immunity as far as i know).I checked that brands like NOW FOODS and BULK SUPPLEMENTS offer cheaper L-glutamine as against ON but then their authenticity is a matter of concern for me and hence i would want to stick to ON for the time to come.
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I like Optimum Nutrition and you will probably see a review on a lot of thier products I have picked up. They have a great product at a great price with no BS junk added or hard to read labels.I picked up the Glutamine powder when I was trying to make my own post work out drinks or adding this to my protien powder. I have stopped drinking protien shakes and I have picked up a post work out drink. So now I add this to the post workout drink for MORE Glutamine or add to some OJ. I actually add a spoon full to my morning OJ every morning. I read somewhere that Glutamine also helps with boosting your immune system.I have mixed this with juice,post work out drinks and protien shakes..I have not tasted any difference in any of these drinks because of this powder. Mixes very well, the colder the liquid the more you need to mix it but still mixes very well.Some info from the Optimum Nutrition website:Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body, comprising more than 60% of the free amino acid pool in skeletal muscle and greater than 20% of total circulating amino acids. Because L-Glutamine may support muscle recovery from exercise, each serving of our Glutamine Powder provides 5 grams of pure L-Glutamine, and because it's unflavored, you can mix it right into your post-workout protein shake.Made with Pure L-GlutamineUnflavored VersatilityAdd to Protein & MRP ShakesMixes Easily with a SpoonWide Variety of Available SizesSupports Muscle Recovery Efforts
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About ten years ago I was heavy into bodybuilding. Supplementing with l-glutamine was a staple of my supplement regimen. The last five years have been pretty void of fitness goals and intense workouts as I settled into married life and have a baby on the way.Three months ago I began training again to regain control of my body and life. I have been working out only using a natural food diet and no supplements. Results were coming much more slow than I remember in the past and my workout recovery was taking much longer.I decided to purchase a small bottle of l-glutamine from my local heath store to see if it would add any value. Within three days my post-workout soreness drastically diminished and my recovery time shortened.That's when I purchased a container of Optimum Nutrition l-glutamine from Amazon. The price here beats any local health store and Optimum's quality is superb.I will definitely be buying this product again.
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I had periods in the past where I was able to work out 2.5 - 3 hours a day 4 - 5 days a week but didn't supplement with anything more than regular creatine. I became stronger but there was not a great change in physical appearance. Now, working out 1 - 1.5 hours a day 3 - 5 days a week while supplementing with this product has made a HUGE difference!! I use this product in conjunction with Creatine HCL, BCAA, Whey Protein, Casein, and Beta-Alanine and the results are extremely satisfying. My physique actually reflects the bounds of progress I've made in my strength training maximums! All of the hard work in that hour at the gym is SOOOO much more worth it when I see my body fat percentage drop and my muscle growth explode (in addition to the progress in lifting heavier,running longer and faster)!
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I've been weightlifting for a couple years now on and off, and have been using Glutamine Powder for about a year. Like I said in the title glutamine is no miracle supplement that will add 10 lbs. of muscle overnight (anything that claims that is total BS anyways). However, what it does claim to do is help with recovery and there is plenty of research to back that claim up. Like I said I've been working out for some time now and I wouldn't keep using a product if I didn't think it was helping. As far as why I would chose this product over any others is simple, Optimum Nutirion always puts out top quality products and their prices somehow remain competitive with , what I consider,their lower quality competition. Not to mention that buying it through Amazon is the lowest price i could find.
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Glutamine is the most abundant single amino acid in your body. It plays a key role in muscle growth, and I can't stress its importance enough. Research has shown that lifting weights increases your body's need for glutamine, and if you don't provide enough, it will steal it from skeletal muscle tissue. Supplementing glutamine has also been shown to increase growth hormone levels.Bottom line: This is a supplement that you should always be taking, and ON makes high-quality products. I've tried cheaper glutamine powders and while I can't with certainty say that ON's is "better" (how do you quantify that, really?), I did notice that ON's mixes better with water and is less chunky.That may or may not have anything to do with quality, but I stick with ON because I know they make good stuff.
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As a powerlifter with an enormous appetite and extremely active metabolism, I need to eat LOT of food to be able to maintain my weight, let alone continue to progress and recover optimally. As such, I occasionally experience some digestive issues when food intake gets a bit TOO high. I take ON glutamine because of it's purported effects on the repair of the intestinal lining of our intestines, and so far it seems to be making a big difference for me (on top of other efforts as well, such as optimal fiber intake and pro/prebiotic intake). Might be a little expensive for some, but if it's in the budget and you need something to help out with gut issues, it's definitely worth a shot!* In terms of mixability and taste,it's practically tasteless and mixes very quickly and easily.
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I opted for this bigger bottle for a couple of reasons. Cost and convenience of a bigger opening. I found the smaller bottles made it difficult to collect with a spoon since your hand can’t deep dive into it.As for the product itself, I find the ingredient to be essential for muscle development and recovery. There is plenty of research on the benefits. I was determined to buy one either way. I went with ON because of their reputation. Quality is always a top priority for this company. I’ve used their protein for years and have recently bought their creations as well. No complaints. Dissolves well and there is no taste.There is a slight difference in texture but I mix in water so it is welcome.
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If you have any doubts about glutamine in general, do a web search on the benefits and see for yourself if it's something you could use. I'm 38 and still train pretty hard so at this point in my life I'll try anything legal to help me recover. I like the fact that glutamine helps in everything from repairing muscle to boosting white cell count. My close friend (43 years old) has practiced jiu jitsu for quite some time and once lived on ibuprofen to deal with the soreness after training. He's now ditched the ibuprofen all together after using 20 grams of glutamine post workout. As for this particular product, it mixes well and seems to be high quality.


I take 5 grams before and after a workout with protein shakes. I have started a new routine in the gym that requires a quick recovery time, so I am giving this with BCAA's a try. I have also included creatine as well. I know that performance increases are noticeable with the use of creatine; however, I have never tried BCAA's and Glutamine. I have noticed strength increases as well as weight gain. (remember if your diet is garbage it doesn't matter what supplements you take if your a true hard gainer, you won't gain anything). I need more time to evaluate these supplements to determine if they are truly effective. I will keep the reviews updated.


I like this brand, I was told by my doctor, nutritionist and trainer 2 things about glutamine- 1- If I had to chooose ONE supplement, Glutamine is the most important one. and 2- NEVER take glutamine caopsules (which I was taking before). they said unlikely it would be giving me the correct amount needed due to mix with other substances (the FDA does not regulate supplements. so they can claim youre gonna loose 20 years, 10 pounds a day and whatever else and its LEGAL). so trusted brands are CRUCIAL. After research, I trust this brand, Its unflavored and water soluble. Just wish it came with a scoop.


I have used a variety of supplements in my life and have found that the different manufacturers produce in widely varying levels of quality. I had recently begun buying from Optimum Nutrition because I had tried and liked their whey protein powder. When I ran out and needed more glutamine I gave ON a try. It is better quality than the crap I was using previously at least as evidenced by the reaction of my body. Glutamine in general helps me to recover more quickly after lifting. This powder dissolves quickly in most liquids and is absorbed fairly easily by my body. I would recommend this to others.


This is the second time I have purchased this product. Mixes okay, sometimes a little gritty but might be because I don't like a lot of water in my protein shakes. I tend to get full and not want to work out if I drink too much. I use this product twice a day, pre and post workout at 5g scoops. They don't come with a scoop but I had one from some other products. What I like most about the product is that after about a week or so of using it, I do not seem to get as sore as I would otherwise. Regardless of how hard I work out. I tell all my friends to give it a god. So cheap and lasts forever.


I'd never been one to really supplement, but I read a few articles and decided to add this stuff to my protein shakes every day based on what I had read. I couldn't be happier. I feel energized and I notice improvement in my muscle recovery after workouts whenever I use it. I've run out once or twice, or forgotten to add it, and I definitely notice a difference when it isn't there. The taste is sweet-ish, and it definitely compliments a protein shake or fruit smoothie nicely. One of these big tubs lasts a really long time, too. Highly recommended
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