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I have been taking CLA for two months or so no and have really noticed the difference, I'm currently in a weight loss lifestyle and while I had been gradually losing I felt somewhat stalled, coupled with being impressed with ON protein I thought I would give this a go. Definitely have noticed the difference and feel great!Great little product, runs out quite fast (15 days if you are taking 2 with every meal) but the 90 capsules is easier to lug around and when I bought it worked out marginally cheaper (how that works I have no idea!)I have had no known side effects, I know people have said that it made their skin break out, and while I may have noticed a bit more oil initially,this has calmed down completely.Thoroughly recommend as part of an active weight loss program, however would not expect it to work miracles - you need to put in the effort too!
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Really pleased with this product. I use ON products as supplements for my training regime so I thought to give this a go too. A bit skeptical at the beginning so I just took one three times a day after meals (as recommended on the label) but after nearly three weeks I increased the dose to two tablets three times a day...and I wish I'd done it from the beginning! From the third week I started seeing results and changes to my body. I work out every morning for an hour and follow a strict diet so that helped a lot. I would definitely buy it again!


I had my doubts on this product like I'm sure may others have. I can report after taking them for a little over 2 weeks I am 2.5% BF lower and if anything my diet has been slightly worse than normal. Perhaps they are more effective for some people than others I'm not sure. I do spend a lot of time in the gym and was having trouble shifting a small 'podge'. These really helped. I took 2, 3 times a day with meals.


Definitely shreds stomach fat. But you also have to ensure to eat healthy. Chicken and veg at night and carbs before 3pm.Keep to this dosage and brand. I've tried others with higher dosage but less effect.This has noticeable difference even though you haveto take 3-6 a day.Tastes like cod liver oil tablets but definitely worth purchasing.


I love this product, it has enabled to lose 12 kg in the last 7 weeks, it is easy to take with water and causes no uneasiness in my stomach unlike how some other tabs can! I have found that with CLA's I have also been more motivated to exercise and eat healthily, knowing that these are working in my body at the same time!


Arrived on time. Bottle was sealed. Capsules are rather large. Have no idea on purity of this brand, Optimum Nutrition. Will update on whether this supplement from this brand actually benefits me, although i will be taking co Q10 reduced from Doctors Best, Carnitine, and Glutamine, from Optimum Nutrition too.


CLA recommended for weight loss as part of a sensible diet and exercise programme. I take a couple first thing every morning and with main evening meal. Easy to swallow. Hard to say exactly what contribution they make but I am down 5kg so far and losing weight slow and steady so what's not to like.


Was taking a different brand of CLA that was more expensive but I think this does about the same and is much cheaper- while I don't think this is going to be a miracle belly fat reducer but do think it will work slightly with diet/exercise


With your work out, you will see the changes in your body from Cla ,i used cla and hmb alternative but this is the first time to ordered in Amazon.pls don't go to other websites most of them are cheating except Amazon


Second time when I’m buying this product and I’m very satisfied with the results. In a combination with regular training and a good diet is one of the best food supplements I’ve tried. Come at a good price too


does exactly what you want it to, excellent for toning up with too, has made a noticeable difference, but i would recommend taking it with flaxseed oil for best results


very Good Product and you will notice good results but it will take some time.You need to workout hard and eat more protein while taking the CLA


Useful for getting rid of the unwanted Christmas flab and getting your muscles more toned for summer, I tend to take two before every main meal.


Fast delivery. I saw that my weight is reducing but I don't know whether it's because I'm in healthy diet or because I consume this tablet.


Fantastic fat burner without the caffeine,coupled with exercise and good nutrition,am quite pleased with the result,definitely recommend it
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