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I have tried many different types of creatine over the years and this is definately one of the better ones. It mixes well and has no taste so you can basically mix it with anything. I also have not suffered from any side effects with this creatine like bloating or cramping etc so its clearly good quality.Now the most important part. Does it work? For me it worked wonders. I put on a good 3lb of mass in just 2 months. Granted most of that will be just water weight from the creatine but it definately Improved the amount of sets and reps I could do for just about every exercise. My strength and endurance massively improved and this was just taking 1 x 3g scoop per day.I take just 1 scoop directly AFTER my workout mixed into my protien shake.(Quick tip)Mix it in warm water NOT cold and it will instantly desolve leaving no floaters or clumps.(Quick tip 2)You only need to take 1 scoop per day. 1 scoop is only about 3-4g but that is actually a lot of creatine and no you DO NOT need to do a loading phase. They tell you this so that you use more and therefore need to buy it more. Just take 1 scoop per day and your good to go ?All in all. Excellent product.
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Today I got this product.. never used before I had used this MM USA Xtra Creatine Serum 150 ml Grape a couple years ago with some GOOD results, might buy it later. I've seen this creatine is the best seller with lot of good reviews and rated and the price is really considerable I just want to give it a try and see the progress I would review it again after it finish- almost full up to the top of creatine, some other products came with half air and half product, I like that this it wasn't that occasion- It has a scoop a little one, it was deep into the bottomI had started on the gym, Jan was like a warm up without any protein,cretine...just some supplements and eating healthy but last week I started taking USN Hyperbolic Mass All-In-One Gainer Shake Powder, Chocolate - 6 kg after a week I've seen some good results now I'm going to mix it up with creatine after workout and some days it will take with just waterwell this is my honest review I hope you find it helpull
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Reviewing any supplement can always be controversial.Everybody has their favourite, and what works for you might not work for someone else.However, for me personal, this has been great. It's super easy to take and I find that it dissolves well (as long as you put in enough liquid!).I've seen a notable improvement in all areas of my training. Most of my training revolves around combat sports (Boxing & Muay Thai) and weightlifting. I keep track of all my stats and saw a notable improvement when the only thing I changed in my regime was taking this.It took a couple of weeks for the full effects to show. So don't think you can take this for a few days and suddenly see drastic improvements.We're talking about an extra rep or two on what had previously been your max. But trust me, over the long term, this makes a huge difference.P.s. If you decide to skimp on the liquid then be prepared for some grit. But you only have yourself to blame.
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I've been using creatine as a supplement for quite some years now and this remains, to this day, the best in my opinion. It might have a slightly higher price than others (such as MyProtein), but the one thing that sets it apart is its dissolvability. All other creatines that I've tried have never been as finely micronised as OP's. If you dissolve it in relatively small amount of cold water, then OP's is your best bet, others always leave small bits floating. What I do is I put it in my morning tea, but any hot drink will do, if you want complete dissolvability in small amounts of liquid. Otherwise if using a cold liquid, 400-500 ml should suffice for a dose, if you want it to be fully dissolved.There is no distinctive taste when dissolved in more water, otherwise there's the normal bitterness in smal amounts but you grow to not notice it.
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Been using this for about a month now and honestly have been seeing a difference in my progress already.I used to use just Whey Protein on its own all the time.Since adding this into my diet (for bulking) I have seen a difference even during periods where I haven't been able to hit the gym as often as I had wished.This could also be down to the fact that I have changed my eating habits around the same time as adding creatine into my diet but overall, good product.Dissolves so easily when used with milk as well.. I use 3 scoops of Whey Powder and the small scoop of creatine, all of it dissolves so easily.


I've been on this 3 weeks I take it twice a day before workout and after workout..i noticed increased in size and mass . I also take mass gainer and have creatin with it too and I workout 3x week for 1 hrs 30 mins . And have a balanced diet . I went from 8st 1 (51.256kg) to 8st 4 (52.617kg) it's not much of an increase but it's a start . Every person's body is different. Some react to it some dont . I recommend you do heavy weight while taking this. I do deadlifts of 60kg 3x week as well as other weight work . As they say Rome was not built in a day but it was worked on every day


This product is pretty much tasteless, it doesn't get in the way of my daily routine and it contains a lot of servings. I personally drop a serving into my morning protein shake for convenience but I have also had it in water and you can't really taste it. Only issue is it doesn't necessarily resolve completely so if you don't consume it straight away some of the powder will sit at the bottom of the drink until you mix it up again.I'd recommend drinking it straight away though as it only recommends to mix with a normal glass of water which is pretty easy to consume.


I use this Creatine Powder each time for the best results. I've read all the petty complaints about taste, absorption, gains blah, blah, blah. If you're really working out and you're using this product it will give you what its advertising.As far as taste it's pure Creatine, what do you want it to taste like a bar of chocolate? And absorption, if your body can't break down the little tiny particles left over in your glass, or in your belly you don't need this product you need a doctor fast. Me, I do recommend this product.


If your looking to take your strength and pack on muscle to the next level then look no further.Firstly id like to say everyone's body works different so for me this was a great creatine ive noticed within 3 weeks my muscle looking more fuller and my strength gains go up. i can say i was in 2 minds to try with people saying it bloats you etc plus water intake all the other things mentioned. all that said you still need a balanced diet,sleep and finally train hard and smart,Great product!


Creatine is a must-have for any physically active person, since I started taking this product I have noticed noticeable changes in my physical performance and the size of my muscles, I can't think of a single complaint I have about this product.I was quite surprised to see that the creatine could dissolve in water to the point that you can't tell it's there, while at the same time having no noticeable flavour, it's like drinking a cup of water!


I have tried many different brands of Creatine over the years but this is the first one that agrees with me and that I have continued to use. I noticed the difference in the gym almost instantly but more importantly I do not get any stomach problems with this brand (cramps and worse). It mixes really well and I find it best with grape juice, you can't even taste the Creatine.I can definitely recommend this Creatine powder.


I started using ON creatine when I switched to ON 100% whey protein. Some of the other protein powders mix creatine in, but I wanted a cleaner protein, and control over which supplements I'm taking. The powder works well enough, and doesn't really add any flavor, which is a good thing.I noticed some slight gains, even with only lifting 4-5 times a week an hour each time. I would recommend adding this to your supplements.


A great quality creatine. I can certainly feel the effects and you can't go too wrong with ON in terms of quality or performance. It has no flavour and can be easily added to a protein shake. It includes a scoop which will give you the correct measurement.I did however notice that after a while of not using it, the poweder clumped together and became a bit too solid. Still usable, but more difficult to serve.


Great creatine product. You get plenty of uses out of it, for a good price! The powder dissolves VERY easily, and you get no gritting bits in the drink at all! This is much better than some of the other creatine products you can get, which have a disgusting taste, or feels like you're drinking a glass of sand. I'd recommend this to anybody who likes using weights in the gym - it's the best product around!


cant say a bad word about the brand, used them for some time now and the quality is felt compared to other brands, definitely worth it. As for people complaining about flavour, GET A GRIP, or try some other brands cause this actually does take like nothing (which is a good thing) and you can easily just get it down with water, no need to mix it with anything else.
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