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This product does work, but it's very slow. You have to stack these pills up. Take two with every meal, so thats 3 meals a day or two at most, so 4-6 pills on meals.Then when you are getting ready to workout, I take 2 more pills 30 minutes before I workout and drink an Amino drink mix, (not a protein shake) while I workout. After the workout, I make a protein shake and take 2 more pills. So I'm taking in about 6-10 pills a day on average, when I do workout. I noticed a difference in my body.I was already built somewhat and have been athletic all my life. I'm now 21 and am doing P90x with this supplement and more. I've had these for a while now, I stopped taking them cause I had to get surgery, and I wasn't going to stack BCAA's in my system when I was doped up from surgery with no working out. BUT...From working out again, stacking my amino drink, BCAAs, along with protein and energy carb meals, with two protein shakes a day. My body has gained maybe 3-5 pounds in muscle weight. I can't tell a size difference, but I definitely can say I am really toned and ripped up from good workouts and the having good nutritional intake.Now, I was not dieting either keep this in mind. These BCAAs do work, but my brother had also done research on BCAA's and the powder form of BCAA's with a scooper seems to absorb in your body much better, thus giving your body a better chance at metabolizing and building your muscles with the amino.I really do enjoy having this product, it does help and I do notice a change. I've been working out off and on, every other day, so on, taking small breaks not exerting myself. These pills work and I'm glad I found out about these a long time ago.
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I typically do not write about things I ingest, especially supplements, but this one was worth sharing my thoughts. I have been exercising consistently over the past five years and have always been hampered by sore muscles and not recovering well enough to maintain a workout plan 5 to 6 days per week in spite of eating right, staying hydrated, taking whey and casein protein powders, and using recovery drinks. After researching the use of this supplement,and deciding to give it a chance the past three weeks I am happy to say that it has helped my exercise performance when I take a pre-exercise dose, helped my recovery when I take a post-exercise dose, and helping muscle development when I take a dose during the day. Coupling BCAAs with Tonalin CLA and a multivitamin, I have been able to leave all the protein powders, protein bars, and recovery drinks for my husband to finish up. I seem to have finally found a "simple" supplement program that has proven effective for my needs that compliments my exercise and meal plans. I am currently in "body recomposition" mode so the scale hasn't moved much -- it's not supposed to -- but the numbers registering from my tape measure and body caliper have been heading in the right direction using few supplements in just three weeks time. This is a worthy product I will continue to use. Thanks ON!!
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I've never taken BCAAs before so I didn't know what to expect. I decided on these pills since the powders were more expensive and there were so many bad reviews on how they taste. Then I realized for the amount of BCAA i needed during my workouts that I would need to pop the capsules open and mix it in water. I'm not a big fan of swallowing loads of pills.Well practice makes perfect...A few tips...if you drink any protein or flavored powder lying around drop a tiny (1/2 tsp or less)of it in the water with the bcaa powder. The first time I drank my mix without the protein powder i almost puked from the smell and taste. Another tip is to let the powder/water mix sit for a little while 15-20 minutes before you drink it, shaking it every so often. You don't want it to settle on the bottom. After doing these two things, I love these BCAA capsules...good price and I feel the difference post workout. Unless i see the powder for a better price, I'll just stick with these capsules when it's time to reorder.
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We supplement with LOTS of good stuff, but to keep muscle and recover from muscle building workouts you really need BCAAs in your stack! I know a lot of multis and shakes come equipped with BCAAs and you can get them from food, but to get the full benefit and skip the calories, these are a great solution. These are also at a great value for the size of the bottle and price compared to the shoppes in town.Personally, I have a lot of muscle for a woman, at 89% lean body mass,I need to keep my stuff revved up without extra bulk, additives, and calories-so I definitely recommend this. I have enough pills in my daily stack, so I like the higher mg in this dosage because it means less pills in the morning. I also like that these don't upset my stomach with all the other supplements like some other BCAAs I've tried.These are a win-win-win. I'd recommend them to anyone, male or female who needs to keep and build muscle.
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NOTE: Those of you who use casein instead of whey, consider this product heavily (read the very bottom of my review).I get adequate protein intake from other sources, but I was specifically looking for a supplement with the most essential amino acids for that boost. I am usually satisfied with ON products, and this is one I recommend. The pills are about the size of fish oil pills, but they are not as hard. It is simply some kind of flexible (maybe cellulose?)clear capsule with what looks like the same white powder that you would mix into a drink.I have not tried the powdered form, so I don't know how that tastes or mixes.I bought this specifically because, according to the latest bro science, the amino acid Leucine seems to be the biggest proponent of muscle hypertrophy. If you use caseine, which has less leucine than whey, I woud highly recommend adding this to your supplement regimen.
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It isn't the cheapest BCAA's you'll find but, if you are serious about working out and making "gains", I think this product is great. I got more serious into working out in late February/early March 2015 (after 3 years of training) and began using ON's creatine mono and this product. I noticed immediately that I was able to lift more with less soreness the next day. Those are primary hitting points for any BCAA - Less muscle fatigue and speedy recovery. It is not an exact science though as far as what I am experiencing.There are many variables to consider such as eating right, other supplements, and intensity/duration/repetition of workouts. While I believe this product works, you should always do your research because at the end of the day, it is still a SUPPLEMENT. It is supposed supplement other natural elements of you bodily intake.
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I am not a body builder by no means...in fact I am a 56 year old female just trying to stay in shape and find it hard at times to get the motivation to workout for any length of time. I bought this bottle of BCAA a very long time ago but from time to time I will pull it out and take two before a run. Tonight I come in from work and needed to force myself to get on my interval training machine. (maxx Trainer)For anyone who knows what interval training is..you know it is not an easy task when you only do it once in a blue moon...lol.I took two of these to hopefully get through it easier. I was very impressed... It worked better than I thought it would. I got through the workout without any problems. Don't pay attention to the negative comments.....THEY ARE THE BEST !!!
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I've purchased this product several times from various sports/fitness nutrition shops and love this product. I personal feel that it completes my nutrition, vitamin, and supplement regimen. I personal feel that this product optimizes my goals/gain; specifically recovery.Unfortunately this product was improperly sealed. The four stars review is for Optimum Nutrition because, although there was a plastic seal around the lid, the cardboard/paper seal was torn; (95% of the cardboard/paper was completely removed).Ultimately, the jar seemed adequately filled and the pills seemed un-tampered. So I've decided on keeping the product simply because I don't want to deal with the hassle of a return.In conclusion, I would recommend this product, but not from this seller.
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I bought this because Amino Acids are the building blocks of life. I also lift free weights and need the extra amino acids for protein building. Just a old guy trying to keep in shape. I have noticed that since I got these and a few others that I have put on some more muscle and gotten rid of some fat. Have a little more energy and feel less muscle tired after working out. Now all I have to do is keep working out because I like the results I'm getting. I did start noticing more results after I started taking various Amino Acids.So I can say that they are part of the gain and not just me keeping at it. Kind of takes both. My will power and a few supplements to help show the results. I would buy these again.
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Took a break from bcaa's (other than what's already in the O.N. whey) for a while for no particular reason and just started again. My training regimen is the hardest and most consistent it's ever been right now, basically following many of Arnold's principles, which kicks your ass. I've seen recommended doses much higher, but I personally take 5g (10 of these pills) just prior to working out. About half way thru I take another 3g. My muscles experience less fatigue, zero cramping,and just overall I have better strength which gets you the better pump. All star product, a must buy for any serious athlete of any kind. I have several cyclists in my office who take bcaas for endurance on their bikes.
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