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I was initially skeptical about taking such supplements and products. I usually prefer to just rely on the foods I take for my nutritional intake. However, as a uni student, life can be very packed and hectic. It is also difficult to find the time to prepare healthy meals three times a day. Upon reading the largely positive reviews of this product, I decided to give it a go.Deciding to try Optimum Nutrition's Opti-Men is definitely a good decision that I have not regretted. As much as I try to make healthy meals for myself, this product supplements my nutritional intake and it goes beyond my health. I started to feel much more energetic throughout the day after taking this multivitamin. Also,my concentration span seems to be longer and I can stay at work for a longer period of time without getting distracted or having the thoughts of "running away" to do other things.I have noticed a significant improvement in my workout sessions and regime. I am able to hold out for longer reps and do more counts of my exercise that I do to keep myself active!No matter whether you are a sports person or whether you do normal day to day work, the Opti-Men multivitamin is sure to provide you with the extra boost to go even further in what you do. Highly recommended to supplement your general health and wellbeing.
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As a student... heating is limited.... vegetables are limited.... sleep is limited.... So I needed a way to somehow regain a little bit of health so I wasn't getting ill allllll the time. That's when I found these. From the day I started taking them I just generally felt healthier, as if the spring had sprung back into my step.Now I'm actually a fairly fitnessy person so I do understand the importance of a balanced lifestyle! I am not saying these are a miracle pill that you take and you never have to sleep or eat again. If you take these will a balanced diet and are good to your body in general, you will feel a boost. If you just neglect your body completely in the way that I was,don't expect all ailments to be cured, that isn't the intended purpose. It's a supplement for a reason, to supplement an already healthy lifestyle! The biggest boost you can get is to look after yourself.I would fully recommend these as a general multivitamin, and also as a sports multivitamin!P.S When I first started buying them, they turned my urine an incredible neon yellow colour. This was not due to dehydration so don't worry if it happens to you. However, the formula seems to have changed and that no longer happens.
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This supplement has made a great difference to my over all wellbeing.Over the past 12 months I have increased my gym attendance the the intensity of my sessions and the impact on my body and my mental wellbeing was very noticeable.It was clear that my body was using a great deal more than I was giving it at the time and as a result I opted to add the Opti-men multivitamins to my routine.The difference was not instant but after a week and gradually going from 1 a day to 2 and then three a day it was evident that my alertness, recovery time and overall bodily functions were much improved.I take three a day on none gym days and only one on gym day as I take a pre and post work out supplement whichalready contains a number of these vitamins in the mix.The tablets are quite big but if you follow the directions and have them with food they are easy enough to swallow.
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These are great vitamins. I take the female version and I ordered the mens for my flatmate, who was quite impressed. We were both on very low cal diets when we started taking them and we both lost loads of weight over 6 months without suffering any ill effects. Both at a healthy BMI now and we do still take them. I really do feel the difference and I think the weight loss would have been harder on our bodies without them. Even now, I always feel better when taking them, I haven't gotten ill all year and I think these have something to do with it!On a side note, I did loads, loads of research before picking a brand for the dieting, and these all around just have way more nutrients than anything else I could find.The men's don't have iron, which I think was the main difference between male and female versions. Both are packed with the good stuff though!
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Have used multi-vitamins in the past and usually see a little improvement, but nothing to shout home about.Researching around and Opti-man was a brand that came up time and again, and decided to give them a try.Good sized tub arrived with 180 tablets in it.First thing I noticed was the ridiculous high amount of daily douses of required vitamins (250%-300% and recommended daily douse) so warm to go straight into the 3 times a day recommendation, so at moment on 1 a day during the week and 2 a day at weekends.Initial thoughts are some slight improvements, but 3 main things I have noticed, got a lot more wind than I normally have, I am actually hungrier a lot faster than I usually am, and most surprising,my urine is like something from the Incredible Hulk.All in all satisfied to start with and will keep with this brand to start with.
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I switched back to these vitamins since I was feeling drained using My protein Alpha men. I am now more energetic and sleeping more soundly since I have switched back. And I will not be going back to Alpha men. I will use the My protein whey still. The vitamins are a good balance for sports people. I take them three times a day with a meal. And seldom get colds, if ever. If you are feeling drained and see no other problems with your nutrition I would recommend trying this multi vitamin. I was going to try Orange triad or Animal pak. I have used Animal pak in the past. These are working well and are less tablets to take. I do supplement with other items. So the Animal Pak would almost have been too much.Highly recommended.
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Looking through reviews for best vitamin supplements on muscle building sites, these came up as one of the best. Unfortunately, the site is a USA one and these vitamins in the UK have some differences. However, compared with more familiar multivitamins from Centrum and others, the presence of four amino acids is potentially very beneficial. I was able to train through winter without any illness.It is worth noting that the level of vitamin D is shown as 10ug (200% daily amounts). In the UK, the daily amount is now 10 ug too, so is actually 100% of daily amounts not 200%.To get all the nutrients stated per serving, you are asked to take 3 tablets,so be aware of how well you could sustain the use of these.
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Thought i'd switch from my regular multivitamin to one branded for the active sportsman and after a few weeks of not using after a month of use, you really do notice a difference. They intentionally contain higher %RDA levels of vitamins/minerals to cater for the more active lifestyle and supplement the diet.I found i had slightly better energy levels during workout weeks, assuming a result of extra B-vitamins amongst its ingredients.Saves time, money and effort on having a handful of vitamin products for different purposes, this is the All-in-One but rememer that it's a supplement to a good diet.Had no negative issues from its use but took a little getting used to swallowing the larger pillsize.
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I chose to buy these rather than other multi-vitamins because the % values are reasonable and close to the RDA and far from the 'upper limit' of vitamin intake as it can be dangerous to consume close to the 'upper limit' via artificial supplements for some vitamins (there is no upper limit if consumed from natural sources like food). I have seen some B12 supplements for example that contain 50,000% of your RDA which is ridiculous. However these vitamins seem very balanced. Whether or not I can feel the difference when taken them, probably not, but I don't think you will ever feel a difference with vitamins, but they help to "fill in the gaps" in my day to day diet.


This was purchased as a simple solution to a problem I was having, missing vitamins from my daily diet.I am currently on a very strict meal plan and because of this find it hard to make sure I hit 100% on my daily recommended values of all vitamins when I'm eating, I purchased this product to help me fill in the gaps to make sure my body is getting everything of what it needs and so that I can perform at my peak when I'm hitting the gym for some heavy workouts.My dietitian has confirmed that with this product I'm now hitting 100% or more on all of my nutritional values and my macros are going perfectly well from my diet plan.


Placed order Saturday afternoon received the next day less than 24 hours later (I chose the free delivery option too). That service alone is worth 5 stars.As far as the product is concerned I have not used it before to give my opinion on it however it is only a multivitamin not a miracle drug. In general people purchasing this product will already have a healthy(ish) diet and lifestyle so will probably not see a major difference. However Optimum are one of the best supplement brands around so I personally am confident that the product will do the job.Good brand, good price, fast delivery, happy customer.


Speedy delivery, the rate it got to me was second to none it was as if they sent it first class. The product was exactly as it was described, I counted all 180 tablets to make sure. The product makes your urine rainbow colours and I have dreams of leprechauns every night. It makes you a little bit sleepy at driving but I only swerved once, god rest that school bus stops souls. I’ve also only hit my wife once from the rage these pills give me but I don’t see that as a negative she usually deserves it. All in all a great product I highly recommend


I was looking for a multi-vit to suit my active lifestyle, I play football, gym and a full time student. This has met all my requirements. I have energy throughout the day.The daily dose is two large pills unfortunately. The size can be explained by the large amount of vitamins and minerals contained inside. Spreading the pills throughout the day felt helped prolong the short term benefits of the supplement. A great buy indeed and would recommend it over high street stuff.


I have been on wellman and supplements, so when I saw the ingredients in these I decided it was time for a change/simlificationAlso noticed it contains choline and inositol and other complexes.Seem to have a bit more energy and recovery is a bit quicker.Agreed it is a bit of a pain taking 3 across the day, but I do rate these highly and will continue taking themHave a shufty and see whether this can replace some of the supplements you take


Vitamins have always been a problem for me as I don't eat breakfast so tend to take them on an empty stomach. Other brands like wellman are too harsh on the stomach and make me thrown up.Optimen do not have this problem I can take the requisite 3 capsules every morning with a big glass of water and I don't feel sick.They've also had the unexpected benefit of making grey disappear. Must be down to one of the many nutrients in this product.
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