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Excellent product. After trying a few other creatine brands and types (powder, pills, and capsules) over the course of a couple of years, I've found Optimum Nutrition creatine capsules to be the best and most effective form of intake. They're easy to ingest and digest, resulting in consistent and reliable creatine intake.Other creatine powders were a pain to mix all the time and drink between meals. Other creatine pills (not capsules) just wouldn't digest properly (and sometimes not at all!). The ON capsules are the perfect solution.The first few weeks resulted in intense water retention and bloating (kind of expected) but it evened out quickly and everything is back to normal.The capsules go quickly because 4 pills equates to 5 grams of creatine, but they're relatively cheap and come in large quantities.The gains are definitely good, increased strength and stamina are noticeable. I've found that taking it in the morning and before workouts to be the most effective. It's honestly the best creatine product I've tried in years.
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I've been trying to take creatine consistently for years and I never could because the powder form wasn't easy to use. I'd have to put it in a drink or shake but I hated how powdery it made the drink so things I'd enjoy like a glass of water or orange juice became less desirable. These pills are great, I pop 2 every day and if I'm making a shake, I open up the capsules and throw the powder in there instead. They are a little large so if you don't like pills they're not for you but for me this was the first time I was able to take creatine daily for 3 months because of the form factor. They cost about 1 cent more per capsule which is fair because you're paying for the capsule.I buy the 200 capsules version and I'm more than happy to spend 2 dollars to be able to better use creatine consistently. I'm ordering more so nothing but 5 stars.
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(Female)I normally don’t write reviews but I felt like I should with this product. The tablets don’t have any flavour at all so you don’t need to worry about that. And I think for the price, you do get quite a lot. Personally, I find the pills very easy to swallow but that may just be because I’m used to taking larger sized tablets anyway. For people that aren’t used to taking bigger tablets, I can see how it may be a bit intimidating. Even so, they go down quickly and easily.I also found that with taking one tablet before exercise (then one after) I was able to do my exercises for longer. I even managed to do my first ever press up.Highly recommended!


Great product, definitely helps for recovery after heavy workouts and supplements muscle growth. Although next time I'm going for powder option of BCAA since it's much easier and more pleasant to take for me personally rather than capsules. For the ratio this product offers, in order to get 5g of BCAA you need to take 5 capsules at a time, so if you're taking pre and post workout or even more throughout the day, that might be not the most pleasant thing to do (and if you open capsules the taste is not nice - as it's not designed for that obviously). So it all depends on your goals and preferences - this is very personal!


OK so at first I tried to take Micronized Creatine Powder and couldnt stand the grittyness of it. It didnt really have a taste to it but you knew it was in your water because it was like drinking sand mixed in water. These pills resolve that issue. You can just take a pill and get the same effects but not have to worry about any taste or gritty texture. One thing to note. I bought the powder, and it mixes into water so easily. It just disapears. I opened up one of the pills from the capsles and poored the powder into water and it wouldnt mix at all.


Most supplements always have some form of science behind them why they won't work, etc. But creatine, absolutely works. I'm very fussy about what I put in my body, I don't smoke or drink - but I know with creatine I'm getting a natural supplement which makes my strength in the gym go up 10 fold! No joke, off creatine and on it you can really tell the difference in how strong you are. Lifting heavier weights for more reps = better muscle gain. It's that simple. Take 2 before and 2 after a workout, and you're good to go. Awesome stuff.


I tried to stay away from using BCAAs but a lot of bodybuilders or gym goers use it and eventually I gave in, extremely happy with the results. Google how these can help you and that will persuade you to get them.Amino acids from food travel first to the liver, where they’re broken down for use as fuel or assigned to muscle repair. BCAAs bypass the liver and go directly to the muscles for fueling, building and repairing. Thus, they can be used during a workout for endurance and after for muscle-building. - [...]


I KNOW creatine works and has a effect on strength and mass. I have been jumping all over to find the right brand that works best for me. I have been strength training for a couple years but still lack in some areas. I know what's good for me and I murder the work to build up. This brand has never let me down when it has come to BCAA's, to L-glutamine, I expect the same results from their creatine as well! Smaller dose, but we will see. I have faith.


Bought these pills for a friend of mine. And he used them for about two weeks. And he was able to bench 10 more pounds then he was able to before hand. You can see the difference in 2 weeks. Crazy stuff. Definitely works. It did take my friend about 2 weeks to figure out how to swallow the giant pills. Before he was able to swallow them, he would put them into ice cream.But i highly suggest buying these for anyone who wants to gain muscle mass.


This is a fantastic product. The results show very quickly. As with any creatine, do not expect to be bulking without workingout. I take the product 2x day - when i first wake up with breakfast and in evening after workout. Creatine does not need to be taken before/after workout specifically. Do research how/when to take creatine. Working-out is hard work, this product definitely helps but do not expect miracles.


I did not pre-load and have taken 2.5g/day for just over a month month now. I have noticed improved pushing power and stamina when performing my lifts (powerlifting). Ive also noticed some water retention, which I totally expected (it's creatine!). I dont take more than 2.5g/day, so an increased amount may see greater results, though I dont personally feel the need.


I workout all my body in one single session, before taking creatine, I used to hit the gym each 3 days because I needed to wait for my muscles to recover, however after taking the creatine (2 pills on top of each meal) I can hit the gym each 2 days and sometimes daily. That's awesome. It gives you an energy boost so you can work out harder.


I have chosen this product mainly due to a number of positive reviews I have found on dedicated blogs and fitness addicted on-line communities.DEfinitely I can recommend the product and the seller due to the fact that the item has been delivered on time and the package was secure and I receoved the product as it appears on amazon.co.uk.


They're quite large but the size does not bother me much. They have no flavour and go down easily with water, I prefer them over the sandy creatine powder I used to take before. Although they're more expensive than the powder they're worth it, I used to dread having the powder whereas I take two of these daily with no problem.


These pills are so much better than the powder ! Unlike with the powder you don’t have to worry about spilling it or with what you are mixing it. Powder versions sometimes don’t mix well either, so pills are much more straightforward for me.Dose is 2 pills, recommend to drink 1-by-1 since they are a bit on the larger side.
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