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As you may have read, these amino acid pills are oversized, and stick to the throat, and are very hard to swallow.Many people complain about this, and the company refuses to do anything about the way the pills are manufactured.For that, one star off. The product deserves to be edible.However, I have great news for those that are concerned about the size of the tablets!For days I experimented with the pills. Cutting them in half, doesn't make them easier to swallow, and can cut the esophagus, so what I did was I blended all my tablets into fine powder.Amino acid by itself truly tastes the worst! Like sour milk.So I tried blending it to liquids like water, orange juice, milk,or almond milk without success.Until finally I found a recipe that makes them very effective!After you've blended your tablets into fine powder, you'll have to find a 32oz jar or can to store the product in, as the powder takes up a considerable larger amount of volume than the tablets.I found that mixing the amino acid in yoghurt seems to work well!It turns the yoghurt into a slightly broken white, yellowish tint; and in a little thicker, dough like substance.It still tastes like crap, so I added some orange juice to it.The end result?A fruity flavored yoghurt that somehow masks a bit of the bad aftertaste of the Amino acids.It's not a dish from heaven, since you can still taste a bit of the amino acid aftertaste, but it swallows well; and gets into the bloodstream within 30 minutes.My recommendation?2 soup spoons of powder, mixed in half a cup of yoghurt, and a shot of orange juice.Blend it, or stir it until smooth, (add optional crushed ice), and drink, about 30 minutes before exercise, and another one about 1 to 2 hours after exercise.
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These things are monsters! If you don’t make it a regular practice of swallowing shooter marbles, then you’re going to have a struggle here. To call these things horse pills would be an insult to horses on a global scale and would likely put you in the ASPCA’s hot seat for animal cruelty. I tried cutting them in half...then in half again but, that left me with 32 jagged edges to plow my esophagus like a John Deere in a in a potato field. Thankfully, you only have to do this prior to every meal and before and after workouts. 5 times a day is cool but if I had to do this 6 times a day it would be a deal breaker. My best option to date was crushing them between two spoons.This revealed that it won’t dissolve to any liquid but it will cake between your teeth as you drink it leaving and aftertaste that will make you want to chew aspirin to get some relief. This would still be a favorable alternative to trying to swallow them whole. As for their effectiveness, they do their job. Can’t complain there. So, if you buy these and can muster up a plan to get them down, you’ll see results. I’m considering putting the remainder of my jar in a Nutri Bullet (not a sponsor) and just weighing out the powder per dose. If I ruin the whole bottle...I’ll sleep without remorse tonight.UPDATE! 3Jun20: I’ve been using these daily for some time now and they’re great. They’re still horse pills but, as I intended to do in my original review, I’ve been blending them up in my NutriBullet. It works great and they actually dissolve super fast. Smoothies are perfect for them but if you’re in a pinch for time, just a little juice or water works perfect. They’re tasteless, too, so you don’t get that medicine taste. Just the flavor of the juice.
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It's my first review, so I will try my best.------------------------------------------------------------ MY BIO------------------------------------------------------------I live in Georgia,Tbilisi. I'm 19 years old at this moment, I work out about 3-4 times a week(street workout bodyweight/or +16kg pull ups dips...etc), my friend told me about that product so I throw on it and bought one, I was drinking it every day,.on workout days 5pcson rest day 2pcs.No negative effects were discovered...From positive effects can count : strength-endurance gain about 10-15%, resistance to cold.TABS ARE REALLY BIG! when I first tried to swallow it, nearly choked to death... than broke it on 4 pieces and swallowed like nothing,not a big deal thought...I was drinking it for about 3-4 months, can't remember properly.... ( what matters that it was 320tab pack)------------------------------------------------------------ DIET-------------------------------------------------------------I was eating 2-3 times a daymorning : porridge 100-150gr with water( I don't like milk)midday: 2-3 eggs + some rice ( for bones)evening : pea soup ( traditional food called "lobio" has a lot of protein and carbs ++!)yeah no meat, I was 7-8 years old when stopped eating meat...( I eat cheese or other milk products + eggs)------------------------------------------------------------BODY SPECS------------------------------------------------------------I'm 1m 86cm - 6"1`my weight in first photo was 73-72kg, in second 80-82kg.Biceps:40~41cmChest - 120-124cmlags : what lags ? :D
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Both my husband and I have been taking amino acid supplements for several years. I like this brand. We have also used another and I must say I notice the difference in muscle support. We are both older adults and have greatly benefitted from the system support this product gives elderly bodies. It is very hard as we age to get adequate nutrition, even when you are very particular about what you eat and where it comes from. Illness can also take its toll. Taking amino acids we have found makes a huge difference in our overall health and ability to move around. This counteracts the tendency toward becoming frail as we age. It definitely helps brain activity in order to stay alert and mentally sharp.I would recommend this product to everyone. It is a small enough price to help insure your vitality, even if you are middle-aged. Anyone living with stress, and who isn't, should take amino acids in order to function better. New research shows even people in their thirties are suffering loss of muscle tissue. This product will help reverse that condition, or at least guard against that happening. If you know you don't eat a healthy diet - YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT. AMINO ACIDS ARE THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF OUR BODY.
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Great amino profile and for the money and here they are great value too. I take 2 with my pre workout energy blend to fuel my workouts and assist with recovery, then pop one or two with meals to help with protein breakdown therefore assisting the body using as much of the protein as it can. Also good with a post workout shake if your protein powder is lacking a good amino profile.I can swallow two together, don't get me wrong they are huge tablets but whatever you do don't cut them up as you'll just create sharp edges which will probably hurt and cause damage on the way down. All you need do is pop them in your mouth with a good sip of whatever you are drinking,tip your head right back to align your throat as a sword swallower does and then swallow! Remember to have a good quantity of fluid as you swallow and it's no problem. Sounds a lot of effort but it solves the only reported problem with the product.
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As a fitness instructor I get to see a lot of supplements come and go in the gym. Generally you build a list of your own favorites, but there are a few standout companies who you come to know provide consistently good products.We're talking iSatori, Optimum Nutrition, Reflex, etc.Optimum Nutrition Superior Amino is a great tub of amino acids. It lasts a long time and, quite simply, it works. The ingredients all check out and you can't really go wrong with this one.The only downfall is the size of the capsules themselves (if you buy the capsules, not the softgels, that is). They're massive and could prove hard to swallow if you've had a history of difficulty with tablets. It's worth noting,however, that this is not specific to this product, all amino acid supplements tend to be like this.
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Let me explain something. You don't rate a freaking product a 1 star just because your not smart enough to figure a way out how to swallow these pills. Are they big? Yes they are. Are they an awesome product for the cost? Yes they are! Let me give a good helpful hint of advice. Stop complaining about the size. Take a mouthful of water and keep it in your mouth. Pop the pills keep them in your mouth with the water. Tilt your head back so you open your throat. Swallow the water with the pills in one gulp. I can put down 4 of these and it gets down with no problem. You try swallowing these by themselves. Ha. Good luck. Don't be a tool. Use some common sense and don't bash a good product for your awesome ability to fail vs.using some good ol common sense. Hope this helps the tools of the world.
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On the subject of getting these horse tablets inside you.Yes, you can try to swallow them but make sure you di it in the presence of someone that knows the heimlich maneuver just incase you choke.I have been musing all weekend as to how else you can ingest them and I have come up with an idea that sems to work.The tablets do not taste of anything (which is unusual for tablets) so I bought a Muller fat free yogurt, broke the tablets in half and then scoped up a half with a spoon of yogurt. You can crunch this lot in our teeth and swallow the lot easily. The tablet material is a little powdery but other than that it's not too bad.Looking forard to seeing the results of these now that I have founda painless method of getting them into my body.Hope this helps.
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My friend told me about these and he was paying the same price for half the quantity in a local sports shop. So I purchased these on Amazon and it's a huge bottle and yes they are horse sized pills. I have no problem taking 2 at a time with 8 ounces of water. But if you are sensitive you can easily break them in half and take them that way. As far as if they really work, I would say that's objective. I take one or two before my workout and one after, they do seem to help with less leg pain and cramping. But I also take calcium, magnesium and zinc tabs that stop leg cramping well. For the price here on Amazon they are worth it! They are highly rated on bodybuilding websites.To give you perspective on the size of the tabs and bottle look at the pictures.
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I've heard and read a lot about this product, so I finally decided to give them a shot. For the price, this item is definitely worth its value. It will be worth your money, don't worry. Now, the pills are in fact a little hard to swallow and you can feel uncomfortable for like a second as they are passing through your throat, however, they aren't that bothersome as many make them seem like. I tend to take the serving size (2 tablets) before my workout meal, then another time before going to bed to kind of give my muscles a protein source as the sleep recovery process happens. I have been on them for a very short time now and I can already tell there's some difference.Happy to write another review after I have tried it for longer and seen results.
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I bought these and other supplements at the same time. I've gained over 3 and a half pounds of lean muscle this month so that's good. I can't say I can attribute it all to this product because I also bought BCAA, Creatine, C4 extreme and whey isolate and concentrate protein and powdered carbs but the extra amino acid in these pills helped my recovery so that I could take my workout regiment to 5 times a week. It's true that they are massive but that doesn't bother me at all since I chew them and then swallow them with some Powerade mixed with BCAA powder. That makes it way easy. I trust ON products and I reccomend this to everyone who wants to take their heavy workouts from 2 or 3 times a weekto 5.
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Dislike the sheer size of the physical pills. But it’s most likely necessary so the manufacturer can pack it chock full of effectual indispensable ingredients. Like the wide spectrum of essential amino acids which adds to the composition of the pill. I have been taking said pills for over three months and I work out for muscular enhancement, fitness and peace of mind, and testify that these pills do work. Namely in enhancing muscle tone and gain discreetly, boosting energy and focus and aid in my physical as well as my physiological all around well being! As the saying goes, no pain no.... Gain! Recommended! Lastly, I crush them up before taking with water. (Piece of cake)!


Since I've been taking these tabs during a hard workout about 2/3 of the way through as people recommend I feel less doms or muscle soreness as they are supposed to speed up muscle recovery eg growth. Secondly in the last month I've gained around 3kg and my bench press has increased by 10kg in a month!! I'm very happy although I can't attribute it all to these pills I'm sure they're having a positive effect on my strength and growth plus they are exellent value compared with alot of rip off supplement companies I'd recommend them especially if you don't like protein shakes or have a busy schedule these can be swallowed 3 or 4 times a day any place any time very convenient


Best quality amino acid pills containing all of the necessary amino acids and even more! I feel that they give me quite a good boost while I'm working out and I feel less sore after a hard workout.They are quite big, a bit thicker than what I had beforehand however they are not quite as long as other pills were. I find it easier to break in two to swallow easier or just simply go for it as it is. Leaving a bad review simply because one cannot swallow it shouldn't impact the rating of the product, the product does the job, its your fault you can't swallow a damn pill :pExcellent and will continue buying when I run out of it ;)


I've been using the ON 2222's for 16 years. Also use the ON BCAA's and Protein Powder. I stick with them because I have been very happy with the products and very happy with the results when used with my training program.I'm on FB as TrainerRick and on IG as Athlean_x_Rick if you want to see my results from using these products consistently over the years. TrainerRick.com. I'm an Independent Personal Trainer in South Florida. I've been working out myself for over 40 yrs and training others 20 years. ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. Currently working on my Precision Nutrition Certification.
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