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First, I am not a body builder, but I do workout hard and a lot. I have found this product helps with muscle recovery. This is due to many of the amino acids in the product which are part of the AMIN.O. ENERGY name.Here's the gist of the ingredients per serving size which is 2 small scoops (9 grams):Amino Acids: Taurine, Glutamine, Arginine, Leucine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline, Valine, and more...Energy Stuff: Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Extract(Not all the amino acids are used for recovery. For example, arginine/citrulline are used for nitric oxide production -- the N.O. in the name.)I see a lot of reviews on the other flavors of this product saying it did not give the intense workout compared to some other products.I might surmise that it is because this is more of an "all purpose" product targeted to many sports. One thing it doesn't have is creatine which I consider a must-have as a pre-weight lifting supplement. So, if you use this as such, you should consider adding a creatine (or kre-alkalyn) supplement.I see it's main competitor as Scivation's Xtend, which is a very good product as well. The cost, the serving size, the recommended usage/doses, even the bottle are similarly shaped. One main difference is that Xtend is all recovery amino acids (10 grams) while the AMIN.O. ENERGY has less than half that amount because of the other "stuff". Because of that, the recovery benefits are not as good.So, the other stuff in AMIN.O. ENERGY makes it more all-purpose but less focused. If you are not weight lifting, then you probably don't want the creatine anyway. With the other "stuff", it makes a good (but not great) all-purpose * pre-exercise, * endurance, and * recovery supplement. If you lift weights and use another pre-workout drink (for example, I really like the Cytosport Fast Twitch which includes creatine and some of the other "stuff" as well), then many of the non-recovery amino acid ingredients are redundant. Also, the caffeine (100mg per serving) makes it less suitable for a late evening (after work) supplement.What I have found is that AMIN.O. ENERGY makes a great energy drink a couple times during the day. It also use it as an in-between recovery booster. Then, I use Xtend as a more focused recovery product when I workout (along with other more focused products).Another difference between this and Xtend is that this dissolves vastly more easily than Xtend. It is realistic to dissolve this in a glass of cold water in a couple minutes whereas Xtend will take 1 or 2 days. Dissolving Xtend in even hot water is not easy. So, this one is much easier to make a quick pick-me-up energy drink (at only 10 calories, too).Finally, I think the taste of the orange is really good. I have used full containers of all three flavors: orange, grape, and fruit, but this one is the best partly because the amino acids are a bit on the bitter side, and this hides it better than the other flavors. I also use this to mix with CytoSport's Fast Twitch lemonade which, by itself, tastes pretty fair and is caffeine-free. That gives me a good-tasting supercharged pre-workout drink.My only gripe (no star deductions) is that the price of this can vary wildly, so pay attention. You can also get it on other sites cheaper at times. The price is very volatile.
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I've tried preworkout supplements before (Jack3D before it was taken off the shelves) and I wasn't dissappointed here. Felt like it kept my energy levels up throughout my workout out whether that was just lifting or doing cardio.Mixes easily in 10-12 oz of cold water. Sometimes at 10oz I would find a fine silt of the powder at the bottom of my cup after I'd finished, but I'd just as a splash of water and that easily fixed it.When I started looking at the supplements I made sure to check the servings in each container, because of course you want to get the most bang for your buck. I had a little panic when it arrived and saw that it recommended taking 2 scoops as a starting amount thinking,great, I'm gonna get just over 2 weeks out of this. However, the serving size is 2 scoops, and it's lasted me about a month using 2 scoops before each workout. It recommends using 3-4 scoops as a preworkout supplement and I have tried that a couple times. I get the same "tingle/itch" as it starts to kick in a couple minutes after taking it, however it's a little more intense, as you would expect.the only thing is that once you start getting to the bottom 1/3 of the container, it gets a bit hard to get your hand in there to get the last couple scoops. I have small hands to begin with, and even with the long handled scoop I find it a little challenging, but nothing that would stop be from using the product or not recommend it to a friend.All in all, it worked great for me and it's hard to beat the price. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this a friend or someone starting out with preworkout supplements like I've used it as.
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Amino energy is a great product but has its pros and cons. First, there are a variety of flavors. The orange cooler is one of the better flavors in my opinion, along with watermelon. Fruit fusion and grape taste ok but to me those flavors get "old" pretty quick to my taste buds. I get almost instant energy out of this product. I've used several pre-workouts and although I wouldn't consider this a pre-workout, I use it for one. It gives me a great pep to my step and makes me well alert; hence why I use it for pre workouts as well as for during the day when I have that afternoon slump. I've also replaced drinking coffee with amino energy when I don't have time to make coffee.It really does give me more energy at the gym, but just like anything you take--after a while it tends to have no effect. I lay off the product for a couple weeks and begin taking it again. It's good to cycle off anyway. I am not a huge fan of all the artificial ingredients. You can tell the grape especially is a deep deep purple so I'd stay away from that if you're wanting less "artificial" or chemicals. The product I've noticed does become stale if you don't use it within a couple months of opening it...that's what I get for buying too many flavors at once to try! All in all - good product to keep you awake and alert and to use for a pre-workout. I don't crash on this like I have other caffeinated products. I do however have trouble sleeping at night if taken past 6pm (more than 2 scoops). If you're looking for a mild (not a knock you on your butt) type of product, this is for you!
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I workout 5 days a week, running over 5 miles a day and doing light weight training and toning. I do this every day AFTER getting out of work so sometimes it's hard to conjure up the energy I need for my workout.This product recommends drinking 8oz minimum 45-30 minutes prior to a workout. I have tried the blue raspberry and grape flavors and have been using this product for over a year and I have to say that I actually do feel a difference in my endurance and energy level when I drink this prior to a workout. My runs feel a lot less torturous and at times I feel like I could run forever. This products makes me more alert and gives me the energy I need to get through my workout.Taste-wise,everyone likes different flavors but I can tell you that this product does NOT have the nasty chalky taste that some energy or amino drinks have. I personally think both the grape and blue raspberry flavors are good but I like the blue raspberry a bit better.If you are looking for an energy boost I would say it cannot hurt to see if this works for you because I can definitely say that after using it many times that I can see and feel the difference in my performance when I use this product.
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I bought this during the black friday sales a couple months back and have waited until now to give a review. This product tastes and mixes great and also has many uses other than that of a intra or pre workout. In fact I have never used this product for either of those things, for that I have another supplement. No this product has probably been one of the best investments in the progression of my scholarly studies, I'm sat here at 4 in the morning writing as essay due tomorrow on the intricacies of adverse possession in property law.I'm not gonna be coy here when I say that this product has probably saved my degree on several occasions in the last week or two.The level of concentration that it gives use is fantastic for getting down with work and a standard two scoop serving when you're feeling a little lethargic has helped me battle through all nighters in the library with few jitters and only a minor adverse effect on the digestive system. .For a mere 20pound this is a bargain and if you're a student or someone who works nights this is a fantastic product toothache amongst your fitness arsenal with the added bonus of making sure you don't lose those gainz whilst studying!
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I don't know if the product is really doing what its was designed for, which it to amp you up before you work out, and help build muscles, but i do have to say the taste is pretty good. caffeine doesn't really do much for me, as i can drink coffee and i'll actually sleep better, plus i think i might be leaning towards the low blood pressure type, so to get me amp'ed may take more then the usually 1-2 scoops. last i have a personal trainer, so i actually get focused more when i'm working out with him, seeing as i'm paying him to keep me safe and my posture correct, so i don't know how much is this helping me build muscle, as suppose to if i was just taking this a working out without a personal trainer.so my rating of 4 stars is largely based on taste and how well it mixes with water. i've tried both this, watermelon and the fruit punch and so far this is my favorite. i've yet to try the grape and orange but from what i hear you might as well drink fanta (orange) and welch grape juice instead.
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So i was looking for a PWO that would give me energy, but didn't want something with a lot of stims. I've taken those stim heavy supplements before and I loved them! But just didn't want to get jacked up in the mornings and then crash about 9:30 at work. Wanted something subtle and clean. Been looking at this product since it's came out and decided to try it out. Well, it certainly isn't going to make you crazy and throw weights around, but it does give me a boost in the mornings. It does have a nice dose of caffeine and unlike other PWOs, it has lowered my coffee intake significantly. And I like coffee! But no crashes, barely notice when the energy runs out, but by that time,it's time to consume some food for energy, so it gives me a nice transition during my morning. I am stacking this with Noxygen by Purus and am really loving the stack! When I ran out of the orange Amino Energy, I bought another (Green Apple) I liked it so much. Will probably keep this one in my regimen for a while.
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I am a caffeine addict. My trainer told me to quit Monster Energy and switch to this as soon as I started to work out with him.At first, I tried Concord grape. I thought it was disgusting, and -- although purple is my favorite color -- I was put off by the artificial color. It took a few days to master the scoopage per fl. oz. Once I became accustomed to the taste and appropriate scoopage, I really liked this product.Blue raspberry is my favorite thus far. Also, I rather enjoy the beta alanine tingles; it assures me that the product is effective. Furthermore, I use more than the required dose, so the buzz lasts me all day at work, while standing on my feet and interacting with thousands of people a day (which,as an introvert, is hard for me), making an intolerable job tolerable.I am going to try the blueberry mojito next.The only bummer is the artificial color. Why not make the same great tasting and effective product without all the yucky artificial dyes?
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I wanted a preworkout to give me energy for gym workout and cardio that wasnt as insane as jack3d or craze and that I could take as an everyday pick me up. I'd also read about the benefits of taking amino's for fitness so this powder seemed to fit the bill. First off i took 4 scoops half an hour before my workout on an empty stomach, 15 mins later i could feel the beta alanine buzz, i had a pleasant buzz giving me that extra energy for weighted circuits followed by some short cardio. I didn't feel any crash like some other products even though the buzz was short. I've since drank amino energy in a smaller dose before a night out, enjoying this product as a great alternative to coffee.The only negative is how quickly I have gone through the tub, if you plan to take it as a preworkout then at 5-6 scoops at a time, it will be gone pretty quick. But as a break from concentrated preworkouts this is a great product.
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I reply, "So will bitterness, and that's all I have".I'm on 2 scoops 2-4 times a day, every day, because life is hard and this is as close to happiness as I get. I don't think it's powerful enough to use an actual pre-workout, even before my caffeine addiction degenerated/evolved to the point it's at today, but for the average user it will likely do the job. No beta-alanine itchiness, on the few occasions where I have taken it with me to the gym I've felt great and worked harder, right up until the point I'm violently sick, but that's more likely my already hard pace falling prey to those delicious caffeine fuelled liesFruit fusion is pretty boring, I like the tang of Lemon & Lime,Pineapple makes a nice change, and Blueberry is probably my favourite. Strawberry & Lime I find a bit sickly sweet, and Orange I tried once, last year or the year before, and never bought again: though I can't remember why.
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After i finished a tub of C4 extreme i know i wanted something a little weaker and also cheaper. I have tried C4 extreme, ABB speed stack, N.O explode among others but they all gave me bad energy, i mean it wasnt like clean where you feel good with energy, when you take C4 you feel like you are HIGH and the beta alanine gave me that tingley feeling hated it.This product is weaker then most pre workouts and thats exactly what i wanted. Good energy, some bcaas, cheap.Energy 8/10If you take more than 2 scoops you will get that 8, if you take just 1 like i do it might be 6 or 7.Taste 8/10I personally dont like orange flavors on anything but this one was pretty good.Price 10/10I take only 1 scoop and from time to time i take 2.If i take 1 scoop i have 60 servings and 2 scoops 30 servings for only 19 dollars thats an amazing price.Overall im happy i tried this product, might buy it again.
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Tastes great and it is ideal for people who exercise regularly. Personally, I use it as a pre-workout and sometimes even during my workout (depends on the day). Afterwards you will not feel exhausted and feel the difference in your muscle recovery. Do not take it 5 hours before going to bed because the caffeine wires your body and won't let you sleep (you might even get the jitters!). They don't call it Optimum Nutrition for anything! And if you want an ideal post-workout/recovery shake try the ON protein. Both of these babies combined will make you notice the difference in how much stronger and energetic you will be and your muscles will love and thank you for it. But remember,this is not a magic juice formula... it's a SUPPLEMENT! That means if you don't exercise properly, or eat and sleep well... it's just as good as taking a cup of coffee after waking up in the morning.
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Being a strong, independent woman who loves to workout, I always considered myself to be a bit of a superwoman. I could put in the toughest of workouts -- lifting, running, crossfit, Insanity -- if you threw it at me, I would conquer it. Then I turned 28, and realty set-in. Don't get me wrong, all of the above still applied, only instead of waking up the next morning feeling like a million bucks, I woke up sore as ----. Long story short, this product became the answer. 2 scoops of this in the morning and 2 more after/during a tough workout and the aches and pains will magically dissapear.It's not a placebo affect either, for I ran out of this about 2 weeks ago before this shipment came in and holy cheeseballs Batman...talk about a major blow to my pride.Needless to say this product WORKS and as an added bonus, it tastes pretty amazing as well. 5 Stars hands down.
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If you want to actually be productive, focused, and pumped during your work out - then this is the one for you. I'm a relatively thin framed female and tried a few of the popular off the shelf pre-workouts and basically thought I was going to die of a heart attack or extreme ADD due to the extreme rush of jitters. ON's Amino Energy has been my perfect solution for a pre-workout! I love that you can adjust the dosage as needed 2-5 scoops and it tastes fantastic - Orange Cooler is reminiscent of McDonald's Hi-C. I get a good feeling amount of consistent energy to work out after work and it wears off by the time I'm ready to go to bed.It may not be strong enough for you if you are super hulking lifting your bum off for hours but if you've got a moderate routine of cardio and strength training after work, this is just right.
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I had been looking for something to give me a bit of a boost before hitting the gym or when I would hit a low during the day, and after asking around most people recommended this. I did not want to get a hard core boost that would have me jumping off the walls, but at the same time I wanted something that would make a difference. At first I tried only half of the recommended amount, and although it tasted great (I have tried the blueberry and grape) I did not noticed much of a difference. So next time I did the recommended amount and I did notice an effect, that allowed me to push myself a bit farther, harder, and feeling like I accomplished something at the end without the consequences.It is also a great energy drink and I believe much healthier option that those slammed with caffeine and other additives.
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