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As with all Orchard Toys, this is a very well conceived and made product, with attractive, colourful playing discs and a sturdy ‘ark’ for the animals, which in addition to the usual suspects also include less familiar animals such as emu, gecko, puffin, and dragonfly.As other reviewers have noted, it is a game that can develop along with your child as it learns the concept of taking turns and trying to beat other players (believe me,even 3 year-olds can be mighty competitive!).My little grandson started off just matching the pairs of animals and taking great delight in ‘posting’ them into the ark (the most fun part of the game for younger children). We then moved on to placing the discs face down and playing a traditional game of ‘memory’.As well as being really versatile, the game is also of great educational value, promoting skills such as observation, patience (!), vocabulary development and, of course, memory. My grandson is being raised with 3 languages (mum’s, dad’s and that of the country we live in), so we’ve found the game a fun way to teach him the names of all the different animals in the various languages.Thanks for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful. Check out my profile page for more reviews of toddler books, puzzles and educational toys and games.
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Lovely little game I play with my 2 1/2 year old grandson. He can pair up the animals and post them but he doesn’t yet understand about taking turns and after putting about 3 pairs in he just posts anything in there. It keeps him entertained for maybe 10 minutes but that’s the same with most of his games. However, the more we play the longer his attention span is so its a winner in my eyes. I like the fact that the cards are very sturdy and good quality and don’t bend as he fiddles a lot with the pieces even trying to bite them but they still look as good as new.The cards are lovely and bright and lots of them which is great for introducing new animals. Some of the animals are similar so he has to think about it which again is good. My only negative comment would be that because the ark has no bottom my grandson keeps lifting it up during the game so all of the matched animals fall out. I’m sure we’ll be playing this game for years to come as there are so many different ways of playing I’m delighted with it.
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When the game arrived I read through the instructions with my son and we quickly set up the game for play. It is very simple to understand the instructions and, despite being only 2 ½, my daughter quickly understood what she had to do.As with the other Orchard Toys games we have, the playing pieces are incredibly well made and chunky enough for little hands to grasp and play with without causing any damage if they are a little too rough. The ark is a great size and, as with the playing pieces,very sturdy. It is great the ark came with Noah and his wife too – although not needed for gameplay they are a nice addition to the game.Both of my children really enjoy playing Two by Two together and it is great to see my son help his sister to develop her matching and memory skills as well as learning how to take turns and play games.We think Two by Two is a great first game for any young child and, as with all of the other Orchard Toys games we have, it is excellent value for money.
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We really love this game, my 2 year old twins just play with it like a toy and then we can also sit as a family and play the actual game. My only complaint is that the ark does not have a bottom, and I don't know about other two year olds, but mine love to pick up the ark randomly through the game and then all the pieces we have put in tumble out and we have to kind of shove them back in. Also it would be nice to be able to pass the ark to the person who's turn it is since it is hard to put in the middle since all the discs are spread out there,as it is it has to remain stationary. My other complaint is a very tiny one, it would be a little more authentic if there was a male and female lion, my kids know the difference (obvious difference!) between a 'daddy' and 'mummy' lion, so it would have been nice if it was one of each rather than two males.
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I bought this for my 2 1/4 year old and he loves it. So far all we do is lay out the colourful picture cards face up so he can look for and pick out the pairs then posts them in the Ark (his favourite bit) but there is any number of ways you can use this game as well as the educational tips and suggestions on the box. Also as he develops this game will develop with him and can become more complex and involve memory and other skills. Great variety of animals but wondered what a rain cloud was doing in there - I thought they had run out of ideas then doh!Ofcourse...the rain led to the flood which was why Noah made his ark...but another bugbear of mine - why is it always jungle animals?!! I'd like to see some deers and badgers and hedgehogs. Wonder if Orchard Toys could devise some game based around British wildlife.....?
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My daughter of nearly 3 loves this game. We bought it for her 2nd birthday and have played it several different ways. First I removed most of the cards, put about 5 pairs on the table, and let her pick them out and post them into the ark (obviously the best bit!) Then we gradually increased the number of cards; now we play "properly", either as a pairs game with the cards face down, or where we each have a hand of animals and have to pick out their pairs.She generally prefers the animals over other similar games with objects or toy pictures.It's interesting how she has developed with this over a year - her concentration span is longer now, she has a much better memory for where cards are, and she can name all the animals. The posting remains popular!Recommended as a gift for age 2 or 3.
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This toy was bought for research purposes. The main aim behind this task was to break the ice with the children and to make sure they understand the meaning of "similar items", as a starter for another game. All of the children I had in my study loved this game so much. They found it very interesting and enjoyed playing it. In addition, I played this game with more than 20 children and not a single defect happened to it!Besides its entertaining purpose, this is an invaluable, educational toy!You can teach children a lot from it, like the names of animals, description in terms of colours and numbers, matching, etc.I would recommend it for parents and researchers dealing with kids.
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This is described as being for ages 2 - 6 but on the box it says it's for ages 3 - 6. I bought it for my daughter who's aged 18 months. Whilst she's way to young to be able to actually play the game, she really enjoys posting the cards into the Ark and finding matching pairs etc. The illustrations are nice and the Ark itself is pretty sturdy. Not sure it'll last until she's 3 though, so we might need to buy another if we're actually going to play the game!


This game is great for young children to learn to recognise animals, to develop memory skills and a bit of good healthy competition. My 3 year olds love playing it and my 6 year old nephew has enjoyed playing with them a few times. The game cards are colourful and clear, the rules easy and slotting the paired animals into an Ark is an added fun bonus for them. They know the difference between a Toucan and a parrot thanks to this game!


Orchard Toys are designed for the younger child but with the aim of some development built into it. The Two by Two game is set on Noah's Ark - find the other animal to your pair and once all your animals are aboard, find the rain cloud to win the game. At the time of writing this review, my little one is just a bit too young to play it correctly but can find the animals we ask for and post time into the top of the Ark. A great game!
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