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I got this as I struggle with eating and have issues with low B12 & Iron as a result. I thought this would be a more nutritious & filling option than salad/vegetables at lunch. I looked at several brands of mix before buying this and really liked the nutrition vs calories & carbs that this one offered. I'm really glad I went with this becuase not only does it have a big dose of protein & fibre but it actually tastes really nice and has a good thickness to it thats filling & keeps you full for a while. I've just ordered two tubs of the other flavours too and I'm pretty excited for them. I definitely recommend this to anyone whether it's for weight management/loss,as a calorie boost for those who need it (perhaps elderly or those who are unwell) or if you want a "milkshake" type drink with more nutrition. Just be careful opening the powder as I managed to get a sizeable papercut from the safety seal.
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One of the few meal replacement shakes which contain a decent amount of fibre and low sugar, along with obviously the protein. Fibre is one of the most important nutrients for weight loss and general digestive balance and feeling full. Works for me. Mixes well with almond “milk”, no clumps with a vigorous shake and a decent shaker. The best in terms of nutritional content/balance, and an actual meal replacement (not to replace all meals of course as you still need enzymes and other nutritious which you can’t get from a bottle). Excellent as breakfast or lunch with a real food meal for dinner and fruit/nuts for snacking.


My favourite meal drink, usually buy it from H&B but is cheaper here.It might not be as smooth as others but then it’s not just a milkshake, it’s also got flaxseed in it, for me I actually enjoy the slight graininess and even add another tablespoon of ground flaxseed to each shake.It keeps me from feeling hungry for around 3 hours, at just over 200 calories it really helps with weight loss.The only downside I think is the stupidly large scoop, impossible to get it into a shaker without spilling it, maybe a half portion scoop would be better, am sure we’re capable of measuring out 2 instead of 1 ;)


I lost about 3kg within a few weeks using the shakes as part of a keto, calorie controlled diet. The great thing is that this shake is low in sugar and carbs while high in protein. However, the mixture is very gritty no matter how well I seemed to mix it and by the end I found it difficult to keep down. I would buy again as it was effective but I would definitely try a different flavour to chocolate.


Have tried dieting before and never stuck at it. Opti lean shakes have me moving into week 3 and I know I will keep at it I feel the benefit already and my wife and daughters have noticed the difference. Agree the product is over packaged but they taste good and I blitz them in the nutri bullet so they are very smooth.


I absolutely love this meal replacement, i have it with coconut milk from alpro or almond milk and i blend it with one banana. Absolutely delicious and quick to do. i bring it with me to collage and have it when I'm hungry as part of my healthy lifestyle as oppose to eating chocolate


I am on the Six Pack Revolution diet and this was one of the recommended meal replacement brands. It’s got a great chocolate milkshake flavour and blends well. It stops me from feeling hungry for a few hours so all good.


This product is pretty much perfect, apart from the amount of servings you get from 1 tub, if they made them bigger this would be perfect. Always used optimum nutrition as they blend well and very rarely make you gassy


Really happy, taste reminds me of cake batter but the consistency is a little odd on its own, I add have the recommended amount to a fruit or veggie shake and that works best for me.


It's great best thing I ever got I'm losing weight and my partner is I weighed 18.6 pounds I'm 16.6 now I'm over moon and my perner weighed 14 .6 stone and he's 12.6 now


I was using less quantity than the recommended amount, but adding frozen berries before blending. The vanilla flavour and the frozen berries complemented each other


First time I’ve ever tried this sort of product, and I’m impressed by the simplicity (add to water) and the taste. Now part of my daily exercise regime.


Great product - saves time in the morning as I make it the night before and drink in the car on the way to work. Keeps me full until lunch time


Great product. Flavor is alomost like Herbalife formula 1. I used it after workout in fitness.Im very satisfied, this was my 4 purchase.


Good product. But why such a big tub? The same amount of product could be shipped in a container half this size. Such a waste of plastic.
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