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Initially appears very costly for what it is, but there is some clever design in there. Firstly it is great for use where snow has fallen deep as the physical size of it displaces the weight over a greater surface are, so it won't sink into the snow. Secondly, many of the MSR stove legs snap into what look like randomly drilled holes in this base, but are actually cleverly designed. Even out of the snow fields this will add stability to your stove.As with all MSR gear there is no need to worry about the quality as it is top notch.


This is brilliant. I've had a Dragonfly for about 6 years and never really felt that it was securely placed on the grass, or a rock. The fuel pipe seems to encourage the cooker to roll over.Once I'd worked out that the legs clip into a set of holes on the base, I was so pleased how safe this makes the setup.It might be the best piece of camping kit I've purchase as it makes my Dragonfly so much more useful.


Stove support indispensable for camping wild, we do not always have a flat and stable place to lay.


Excellent product albeit too expensive
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