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Pretty impressed so far. I bought this to fill the gap between the Jetboil Flash and the full size liquid fuel camp stove. It is working out marvelously. For solo camping, or even just day trips, the stove/cook set is hard to beat for pack weight and compact size. The simmer control feature puts it into the whole next level of versatility as a serious, extended trip, camp cooking stove. It’s not quite as fast or efficient for small volume water boiling as the Jetboil, but I’ll make that trade in a heartbeat for the luxury and versatility of the temperature control valve, and the ability to use with any pot or pan. The little pot/cup is decent quality, hard anodized aluminum,and the silicone handle/ring is a nice feature for handling when hot. The included pot handler is minimalist, but actually works well. Just remember to remove the plastic cup/bowl off the bottom of the pot before cooking with it! I forgot and melted mine on the second trip.
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Perhaps this was my mistake, but it does not come with the MSR fuel canister. Usually they gray-out the can when this is the case, so I assumed it was as part of the "kit". The kit is just the pocket rocket and pot stuff. This is just a matter of convenience, as the fuel canisters are much cheaper in person, and can be difficult to find if you don't know where to get one.Have tried once at home so far, and the pocket rocket works as expected, nicely. In the daylight the flame seems to be almost invisible, but it is there.


I bought this entirely on reviews in leading outdoor magazines. This is a great little stove ELEMENT, but this 'kit' doesn't come with the fuel canister as is portrayed on this listing, or on the box. So, it really isn't a "stove kit".Again, it's a great product, but I strongly urge this seller - and the manufacturer - to more clearly describe what you actually get for your money in this 'kit' - it's really misleading.


This really is the perfect setup if you will be taking Mountain Home (or similar) dried food for backpacking. An entire cooking setup with minimal space, lightweight and brings water to a boil relatively quickly. I've used higher priced and better rated MSR stove models in the past, but I see no reason to go with anything but the PocketRocket2 if all you are doing is bringing water to a boil to add to a pouch.


This thing is very nice and lightweight for backpacking. I 100% recommend this camp stove. One thing that i would have done differently is use some silicone boots over the portion of the pot grabber that touches the pot because the aluminum pot grabber scratches the anodized aluminum surface on the inside and outside of the pot.


So far so good. Everything came included, love how you can fit everything inside of the pot including the canister and it all fits in the bag! It is extremely light weight and very simple to use. Would recommend throwing some matches or a small lighter inside because it is not self igniting.


We were interested in downsizing our stove. We have been transitioning from large group backpacking trips (8-20) requiring larger cookpots and stove to smaller group trips (2-4). This setup is perfect for our needs now. Lighter weight, smaller footprint in the pack, and a breeze to use.


This little thing is freaking Wicked awesome. The little kid being able to put every piece and a Bic lighter inside of it and throw it in my backpack is great for lightweight getaways


I like the lightness and portability. It did not take too much room in my backpack. Just make sure you get smaller msr fuel can. I got the 8 oz so it doesn't fit the container.


The pot has to be centered and has the potential to tip off of the burning arms. It boiled water very quick. I ordered a jet boil fuel tank and it does fit this set up.


Amazing piece of equipment, exceptionally well made and thought out. Really compact in a net bag and with clear instructions.


Small, lightweight, easy to use, quick to boil water, highly recommended but buy a gas canister support stand


Just as advertised. It boiled the water in 2 1/2 minutes. Versatile stove; not limited to just boiling water.


This product exceeds my expectations. Very small and light weight. Perfect for one person for multiple days.


Bought for my wife she's a hiking guide. Works great easy set up and take down. Would recommend to others.
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