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Don't be a loozer--maintain your stove. I've had fuel bottles leak and as a result was forced to scrap a trip. My 25yo has had fuel bottles leak, and he had to choose between eating the ramen and bailing--said he had nasty white-gas burps for days afterward. The o-rings on your fuel bottles will get old and leak white gas all over your pack, your food, your gear. The o-rings on your pump will get old and you'll have flaming jets of white gas when what you really want is a warm meal because you're wet and tired.My only complaint with this kit is that there are parts for every damn white-gas pump/stove that MSR has ever made, and you can't tell which part is for which stove without the encyclopaedia britannica sized directions in 19 different languages.I'd love it if MSR would reformat the directions so I can easily throw out the pics for all the stoves I don't have, and all the languages I don't speak, so I don't have to carry around the whole thang.
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The other day, I dug out my old, pre-shaker jet MSR Whisperlite stove. I tried to get it running, but it leaked right where the stove's fuel line connects to the pump. I thought I was going to have to replace my pump but came across this Maintenance Kit. I figured, for $15 I can take a chance on repairing my pump instead.The kit arrived today. It took all of 5 minutes to replace all the O-rings in my old-style gray and black pump. I pressurized the fuel bottle, hooked up the stove and gave it a shot. It worked like a dream! Best of all, it comes with 2 of each O-ring, so you can keep your stove up and running for years (or in my case, decades) to come!


Basic and includes all the parts to maintain the gaskets and most replaceable hardware on most MSR stoves. I have a 24 year old XGK and the kits got me up and running again in an few minutes. The case is quite small. If I have a complaint it's that the case is kind of flimsy and relies on the plastic as its hinge. Also, the cap for the pump oil is only a pressure fit and I can tell that leaking is rather possible if not really secured. Same that the oil then would be a one time use. Should be a screw fit cap.


Essential Gear:The kit is so useful it should be included in the MSR Whisperlite International Liquid-Fuel Stove package.I tune-up all my gear on New Year's Day (if I'm not out in the field).Therefore my MSR Stove is always in perfect operating condition, reliable when I need it most.Wilderness medical emergencies always require bomb-proof gear.If MSR included this with the basic stove package, I'd find a way to rate it six stars.Get it now.Now.


This is an "annual maintenance kit", meaning you should test out your stove and make any repairs BEFORE you hit the trail. This implies you should know how to disassemble and reassemble your stove BEFORE you hit the trail. I carry a spare set of o-rings and a stove pick in my pack. Decide for yourself if you need to carry the whole kit and/or other parts.


This kit is an essential in my opinion. I once took my MSR stove on a wet camping trip only to discover the o-rings had hardened over the winter and gas leaked out everywhere. Not a good thing when you're miles from civilization and everything burnable is wet. I now always use this kit to maintain my stove before taking it out.


Restored my old whisperlite and stopped a pesky leak in the control valve. It come with two of each o-rings, and that's a plus as I can get several years out of it. My only beef with this kit is that it includes some o-rings that I didn't, nor will ever need. I wish MSR would make these stove-specific to cut down on waste.


This is a great kit – in my experience the seals are the main thing to fail on a Whisperlight stove, and this kit has the most seals of any I believe, and at an excellent price. The little box is quite small, and great for holding other repair stuff. An excellent purchase to revitalize your pump!


I needed a kit for my new whisperlight stove. This kit has what you need. The wrench is a must to change out the different types of fuel adapters. For the cost, just add it to your card if you purchase or have the MSR Whisperlight.


Includes most of the O-rings you need for a pump and valve rebuild. Missing a couple of the tiny ones from the needle valve on the Dragonfly. It wasn't clear to me that the kit contains parts for the old and new Dragonfly pumps.


I was over due for an upgrade to my o-rings and this kit was just what I needed. Took the stove camping after this upgrade and it worked perfectly. I would recommend this kit for keeping your stove in perfect working condition.


Fixed both of my stoves in 10 minutes - Should have bought the kit sooner to have on hand instead of going to hike Mount Kadahin and have both stoves not work. Who needs coffee in the morning before hiking the Knifes Edge?


not realy necesser for someone who bought a new msr whiesperlite v2you get some rubber bands with the original and the MSR key. the jet is easy to clean.buy only if necessery or going on a long trip (1+ months straight)


I purchased this as kind of an insurance package.Light weight and peace of mind.Worth getting one of these. Would be nothing worse than being in the middle of nowhere and not being able to get your stove working


I have had the same MSR Whisperlight backpacking stove for over 20 years and don't ever plan on buying another. Use this kit to keep it well maintained (seals, oiled, etc.) and yours will last forever as well.
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