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Great tent pegs which are ridiculously lightweight but very strong, I got these to replace the pegs I already had. I have a popup tent and these usually come with steel pegs which are quite a bit heavier. These MSR pegs are about the same length but have 3 edges to them and grip into the ground far better as well as handy loops that make them easy to pull out of the ground when packing up.My tent has been in some very high wind conditions (gale force and the tail end of a hurricane)and with these pegs has held up extremely well and I slept with total confidence that my tent was going nowhere.For bigger tents I'd probably use the full size version of these Groundhogs which are still light compared to standard steel pegs that many tents seem to come with. It's worth spending the money for good quality aftermarket additions like these and they will last you a lifetime.
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If you are on loose dirt/muddy ground/regular soil these tent stakes are perfectly fine and incredibly lightweight.If you are on rock hard ground/very rocky terrain then you simply need to take the extra step of using your trowel to churn the dirt up where you want to put your stake in and remove any rocks.If you are on snow or sand you can use the eyelets on the stake to run some paracord through and anchor the stakes to a log/branch/decent sized rock which you then bury under the snow/sand.Followthose steps and your tent will be as secure as can be with a very low weight investment.
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Worked great on a six day backpack trip to Isle Royale.I'm slowly replacing everything heavy with something lighter. Or in this case something light with something lighter.My initial reaction was not positive when I pounded in the first stake and snapped the top off! However, when I went to remove the stack I realized that it was completely my fault as I had pounded it into a root and thus it was not a defect or issue with the stakes but with the user.After that all worked well and having thestrings proves to be very useful as well.
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I bought these stakes to keep in my backpack just in case I have to set up a rain shelter while on the trail.I sleep in a hammock most of the time, but in case of bad weather I keep a tarp, some paracord, and these stakes with me in the event I need to construct a rain fly. These stakes are awesome. Super lightweight and very very strong!I bought this smaller size to save room and weight in my pack, if you are going to be replacing tent stakes I would probably go with the regular sized stakes.


Great stakes. I went with the mini to save weight but the standard size would work fine. I am using there to replace a bend Nemo stake for my Galaxy tent just to hole the rainfly. If you are camping in windy areas or want to hold the body of the tent I recommend the full size. I will probably replace my main stakes with the full size ground hogs. There is a reason they are the go to for so many people. If you are debating, just buy them.


purchased the mini by mistake very tiny about the size of a pencil...was going to use as solar light stakes but too tiny. i have some tiny air gun metal silhouette targets and they come with pre drilled holes for tying them down. these stakes have a pre drilled hole and will work great for tying them off and staking them down .they really fly when you hit them. so i do not have to hunt for them or lose any.


I’ve used a lot of different stakes over the years, with the ultimate goal of lightest-usable. You’d think needle stakes would be lighter, but they aren’t - and are more subject to bending and breaking. Titanium might be stronger and shed mid better, but they don’t bite as well as these. I keep coming back to these because they are the best stake for traditional dirt (non-snow/sand) out there.


Used together with a Nigor Wickiup 3 tent. The most important thing: Keep very well and easily go into hard ground. With about 10 g they are very light. They are not very long, but by the notch at the top, they keep cords etc. from slipping upwards. Find them better than the twice as expensive DAC (Hilleberg) V-Pegs that come with the Wickiup and are the same length and light weight.


These are excellent stakes - light, durable and you can drive them into just about anything. I've just purchased my second set as I'm helping someone kit out and I know she just MUST have mini-groundhogs. Got a new set for myself too cos....I like having the extras. All my other stakes are now boxed and stored and the "red hogs" are the ones that come out with me on the trail.


Lightweight, compact, durable.... carry them! Sure, if you're in no hurry you can always carve some stakes on the spot when you set up your tent or tarp, but why mess around with that when these take up so little space in your pack? Especially if you get to camp and it starts raining or snowing? You'll want to set up quick, so these are worth having along, for sure.
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