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Had all the stuff to make my stove and pump work just like new! Also was able to convert to other fuel types if I wanted to using this kit. Used it before a 2 week self supported bike trip around lake Michigan and the stove was perfect the whole time.


Bought the kit to service and maintain my XGK while deployed. Comes with everything to maintain a stove that will see many uses. Brings piece of mind. Also comes with the replacement jet I'll need due to JP8 being the primary fuel source.


This kit is both for XGK II and XGK EX. They have different sized flamespreaders and jets, thus this kit holds (less) parts for both stoves. Unique kits for the respective stoves would be prefered. Other than that - great stuff.


Great kit if you are keeping your stove for a long time and want it to preform when you need it. The kit that comes with the stove works to clean it but this has all the necessary items to make repairs not just clean the unit.


I bought a military surplus MSR XGK stove. It came with the diesel and JP8 jets. I needed the white gas jets for a camping trip. I ordered this kit and swapped out the jets and my stove worked great!


Not a lot to say here; it's a kit to repair MSR XGK stoves. In general, they don't require a lot of repairing, but in the event you need to, here are the tools and parts.


Absolutely necessary for serious hikers in conditions where having your stove fail could be dangerous, and just plain good to have for all XGK owners.


I wouldn't go camping without this kit. Rebuild parts for the stove, pump, and even knew with brand new jets for the xgk and the xgk ex soves.


i like it vary match and the quality of this item is good the shaping box very nis and good slier .


Everything you need to keep both vintage and current XGK's running like a well tuned rocket-ship!


Stove will work for a long time with this kit! It has all you need to service my MSR XGK


Very good product. Just what I expected. Good price. Highly recommended seller


A great way to pack along those needed parts and service tools/applications.


Perfect kit for keeping the stove and pump in good working order.


Helped restore my XKG that had sat inactive for over 20 years.
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