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I have an older Dragonfly stove. I cant say exactly, but I must have purchased it mid to late 1990's. It was rarely used at the time, now that I brought it out for some use, it leaks fuel badly.Instead of purchasing a new stove, I purchased this service kit. It is well thought out, thorough, and nicely packaged. Seems to have every little part you may need to fix almost anything with the Dragonfly stove.My problem is, apparently the fuel pumps have changed since my version (maybe my leaking problems were common?). The o-rings and parts needed to repair mine were not the same as the ones in this kit. Even the diagram of the pump in the instructions had some design differences.I understatnd its not cost effective to included every little o-ring, spring, and clip for every version of the stove produced, but it would have been nice if they made a note saying "20XX or newer models" or something along those lines (depending on when model change happened).Overall, its a great kit and every Dragonfly user who relies on their stove should carry one. Just be sure your pump is the newer version first, or you will be buying a new pump as well. At least now I have a new pump AND a service kit!
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The MSR Whisperlite Service kit Contains everything thing you need to maintain and' upgrade' you MSR Whisperlite (all models - new and old) i.e. includes newer air valve (recommended replacement), also Includes replacement fuel filter. Full instructions included for both general maintenance and annual servicing. Instructional Video's are also available on the MSR website. I Have had a Whisperlite international for years and used regularly (see video on lighting instructions) - as you can see well used but still working well. A very good investment, fits neatly into the MSR bag along with the cooker.


If you own a MSR Dragonfly, it is always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. This kit provides you will all the essentials in the event that something doesn't work. Nothing is worse than getting out in the wild and finding out that a very inexpensive o ring has failed and now you have nothing to repair it with.


I bought this kit because my burner had stopped working and I couldn't see what was wrong with it. Within the kit was an instruction to replace the check valve come what may (I assume the original one was of a defective design). I did, gave the burner a once over and now it works.


this literally includes everything you need to replace virtually ever part in your dragonfly. fortunately never needed to use it, but wont be caught in the backcountry without it. includes a great instruction manual on how to field service your stove.


Possibly the best multi-fuel stove on the market, although the price is high you have to take into account the quality and the years it takes in the market. One drawback is the noise it makes, but I guess that's what you need to "pay" for speed.


i hadent gotten one of these bebor but after getting it and looking it over i know it will be great i hope i dont need it but if i do i can fix most problems i will have on the trail with this


Has Everything you need, i still use my old g/ k msr stove from 35 years ago and never have had to replace an O ring. With this kit my new dragonfly will probably get passed on to my son. :)


Useful kit for maintaining and having spare parts for your stove. Keep your dragonfly stove in tip top shape and it will reward you with many years of trouble free use in the field.


Haven't had the need for this yet, but it seems to have everything I need. If you buy one of MSR's stoves you end up with doubles of the wrenches and some spare parts.


It's a fully kitted repair and maintenance set, so if you depend on your stove and are too lazy to always check it out before heading out, this kit is great to have.


Seems to have all you would need for most issues. I had something blocking the fuel and this kit has the right tools to help unblock it. Purchased for emergencies.


Fantastic everything you need to do field repair contained in kit including safety pin which is the only thing you can get the small filter out with, very happy


A necessary addition to your pack. Could be a real life saver in the case of an emergency. Will allow you to repair virtually any problem with your stove


Yes, it was exactly what I wanted to service my stove. Very pleased with the service from Alloutdoor.co.uk. Good price and prompt delivery. Recommended !
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