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Mountain hunting in Alaska requires great gear. The first time that I used it the wind was howling and it seemed to work flawlessly. It still amazes me how fast it boils water with such little fuel wind or not. I will say that I recently used the competitions that a friend has and it was awesome as well. This may just come down to personal choice.


I absolutely love my MSR Windburner stove! I tried the Jetboil systems twice and had massive failures. The jetboil leaked at the rivet points and the plastic melted, the Stryker system broke after TWO weeks, not to mention issues in high wind areas. This system preformed like a champ and I bought the matching pot and pan for the system! Love it!!


If you want to eat fast and efficient on the trail then this is the stove for you! I love how fast my coffee is ready in the morning, probably the best seller feature of all. I would love to try MSR's new frying pan for it also, to expand my cooking options past dehydrated meals! I highly recommend this unit.


Easy to use, reliably brings water to a quick boil. For my first camp stove I am very satisfied with this purchase. Takes up little pack room and is pretty light. I like to keep this with my 24 hr. SAR pack. A great tool would recommend purchasing this. The quality is well made.


The MSR cooking stove is a top notch bit of kit super fast boiling time. had several similar stoves. I would say as fast as the jet boil system ...The MSR stove does'nt have a in built igniter if that's a issue for for some but you won't miss it . Very easy to use. Regardless


Finally, I bought my favorite stove. After thousands of mountains and rivers, I finally came to my side. This is good. You will accompany me on outdoor hiking in the future. I think the warmth and heat you bring will leave me a good memory.


1l water is heated very quickly, gas consumption low, absolutely insensitive to wind, contrary to the test reports, the flame can be relatively well regulated, which is actually unnecessary for a kettle, buy recommendation!


Used it on a back country trip to Glacier National Park. Boils water fast. Within about 30 seconds water was starting to bubble. Boiled water twice a day for 5 days and still had gas in the 4oz canister.


Foolproof! Easy to operate! Fast Boiling! To say I'm pleased is an understatement. Shipping was very prompt and packaging was secure. This stove will be in my pack for years to come.


Just love this, so far took it on 3 multi day wilderness trips, and everyone used it as it was better and faster then what they had. It's so compact as well, just so essential.


Does what it’s designed to do. Boils water crazy fast and packs up nice and tight. Great for camping, hunting, hiking etc or just keeping in the house in case power goes out


Hot damn, this thing is fast...even in the wind (virtually NO effect). My buddys' stoves still flaming away, wasting fuel, while I was pouring boiling water for dinner.


This stove is fast and efficient. It is not the lightest, but it doesn’t claim to be. It is also flexible, with other cooking options available as optional extras.


This stove boils water faster than any thing I’ve ever used. I’m a big fan of MSR products being well thought out and quality made and this does not disappoint


We have had wind issues before using jetboil stoves. MSR makes a great, almost windproof stove. Having everything pack up inside the unit is a nice feature.
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