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I have been using the MSR Reactor for three years now. This is the second Reactor I have owned and it is the best cooking system I have ever used. I am able to boil 1 1/2 liters of water in under 4 minutes, much faster than trying to boil the same amount of water at home. Because it is so efficient, I need to bring less fuel canisters with me on my trips. Using the Reactor allows me to boil approximately 20 pots of water before needing to replace the canister with a new one.I have used many different backpacking stoves over the years and the Reactor is by far the best.I often go on extended backpacking trips and need to keep my weight down as much as I can. The Reactor enables me to do precisely do that.Because the Reactor uses a catalytic element for its heat source, it can double as a heater or hand warmer. It puts out much more heat than conventional stoves that produce a flame. The cooking pot has a built in heat exchanger. I attribute the efficiency of this cooking system to the coupling of the design of the pot with the heating element of the stove. Also, the design of the Reactor allows it to be used in very windy conditions.I would recommend the MSR Reactor to anyone wishing to cutdown on cooking time as well as weight on their trips. As far as I'm concerned, it is far superior to the JetBoil in speed, weight and efficiency.--Doug
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This is my second MSR Reactor Strove.During my some 20 years of Mountaineering, this is my "go to" stove. I have used it in extremely high winds and rain since it was released.. The stove has never failed me. And with the additional, larger Reactor Pots, it is great for melting snow in.Whenever I snowshoe, after setting up (less than a minute), I have hot water for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Several good,outdoor friends have purchased one based upon our experience with it.I enjoy having my morning French Press coffee while camping within minutes after waking up.My next door neighbor purchased one, when we lost electricity for two days and used it for hot water.I do not use it much for cooking, but primarily for warming water.I have used it with a larger pot to warm either the pasta or noodles or beef stew. It works great, but requires continual stirring since their is really not a simmer capability--does not bother me.I cannot comment on its performance on extended performance in cold weather since it is a canister stove. In these situations I either take a liquid stove or a friend brings one and I warm the canister in the warm water. Again, in this situation, it is great to have a warm beverage within minutes.I really like the high wind performance when compared with other gas canister and liquid fuel stoves.
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My maiden voyage with this stove was a July 2015, seven day trip on the High Sierra Trail with 5 men. It works fine at 12k feet and in windy conditions too. It boils ice cold river water (1.7 liters) in about 2.5 minutes. The Reactor was a huge hit on this trip. Weight on this stove is not an issue. It is expedition grade and can serve several people well, or even just a couple people. My other stove is an MSR XGK liquid fuel, which has served me well for 20 years. The Reactor is my first gas stove.No going back now, this thing rules. This stove is painless, no moving parts really, nothing to prime or clean, and is a super neat bit of kit. We even figured out how to "cook" fish by building a rock wall around the stove (that was higher than the stovetop) and placing the pan with the fish on the top of the wall, instead of on the stove itself. I really wish MSR would make a collar to create some separation between the burner and the cooking surface for this type of frying. We also made quesadillas in the pan, but you better watch it carefully because it will burn things fast. Though this model is not really designed for more than just boiling water, which it does like nobody's business, we made it work for cooking fish and tortillas stuffed with cheese and breakfast scramble. Just don't take your eye off the pan.
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This stove lives up to its reputation of being able to boil water fast, even in the most inclement weather. I originally owned a Jetboil system but it proved ineffective in windy weather so I changed to a Reactor and haven't looked back. As many people say, the Reactor has essentially two gears: stop and go. If you want to simmer something for any period of time this is not the stove for you. This guy's mission in life is to bring liquid to the boil as fast and efficiently as possible in even the most adverse conditions.Lighting it is a little more involved than with other stoves. It needs a naked flame (not a spark) and a gun design gas cigarette lighter is a good choice. The stove is light and packs neatly into the pot (at least the 1L version that I have does). The gas is readily available from my local supermarkets for about $3/230g. Deals on MSR products are few and far between, so if you find a deal, jump first think later. You won't regret it.
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This is all the stove you'll need for backpacking. It's not intended for slow cooking--what it does is boil water FAST. Lights instantly even in high wind and boils a full pot amazingly fast (like 3 min) with zero wasted heat. Pot has heat transfer fins and fits snugly onto the burner. The burner and a medium fuel canister fit inside the pot for compact stowing in your pack. Highly recommend getting a stabilizing tripod for the canister as it can be a bit unstable on uneven ground. Jetboil makes one,but MSR doesn't for some reason. A medium canister will boil water for breakfast and dinner for 2 people for a week with no problem. I've used all kinds of camping stoves during 40y of back-country hiking all and this is hands-down the best.--During a recent Montana trip, another camper had a Jetboil--also a good stove, but the MSR wins out. It boiled faster and it was much easier to place/remove the pot on the burner.
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When using, it is one of the greatest portable stove systems I've tried. Quick boil, easy to light and great quality. I think it's the perfect size for one person who needs a dehydrated meal and a cup of coffee. I used it with the wifey and we had the perfect amount of water for both dehydrated meals for lunch. If you have 2 people and want to make a full meal with one session I'd recommend getting the 1.7 liter instead.As other reviewers have noted (which I ignored) The heating element does NOT fit into the pot.It becomes apparent as soon as you open the packaging and note that the manufacturer placed it on it's side instead of how it's supposed to be inserted (according to their instruction manual). The knob that adjusts the heat sticks out too far and doesn't allow it go in. Also to note only the 4oz can is supposed to fit in but my local shop ran out and I was forced to use the 8oz anyway.
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Did some initial test of this indoors for more controlled environment. I have 6 different stoves, recently adding this and the Minimo jetboil. It's a bit apples to oranges since the Mo is a simmer or boil whereas this is full throttle boiler only. Boil times I got. 20oz 1:38, 1000ml 2:50. The Jetboil Minimo by comparison was 20oz in 2:23. Water temp and room temp was approx 77 degrees. Max rolling boil was 208-209 at my elevation (1370ft). Thermoworks prob cooking thermometer was used in this test.Very much prefer the "attachment" system of the MSR since it just sits on burner. The Jetboil locks in and can be a bit fussy removing it, this recent one was a bit tight. I do like the pour a bit better on the Minimo vs the MSR. I plan to add the 2.5 liter pot also.
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This stove is for one purpose ......Boiling Water. For its purpose, it is the best stove I have, and I have about every kind of stove out there. This stove boils water fast, period. It also packs up nice, stores a gas canister inside, and has a nice foldable handle. It is light weight, simple and always reliable and that's what counts for me.The one negative is the measuring marking levels inside which is not to ledgable.It has a gas control, but it basically just burns hot and boils water fast.There is no real simmer control available. I have purchased both sizes of this stove but prefer the smaller stove for size & weight.Over all, this is a superior stove if you just want to boil liquids.
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This is an outstanding snow melter and water boiler. It is very fast and very efficient and it is also reasonably lightweight and compact for the capacity. The tradeoff's are it does not scale down well for solo use, it does not work well for cooking or simmering, and the pot/cookware is specific. It may be possible but not practical to use with a regular pot.I use mine to boil water to reconstitute dehydrated food for a family of four people. I typically only boil 1 liter of water,but the extra capacity is useful and will be used more as my children grow to eat more in a meal. I understand the 1 liter size does not pack as well as this 1.7L.
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Love love love this stove. Have also bought a 1.0 liter pot for lighter camping trips and invested in an MSR deep dish bowl for sub freezing temperature camping, you put water in the bowl and set the fuel container inside when using it so it doesn't freeze. This stove is a workhorse that boiled water fast even at 10,000' camping, and it's much more fuel efficient than stoves with open flames. If you're camping in freezing temps,keep your fuel container warm in your clothes or sleeping bag and use the water tip otherwise you'll have greatly reduced performance from the fuel container.
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