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After 20+ years as a mountain leader I have amassed a number of petrol and gas stoves from various manufacturers and always seem to come back to MSR for stoves and other kit. Not only do they make good kit but almost everything is field maintainable and that seems the case with this stove as it is assembled with proper screws, not cheap rivets. The whole thing oozes quality and reliability.The real test though is how well it works. On first use it was a bit of a Chinese puzzle working out how to get the pot rests into the correct position and when I first folded it down it would not fit the box and i could not se why. This was a short term problem though.After a couple of uses it unfolds quickly and goes back in the box first time, every time. It also boils very fast, as with other MSR stoves I have used.For putting together a meal using various pots i still prefer my Whisperlite with its low profile and massive power but for a brew or a boil in the bag for one the Pocket Rocket is hard to beat on size, weight, and quality. A very small reservation which does not detract from the quality of this stove is that I always use this type of stove with a canister stand to give some added stability as using this stove on a kitchen table does not prepare you for trying to find a wobble free area of ground when you are out and about.I did not buy my stove on Amazon because my job gets me a good discount at some outdoor stores. If paying full retail the Amazon price is really good though.
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Brilliant little stove. Very compact and very lightweight. There are plenty of cheaper Chinese copies available on Ebay but I'd rather pay a few quid extra for MSR's reliability and performance. Folds down into next to nothing and you can fit the stove, a BIC lighter and a couple of teabags or Oxo cubes into the little box that comes with it.Good heat output and very fast. I did a test with 500ml of water and a fresh gas canister, boiled in about 90s (indoors with no wind). I'd maybe add a cheap folding windshield as obviously the flame is a bit more vulnerable outdoors. And no piezo ignition which is a big plus! They always break after a few months so you need to carry a backup lighter anyway.The stove lights with just the spark from a BIC.I bought it as a cheaper alternative to a Jetboil and very happy with it. I combined it with a Stanley pot. I can fit the stove, a cup, gas and a few brew making supplies in the whole thing. Came to about 50 quid so half the price of a Jetboil.The only criticism I have is that it is very loud but that might just be because I've been using Trangias for the last couple of years. Figuring out how to fold/unfold it is a bit of a puzzle as well but that's minor. All in all, a great bit of kit and really good value as MSR is a decent brand.
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I chose this stove based on many other reviews here on Amazon and I am glad that I did the necessary research first for what would be my first purchase of camping gear. Excellent product which is easy to use, very lightweight and comes in its own neat, little plastic case. I have bought the gas closer to home due to the cost of delivery (perhaps it has insurance costs due to it being a gas) but no matter. As for the stove itself, it is a cleverly engineered piece of kit with the pot rests maneuvered into position by simply lifting them from the side of the PocketRocket 2 and extending them. They automatically go to the right spot so there is no fiddling about with it.All in all an excellent product at a reasonable price. It was delivered within 2 days of purchase so very pleased. Used over a 3 day break on Hadrians Wall Trail in pretty strong winds - stayed alight the whole time and boils a pan of water in about 3-4 minutes; I liked the simmer feature too - delicious chili con carne (made myself in my dehydrator).
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Bought this after recommendation from thetrailhunter as I trust all his recommendations. It’s twice the price of cheap one and has no piezo ignition but with things like this you don’t want something too cheap as the piezo would break anyway, just take a flint striker with you instead! It is super powerful, I had it only on a low burn, at about then2 o’clock position on the dial) and it boiled 500ml slower at 5 minutes though only used 1g per minute so my maths says that with a 240g gas bottle I could get 4 hours of burn time! If you want to boil faster then turn it up to a roar (tho maybe not while everyone is asleep) then turn it upside down and watch it zoom to the space station :)


I got this as a lighter alternative to my older stove I have been using for years. the pocket rocket folds down small enough to fit into my lixada titanium cook pot (minus the plastic case). the power output is excellent provided your gas isn't running low. the pot stand is secure and the overall fit and finish is very good, be prepared to fiddle with it when you first get it as it as the gas adjustment knob is spring loaded and can flick out if one of the pot support legs gets in the way when folding it up. for a video review head over to youtube and type in mountain bear outdoors to get to my channel where I do a video review of the product.


I still have my old Pocket rocket and it's going well but showing a little wear here and there. I also have the micro rocket, but ironically it's heavier than the pocket rocket when both are in their cases. This PR2 though seems to have the best elements of both earlier versions and retains its robust build quality while providing support for a wider range of cook pots, and shaving several grams off the weight. The new case design fits easily into most mugs and pots I use outdoors. The flame is incredibly powerful, and the burner does make quite a noise, but is very adjustable to allow low simmers etc. Excellent quality for the price.


This thing packs a punch! It can burn porridge in under 2 minutes.To adjust it to less burn porridge temperature is quite a challenge, you have to do it in small taps for fear of turning the gas off completely but once you get used to this its fine.I bought this because it fits nicely in my GSI soloist pot with a gas cannister. It folds up nice and small, a bit fiddly to fold and unfold but no stiffness after use.It sounds like a rocket! If you use this on a campsite people will stare.I like it. Sturdy peice of kit. Easy to thread on and off a canister without gas wastage.


Very fast! Got it going, turned around for a min and then heard the lid of my pot clanking about as the water was boiling like crazy.Kind of tricky to unfold the pot supports but not really hard. All the hinges are solid. Not as noisy as some youtube videos suggest. The supplied plastic box fits inside a 95mm cup, but is a big waste of space, wrap it in a cloth and then put it in :)Just watch out that you need to open the valve a little to fold the handle thingy around and you'll need to close it before screwing it on.


Quality and performance are great, as you would expect from MSR.There are lighter stoves in the market but they are not as durable and windproof.The new design, however, folds in two places. It's great for the product's packability but if you move pot sideways when cooking the foldable part stove on which the pot is placed on can move sideways(sometimes, if the pot if full), like when it is folded.I would still have bought it if I knew this but I have to be a little more conscious when I am using it.


I used this little beauty when i hiked 2668 miles along the Pacific crest trail , I used it on average 3 times a day , for boiling water and cooking my meals .In the 5 month trip, never let me down onceSo i highly recommend it . Its light and compact .It is lightweight so probably more designed for a single person . But do not underestimate its usageI have just brought another to keep in my car for an unexpected stop so i can make Tea !!Roger


This is a great stove. It fits in a 3*4*10cm box - and very easy to rotate out the legs which will hold the pot. Also easy to screw on the gas canister.The price point is very great for the quality you get. I would definitely recommend it.I suggest to test it before going for a camping trip just in case there is a problem with it (I have a good experience with MSR products, no issues so far).


This boils water faster than a fast thing! I bought this for my ride outs on my motorcycle, this fits in my Stanley cookset and with a canister of gas, my Nalgene canteen, takes up no space at all, and means I can have a brew anywhere, instead of always stopping at cafes I get to sit in the best scenic locations.If I lost it would I buy it again?.....You bet I would!


I spent a week backpacking in the desert with one of these. it was reliable, super lightweight, and boils water quickly. Does indeed sound like a rocket when in use. If there is going to be any wind where you are going, you'll probably want a windscreen, since I noticed on a windy evening the flame kept blowing sideways and took much longer to boils.


Simply a fantastic item. Kicks out a lot of heat for the size and the supports are very stable for a variety of pans.I've used gas from a few suppliers and have seen no real problems with any (Coleman, Primus and Go systems).Loud in use but that's the only drawback. Essential kit for me now.


High quality, which is to be expected from MSR, lightweight stove and is a worthwhile upgrade from the original Pocket Rocket but there is no advantage over the Micro Rocket unless you would prefer the re-designed pan supports, offering a larger contact area with cookware. Very good value too.
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