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Took this stove on the Pennine way this year and will be taking it to do a stretch of the AT in a couple of weeks. I chose to use petrol as my fuel as it will be readily available, easy to get hold of and pretty calorific.Did an admirable job, is fairly compact and very easy to use. It is how ever really noisy, took me a bit by surprise to be honest.Definitely a worthwhile purchase of you are looking at liquid fuels.Although alot of the MSR gas stoves are more compact and highly rated, purchase choice is pretty situational and I felt that this was the most convenient stove for me.


i’ve had a dragonfly for around 20 years now... only last weekend did a small piece of plastic flange snapped off from the pump, though i don’t think this will effect it... being that old, it’s an older pump model from the current...as far as the stove goes... bit of a rocket engine... very powerful and very noisy when on full beans... i’ve favoured using ‘powerfuel’ which i found in cotswold outdoor... works very well with the dragonfly and burns fiercely without smell.perfect for backpacking, but if not, i’d go for something a bit simpler and less faffy if weight not an issue.


It arrived very well packed, along with its 590 ml bottle in the same official MSR box. It comes with the repair kit inside the fabric cover where the kitchenette is stored. Excellent stability and ease of use, clear instructions, concise and separated by languages (like eight or nine languages), excellent idea to take only the one that interests you and not to carry more than necessary. Excellent buy.


The title says it is a more ring burner. This is true, of course not. He has only one burner, and what a! Has for me in very different circumstances still functioned very reliable. Does well on unleaded petrol (Euro). Here you'll have some varying comments on the Internet. Apparently is / was there much difference in the year. Which makes me fine for 10 years. I use it mostly swinters.


Let me count the ways I love thee MSR dragonfly.1) will fuel anywhere2) will start anywhere ( not tried at extreme altitude so take with a pinch of salt)3) adjustable flame so no need to incinerate your food.Has been a constant companion across Europe and on the Lake District. Would buy again.Used and abused for a decade and still going.


Have had this stove for circa 10 years and it's never left me down. The simmer facility works well and provide good control as does the provided tin foil windscreen and heat reflector. Yes it's loud compared to gas stoves.... But to my mind that is a most reassuring sound particularly if you are wild camping in winter. Love it.


It's probably one of the best stoves. Used it for over 3 years when travelling the world on my motorcycle. I almost always used petrol; yes, it smells at the beginning but after a minute or so it's fine. Big plus was that it can simmer. Minus: it's laud.


This item turned up before due date well packaged Item just as seller describes I have had a msr stove before & they are great one I think best on market for price Great stove


The greatest thing I have ever bought on Amazon! I love camping but this stove is the most fun contraption, I find myself making my morning coffee before work with it!


Small light weight windproof and insanely powerful. Easy to simmer. Only slight downside is it sounds a bit like a jet engine when turned up to full power.


Bought my Dragonfly in 1998 and I still use it, however, have only used it with the cleaning benzene. The pump has been replaced due to wear.
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