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I bought this for its lightness. In this the MSR lifter is probably the best and will certainly do for most things including a fry-up. I found the tool scores marks on the vertical sides of a non-slip surface and it's not quite man enough to inspire complete confidence with, say, a large pot of boiling water.


...and perhaps the lightest pot lifter that is readily available at a reasonable price. Especially useful when cooking over a wood fire or with some alcohol stoves that heat up the handles of backpacking pots.


may seem to be expensive, but it does for me very wellgrips/lifts better than most other typesvery light weight, and compact,red handles easy to locate itemideal for use with titaniun cook kit...


The lightest camping pot gripper around. I use it with my 2L MSR titan pot, works great.When my friend borrowed it, she didn't return it. So I had to get another one. LIGHT and awesome


Very very very very small item here ---- perfect for lifting even 40oz water filled containers after boil --- if you need a light small pot lifter it's perfect --- small


This pot tongs from MSR is much lighter than other tongs (eg from Trangia) and can be lifted even larger pots, although it is smaller than the product figures suggest.


I am a backpacker that boils a lot of water on the trail and I wanted a lightweight pot lifter. This thing clocks in at 1oz and easily lifts 4 cups of water.


The tool is light and simple to use if you have multiple pots to cook in. I with the silicon coverage is a bit closer to the actual clamp.


A great addition to my ultra-light backpacking cook kit.I like it.I like it.I like it.I like it.


Super one the fingers less burns, because the handles are covered with plastic.


It is really tiny, but not too fiddly to use.


Love msr products always top quality


Solid. Does whats it's supposed to!
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